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got it - thanks! and yes, i am patiently waiting for chelseas to release..  
 any other photos of the chelseas? 2030 last?
 +1 to this. My wife  bought me a  pair of #8 CXL service boots from their website.. she (and I) were quite surprised about the "exchange rate" they're using! It should have been well over $1000!  another store is lost & found in TO :  pricing online is in CAD.  I bought a pair of Alden PTBs last year at almost par..  (when it wasnt par, of course).  and on a thread related note: I'm really really liking my and finish is great. I think I...
After waiting almost six months.. finally got a call from Alden Madison that the Color 8 PTBs in my size are in! Can't wait to get them! :)
holy crap. 5 minutes and my size isnt available. damn!
 I made sure to do my due diligence prior to shopping. That involved a quick google search that took a mere 5 minutes, if that.  :)  Yah I more or less guessed shipping may have been a factor, as well the reputation of the company. Cheers.
same here! woohoo! dont know why everyone wanted to price match.. just buy straight  from them.. less hassle. oh well, done deal now
My order is supposedly going to ship next week, we shall see... the guy was pretty quick to say yup in stock..   I know they've taken it off their webstore now though!
I just called Reeds and asked for the VIP pricing. $159 shipped to WA
Beautiful! it's unfortunate I'd be a 7 in these. Argh.. 
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