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norse store put them up a couple of hours ago. Got the last 8.5. If you do order get half a size smaller, all the reviews in say that they fit quite big.
@velobran  IMO than indicates a wrong fit, the dungarees are the lowest rise of all outlier pants so you shouldn't have to pull them up. I'm your exact same size/height and wear 31.  I like them so much that I'm thinking about selling my OG, futureworks, nyco and some apc petit standard that I don't wear anymore to get more dungarees. I have them in indigo and zinc but would like to get them in black and the dark green of last season.
It's a different shade that hasn't been released this year.  I just checked the receipt for the order and it's just called Ultralight_Pant-Gray-31  (ordered june 2013).   I think this is the one:    They also made the ultralight blazer in that color. Search in google for "outlier ultralight gray" and you'll find some pics mixed with the graytint and new slate.        
Posted this on outlier's reddit yesterday regarding pilling on the UL. Mine are a light colour so I they don't pick up lint. Pretty happy with them except for the pilling.
i don't wash outlier's pants too often, every 30 wears? probably more, I just wash them when they are really dirty and it usually takes a while to get them nasty.
yes, they shrink back to their original size. The other pants with OG fabric are the same.
my indigo dungarees didn't  repel water after a year and a half, I used to always hang dry but after this test I now put them in the drier straight from the washing machine. I put a couple of dungarees and they are dry in about 15 minutes.    I wear them almost daily so they have more than 300 wears. After I started putting them in the drier they improved a lot:   Sorry for the shitty video
my experience with the ultralights is not that bad. I got them last year and wore them a lot last summer. Except for a bit of pilling on the inner thighs (from rubbing, guess I was too fat for them) they look brand new, no snags or anything.   The ones I have right now are light gray and don't catch lint (have 2 cats and the indigo dungarees catch hairs like crazy) I was going to get a navy pair but if they do.. I think I'm going to pass.   FYI you can return hemmed...
@delluminatus how's the waist of the futureworks compared to the ultralights and climbers? They say that they shrink and that the waistband is smaller than usual, I ordered one pair sizing up but it hasn't arrived yet. Ultralights in navy look great, I have the light gray from last year and they drape a bit awkardly but are awesome for summer.
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