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I bought what turned out to be a pair of fake Sevens from str8_deelz a while back, and they were really, really terrible looking fakes. Somehow, he keeps up a good business selling them, but the customers should be able to tell that the poor denim quality, sloppy stitching, awful wash and lack of a crease down the leg does not add up to a real NYD Seven jean. Looking at denim_kingdom's wares makes me suspicious as well.
Try this.
Fair enough, Mike C. I guess not all slim suits are cut the same. I'd like to see pics of your RLBL suit.
To avoid the AJ look: slimmer jacket; non-relaxed jeans, Seven or otherwise; t-shirt of some kind (though I have worn an American Apparel leisure shirt over an AA long-sleeved shirt with my velvet jacket many times); no clunky black laceups. It might be closer to the old hipster uniform, but I mind that less. Also, don't buy a crappy Urban Outfitters jacket, ie very boxy with limp, narrow lapels. I still wear my jacket at least once a week. Girls don't seem to mind, and...
RL Black Label can eat its heart out. But try to get the shirt sleeves shortened a little--they do seem too long, rather than the suit jacket being too short.
I'm on Facebook, but I rarely use it. All the NYU undergrads swear by it. Being technologically not with it, I check Friendster more often, but not by much.
The toebox is reinforced by extra layers of leathers, hence the "framework". The toe area needs extra support and strength, and not so much the flexibility that the vamp/upper portion requires. Believe the guy when he says that there's no crease and that the outline will not be visible when you wear the boots.
If I were a 13, I'd bid on them for sure for their rich brown shade and the soles alone. They look like a more refined version of my regular C&J-made Polo Chelsea boots.
Happy b-day, and thanks for all the work you put in. My bank account's a bit lighter thanks to the Forum, but it's been worth it ...
I always thought fusing works better with a cotton suit, because it helps prevent wrinkles and provides a bit more structure.
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