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Others have said this is the Harrison that makes the Millionaire's Cashmere. I haven't a clue on that end, but I bought one of their zip cardigans from Bluefly. The quality was exceptional, but the fit was really baggy (their S fit like other brands' L sizes).
Other than the shape of the lapels (too pointy and not bellied enough for a DB IMO), it doesn't look bad.
Isn't it also pulling because the bottom button's buttoned? In any case, it's pretty sweet.
I go to Chelsea Barbers. Good cuts, and I love the hot lather and straight razor. They jacked their prices up to $25, which still isn't that bad for what you get.
Quote: "¢ 84% cotton, 14% polyester, 2% Lycra®. That's a fair bit of stretch, which makes little sense for a relaxed-fit pair of jeans. If I were you, I'd pass. In any case, don't buy them at retail. I have a pair of 100 percent cotton bootcut Sevens cords, and they're not bad. They are kinda flimsy for corduroy, which I'm not a big fan of, but they were only $60 at Filene's.
Quote: Anytime I see pinstripe slacks, the only thought that comes to mind is... "Where's the other half of the suit..." It might be just me, anyone else agree? Just a question: would you think the same for a pinstriped jacket without the matching pants? A lot of casual sportcoats nowadays are striped, but to me they look sufficiently different from suit jackets that you don't have that problem (ie, not navy worsted with moderately spaced white...
Quote: The Waldorf ( I forget the name of the bar here) The Bull and Bear. A great place. I'm interested in what other people recommend as well. Dive bars to hotel bars, I'll drink at 'em all.
Quote: ... these types of things happen in sports. Soccer riots happen in Europe though not an athlete on crowd attack it's still violent. Then there stories of South Americans getting killed for failing to blocks goals. Baseball pileups are just as violent as the situation in the Pacer- Detroit game. Good point. Listening to pundits lament this as 'the worst incident in sports history' is ridiculous. One punishment against the fans that I've read...
Quote: Then, I think Sevcom will agree with this one, The Varsity in Atlanta, Peach Pie a La Mode with vanilla ice cream will steal your heart away, especially after 2 dogs dressed and an onion ring. I certainly do. In fact, it's almost a necessity after wolfing down anything there. edited for stupid grammar
Quote: And lest us not forget the largest fast food place in the world: The Varsity The Varsity really does a number on your digestive system ... But I agree with all your suggestions. I'd also add Brasserie Le Coze and the Woodfire Grill, which is run by one of Alice Waters' proteges.
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