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Nigel Cabourn Odell Mackintosh is sold New price for •Nigel Cabourn Zip Up Military Shirt •Nigel Cabourn Army Check Flannel •Nigel Cabourn Reversible Flannel •Nigel Cabourn x Merz b. Schwanen Shirt •Nigel Cabourn x Merz b. Schwanen Polo •Nigel Cabourn Hooded Zip Jumper - Size 50 (Slow-vintage, TSURI machine) 380€
Is it still on? Did not work for me :/
Instead of lowering the price, I'll add rare gem to the lot: Nigel Cabourn Hooded Zip Jumper - Size 50 (Slow-vintage, TSURI machine)
Hello, I am clearing my wardrobe. In this listing I have grouped all my Nigel Cabourn items for sale. Every item is in Size 48 and used. I'd like to see 600€ for the lot. Given what I have paid, I think it is a very fair price. Please contact me with any questions. Nigel Cabourn Zip Up Military Shirt Nigel Cabourn Army Check Flannel Nigel Cabourn Reversible Flannel Nigel Cabourn x Merz b. Schwanen Shirt Nigel Cabourn x Merz b. Schwanen Polo Nigel Cabourn Odell...
Let me know the answer. I really like the coat. I first thought it was a Ten-C
Which jacket is this? I have not seen it before. Would be great if someone can ID it for me.
Where are you from? Within Europe you do not pay anything. Outside you can deduct UK VAT and pay the VAT + potential import duties in your home country. You will find what you need at the website of your customs office.
Marrkt Sale is live ...sadly no Geddes any more :/
Actual measurements: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1231752/NC_Ox/IMG_20130716_185126.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1231752/NC_Ox/IMG_20130716_185156.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1231752/NC_Ox/IMG_20130716_185241.jpg
Selling this awesome Nigel Cabourn Big Multi Stripe Oxford Shirt - Size 50 . Sadly I bought it too big. I tried it on once and put it my wardrobe. Hence, it's new. Grab yourself a nice shirt at a nice price. Feel free to make a decent offer - RRP was GBP 325.00. Have a look at oipolloi for the sizing: http://www.oipolloi.com/nigel-cabourn-bd-big-stripe-shirt--blue-multi-oxford - Heavyweight Japanese Oxford cloth (100% cotton) - Made in Japan - Woven multi stripe...
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