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link me? :D
Looking for an overcoat in size bloody small (34-36). Double breasted, half belts preferred. If such a thing exists, please PM me :)
Kiton is REAL. Score dude! :) Amazing e-thrift!
Both real, Magooch.   
Oftentimes, the size label will bear some reference to the pants sizing as well, if all else fails. 
Gents: What are my odds of saving a tie with a set-in stain? Oil-based, large but faint. Probably been there at least a year  Plan was to use Tiecrafters. Just couldn't pass up the $5 Marinella.
An E thrift, paid for by thrifting!  Borgioli / Ron Rider boots in walnut shell cordovan :) (Shown with my also E-thrifted Loro Piana gray flannel trousers!)
Can I play? Ron Rider / Borgioli in Walnut. Please excuse my office's hideous carpeting
Hate to say it, but none of these photos are particularly good for gauging fit. All are wrong (as any untailored jacket would be) but without seeing your body in a totally neutral position (not holding a smartphone up to a mirror), it's very difficult to make recommendations. Can you have someone else take the pictures, and keep your arms neutrally at your sides? 
Lots of new things up! I really need to get things sold. Now with Lobbs! :)   Include your SF handle with any offers- I'll hook you up!      GRAIL! ** JOHN LOBB ** Paris JODHPUR Boots 8.5 E ENGLAND $599.99 or Best Offer             DESIGNER ** GUCCI ** ITALY Flap Pocket Gray Wool Overcoat 36 SLIM $299.99 or Best Offer                     BOGLIOLI K JACKET Beige Patch Unstructured 3/2 PURE CASHMERE Sport Coat ITALY...
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