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received my Black2s over the weekend.. wow, love these!  just one more pair i'm waiting on (okayamas) and i'm done for awhile- i hope! got the rainbow neps, the american classic, the raw umber and now these..    good thing they mostly look the same to the common person.. otherwise the wife would flip out! :)
 Just to add as well- I've applied it once to the soles however I've read (and based on my experience) the soles are durable enough and don't need any treatment at all.
Sorry- are these the same as their Brown chromexcel PTB? When I look up the covers the style number is completely diff (dover- 29364f vs PTB blucher- 95080).Thanks
are you serious? all that hassle just so you can be the first one to crease it? like everyone said.. it's going to crease regardless... as long as the sole doesnt look like it's been worn i personally wouldnt sweat it.. but that's me.
so I fell out of love with these boots a few months back; got myself a pair of Indys and the 1k's became my "beater" boots (specifically, i wore 'em to the dog park/beach). Well, looks like my Indys (as almost expected??) have a manufacturer issue; the insole is separating fomr the welt.. So in the meantime, decided to play around with shoe care stuff I have at home on the 1K's. In the past, I've used Montana Pitch Blend (99% of the time) and boot oil once to treat.   As...
 Oh that's great to know :) Canada is much closer than Norway;hopefully it'll be straight forward as well. i'll shoot them an email :) Cheers!
 I suppose scrolling back a few pages I would have found my answer- thank you kindly for referencing those previous posts :) I've let the vendor know and will take it from there. Hopefully Alden can take care of me in a timely manner given that I'm not in the states but rather living in America's hat :D I definitely would prefer they take care of it rather than a local shop (although I'm sure there are few reputable manufacturers in Vancouver BC who could fix it...)    
 Ah great.. I live in Canada and got 'em while travelling in NY.. this will be a fun process. 
my month old 403s.. the upper is separating from the sole. super. i've shot an email over to the vendor i purchased from hoping they can steer me in the right direction...   i've searched a few ppl have had this problem but i couldnt find the resolution. anyone care to chime in? i believe it may be as 'simple' as sending it to alden?  
thanks for the heads up.. just backed it.   and for anyone curious, here's the raw umber..  i'm starting to warm up to the colour now after a couple days. haha.     
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