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 you don't want 4 way stretch?  This ones look really nice. They are sold out but will probably stock before summer: http://missionworkshop.com/products/apparel/stahl-riding-shorts.php
I've compared the cut of the new way shorts and the 3-way and they are exactly the same. Both have a slight flare at the leg opening. I think the fabric makes it more noticeable because it has less stretch.   http://imgur.com/a/gvu7E
hem them, is easy to do and the fabric doesn't make it more difficult.   The only outlier pants that have to be hemmed carefully are the ultralights.
^ it's pretty random and they have said before than since they don't use OG's themselves they don't usually prioritize them:   https://twitter.com/Outlier/status/408312982129876993   Last restock was on the beginning of December.
^   I got the package yesterday and I'm wearing one of the tees today (sky blue). I like it a lot, the fabric feels  almost the same as an icebreaker tech t-lite, very thin, holds the shape nicely.  Have only used it for a couple of hours so I cannot say much about it.  I would buy more if they had other interesting colors.   Sizing.. Portland S is exactly the same as icebreaker S and same as Eddy M.  I don't know why they have two different models because they are...
icebreaker.com has 30% discount right now and icebreaker's 200 is very nice.
^ finisterre tees have shipped today so they should be here on friday. I got both models Eddy and portland.  S in portland and eddy M, measurements are almost the same since Eddy is supossed to be a baselayer/undershirt.  I liked the colours and it's the same fabric so... will report about the sizing too. I was working a bit on the list of tees, decided to make a minisite instead of a spreadsheet. I think I'll put it up tomorrow and we can talk about it and add the ones I...
ok, I have some links saved and will receive the finiesterre tees this week so I'll start something tomorrow.  Just plain merino t-shirts, like icebreaker t lite, or outlier's (120 to 200gms/2, discrete/no logos)
^ thanks for the heads up, just ordered 3 tees and some boxers. I like that they have a nicer colour palette than other merino shirts. I'm trying to get different merino tees to make a review comparing all of them.  I like that finisterre has stopped making them 100% merino and are now 80% merino 20% poliamide. They say that 100% merino is not durable enough and with my experience with icebreaker I tend to agree. Let's see how they perform regarding smells and wearing them...
I just sent them an email asking about the logo.  Akatsuki, what did you order and from where? I've seen them on sale here http://www.nordicoutdoor.co.uk/aclima/ but they don't have the lightwool tshirt that I'm interested in trying.
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