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I've also noticed a lot of BB 1818 recent stuff made in China
Judging by the serial number mine must be slightly older than yours.       
 I have the same coat, believe mine is from the 1940's as well.  Found it around xmas time I believe.  
By the way my C&J Marlow Shell's arrived today from the Ralph Lauren sale, they are amazing.  I forget who it was who tipped us off tot he sale in the forum but I thank you greatly!! :)
 I'm confused if it is a blazer why would it have pants anyway?  If it is a recent Golden Fleece with the gold buttons you can usually make some nice coin on it.  
cool info Jebarne.  Sadly the quality of just about everything has gone down dramatically, the consumer wants to pay the lowest price possible and does not necessarily value quality any longer.   Heck someone was talking a few days ago about French Shiner shoes.  They used to make a nice shoe but have any of you picked up a pair of more recent French Shiners.... they feel like they are made with card board boxes lol.  
VP also has a pretty good deal on Borrelli shirts right now. I'm just too used to paying $5.00 for my shirts though that even at a heavy discount I have a hard time paying retail for any clothing items any longer lol
its about flipping time I found some good vinyl.  Had a snow day again so decided to hit my local honey hole.  No dice on clothes so I made my way over to the records to see if they had anything new in.  I turn the corner and they have a shopping cart full of vinyl in protective sleeves!!!  Unfortunately a lot of it was Jerry Garcia and Dead records, not my cup of tea.    But I got a Miles Davis Box Set, some Coltrane, Stones, Allman Brothers etc.  The vinyl is in...
 Thanks Chet, i've been lusting over those shoes for months now.  Just placed an order with fingers crossed!!!  
Towers, great bathroom, you are welcome to come over and do the same to mine, need to do some work here get it into shape to sell in the next few months :)
New Posts  All Forums: