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Looks like Junya to me.
Bamboo is awesome.
The jacket looks to be in the same fabric as a jacket I own in a 84% ramie 16% rayon fabric. I think another poster here owns those pants, actually. 
I've been washing my wool sweater with leather inserts numerous times, sometimes even in the machine. I just wash it in cold water. Never had any problems. 
I don't think you should have any qualms with hand washing your jacket. I hand wash everything, except tees and underwear which I put in the machine. But then again I come from a country where dry cleaners are almost non-existent. The only thing is to be careful with how you dry your garments. Don't let a jacket dry on a hanger for example. I dry mine on a wooden stick fastened to the wall (not sure how to explain it, it looks like one of those wooden racks on the walls...
Thank you so much for posting these dante! Seeing stuff like this is awesome :D
A.A.R. was a collaboration with D'Urban, directed at business people.   I seem to recall that it was made by Yohji collaborating with students, or something like that, but I can't say for sure. That's why it says A.A.R. Yohji Design Studio and not A.A.R. Yohji Yamamoto. I have no idea about the quality, but the fit of the garments are certainly more conventional than what you usually see from the Master. Although there may be deviations.   Considering the angora...
I was just considering my choice of outerwear/winter coat to wear with Yohji, and this is perfect inspiration. Coat looks very cool, although maybe not that warm?
I was thinking Paul Harnden or Ann Demeulemeester. Someone with the same traditional pieces and eye for details minus the oversize/anti-fit of Yohji.
PM'ed. Many thanks!
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