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Temperature- and humidity-controlled Lucite display cases. Wouldn't want to degrade the indigo when I'm not wearing them, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Grapist I walked around Manhattan. I'm going to walk from Battery Park City to Fort Tryon and back in my jeans. Every day.
Go back to Uniqlo and get the one-rinse. Not sure if it's the ring denim version J mentioned--they're not marked as such--but they'll wear like raw jeans.
Oh, I'm not complaining. BTW, am I the only one who thinks the light denim on the site looks kinda cool?
With LTDs, one way to tell is the shape of the back pockets. They went from standard pockets to more rounded ones about two to three years ago, IMMSMC.
Awesome. Does the SF coupon only apply to full-priced items?
You may have a misunderstanding of selvage denim. It has nothing with raw denim, which you can wear in with your own whiskers, honeycombs, etc. Selvage is simply a type of denim and comes in raw or, in this case, washed varieties. These won't really develop any whiskering, though they will fade a bit with every wear/wash. If you want to wear in a pair of raw-like denim, try the Uniqlo one-wash jeans that they probably had in the store. There's no need to treat these like...
Wow. I thought I had issues ... I have about 16 or 17 pairs, of which I wear two regularly now (RRL, RB2), several semi-regularly (couple of GTOs, Hemingway, TAT, ICN, SLM, Uniqlo one-wash) and others that get pulled out to break the monotony. On the other hand, my dad has two or three pairs, one he's had for more than a decade.
What'd you fucking say?
Funnily enough, my Sony Ericsson T610 fits just dandily in Wrangler-style coin pockets, especially the GTO's. If only I could find a raw/rinsed version of that godly jean ...
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