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 Huh weird i just picked up one of these ties last week.  They are very nice 
Great this snow storm on the east coast is looking like it might be worse than expected.  Was planning an all day thrift tomorrow.... eh fuck it i got a Subaru...onward ho bitches.
Thanks guys, just ordered the Islay's from Robert Old this afternoon in a 8.5UK.   They are on backorder so i'm not expecting them anytime soon but i'll post some pics once they arrive.
Hi everyone,   I have a quick sizing question.  I'm looking to purchase a pair of Islay boots.   I wear a 9.5D in Alden Indy boots, was wondering if I should order a 8.5 or 9UK in the Islay?   Thanks
Yeah that is one cashmere find you do not want to pass up haha. Nice score.
 Happens to everyone.  When i first started thrifting i thought Brooks Brothers shirts were amazing(heck they were since they were replacing JC Penney crap in my closet).   took me a few months but those BB shirts were soon replaced by thrifted T&A, Zegna, Borrelli, etc.
 Depends. If you like the clothing for you to personally wearthen yes, to flip no.    I pass on cashmere all the time.
Y'all heard that new song by Macklemore???   haha, i've been gone about 8 months, i'm back in the game now though.   Time to catch up on a few thousand posts I guess lol.   I actually took a long break from thrifting in the Summer because we were looking to buy a new house, well still havent found on we liked(wife is picky) so i decided to get back to thrifting this fall.  November/December have alsways been the greatest months for thrifting and flipping in my view.
I've also noticed a lot of BB 1818 recent stuff made in China
Judging by the serial number mine must be slightly older than yours.       
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