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That tie, Zegna, right? Very nice.
Seller "lost" them all. 
So I've been on the DL lately because of exams, but you guys are killing it as usual. Made some kops, but no pics yet. Soon my pretties! :) 
As far as I know, Edward Greens for PS are always marked as such. Anything else is gonna be masterpiece. And I welcome the criticism. I won't get better at anything unless someone tells me I'm doing it wrong! I'm still very much a newb here...
You make an excellent point man. There is technically nothing stopping them all from being completely wrecked.  Quote:Originally Posted by ChetB Fishy awesome stuff but you are going to increase your competition on eBay ten fold with all these posts about the cheap EG shoes you're scoring. BRB setting up a bunch of saved searches....  Another excellent point -- I actually prefer to share them, I feel pretty guilty otherwise. As eazye says, I tend to ask rather high prices...
Seller appears to be an estate salesman (albeit a really bad one) so I doubt it matters to them what the items actually fetched. I hope, anyways. I want mah sh00z :P
Just wanna put it out there that my awesome roommate / SF lurker Centuar1 found the auction - I just woke up early and pounced for the kill :D   It was a mess, yet, but as best I can see, those EG brown suede captoes are in my size, and I'd bet a vital organ or two that one or both of those Peals are also EG (The ones I see in those styles are overwhelmingly EG) plus alden shells? I don't even care about the boots, it'll go :)
HAY GUISE I WIN E-THRIFTING. FOREVER. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321314260276
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