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 Thanks for the response, unfortunately that doesn't help justify a new Ipad Pro purchase to my wife hahah
hey guys, anyone do their ebay stuff on an Ipad?  I'm considering purchasing one of the new Ipad Pro's.    And maybe selling my MacBook Pro.  
Yep knowledge is power in this game.  Having a healthy knowledge of many different things in the thrift arena can turn a thrift trip from a 0 to salvageable.   We purchased a new home this winter, went from 1200 sq ft to 3500 sq ft.  So we needed a ton of furniture.   I got many of my nicest pieces at Salvation Army.   Hancock and Moore leather chairs, Mitchell and Gold Leather chair, etc.  Its ok to focus just on high quality men's clothing but knowing a good bit about...
 As someone who is back from the dead on the forum I like the fresh faces and finds on here.   I still have about 2000 posts to get caught up on.
 I'll wait until paypal comes up with a decision.  If i end up losing my money i'll be sure to come up with some way of making him pay :)  
Yeah i guess so, anyway here is his ebay member ID, feel free to add this POS to the list  kennk9000
Just had a charge back initiated on me as well.  Shipped and delivered nearly 30 days to his verified address, he dentistry office and it was signed for at his front desk.  The guy is a Dentist in Manhattan. Dr. Kenn Kakosian   From reading his Yelp reviews he sounds like a real scum bag.     Bought a shirt for $175. from me, appears he has some real estate worth $2 million and he's a dentist yet he feels the need to steal $175 from me.  What a piece of shit.  I just...
thanks for the denim help guys.  I think I still prefer the Gustin's though....i'll probably just splurge on those.    A shame the Organic is so expensive...i'm not going to eat them so i don't really care lol
What the hell is with all these Loro Piana jacket finds lately.  When i was active in the forum last year Loro Piana and Barbour were fairly rare, you guys are scoring them every other day now lol         Also my denim people.... need some help.  Spotted a guy this weekend wearing some sweet brown denim jeans.  Now i want a pair.   Just so happens Gustin has one out right now.... but its $180.      Anyone know of anything similar and cheaper?    
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