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What J said. Math was never my strong suit.
Circumference of the hem. Double the 10" and voila.
I like it. Clearly reflects his sense of style, and it's clean and unusual without being clownish or unseemly. Kinda reminds me of JoeG saying he'd like to wear his (RLPL?) morning coat with jeans.
Go to Active Endeavors. Use the SF 15 percent discount code. Knock yourself out.
My lost NYC streetwear recs, plus a few additions: Steven Alan Odin Famous Friends Barneys Co-Op Atrium Nom de Guerre (though I don't go there all that much) Opening Ceremony As for suits, try Sacque (definitely not sack) Suits at Bloomies or Atrium.
I've yet to see Crash, though half my friends urge me to and the other half throw up their hands and say "meh." But I'm not sure it can be more probing than "Do the Right Thing;" few things in movies are as electric as Mookie throwing the trash can through Sal's window.
The jacket's a little too long. Much less noticeable if he were wearing a suit, but with jeans like these he should have gotten with a shorter jacket. And lost the tie. The hopsack of his jacket works better than the standard AmJack worsted, though.
For whatever reason, I still think the Gamarelli cardinal/archbishop socks someone posted BC were nifty.
Happened to catch the Hustle marathon two weekends ago, and now I'm hooked. It's more fun than any of the Ocean movies, and it looks far better than its forthcoming American quasi-counterpart, Heist.
It's more that I don't like the aesthetics of the Nudie stitching. I still don't mind pulling out my Sevens from time to time, and they still have their swirls intact. But in general, I prefer either no stitching or minimal stitching.
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