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Nah, RTW. Not a total loss though; looks to be made by Chester Barrie! 
Go back and check for a briefcase... :P  Also, I'd bet money that tie is cashmere. 
A few things. Pretty n00b by thrift thread standards, but it's been busy... Gucci; already gone.Ferragamo, 11.5D A very cool Pop! Slightly bummed they weren't boots... 11 D   Ae Bux, 10.5D Baller-ass Ami jacket, size S [[SPOILER]]        Vtg Gerry down jacket with epic tartan trim, size XLish Basically NWOT Zegna gun check, super-recent. Pardon the overexposed first picture! 44L [[SPOILER]]   No pics yet, but I also found an incredibly nice Remy A-2 style lambskin bomber...
Shell no     
This.Also, be sure to (loudly) ask him why exactly he thinks you'd bother stealing when you just dropped his entire paycheck on a single shopping cart.
link me? :D
Looking for an overcoat in size bloody small (34-36). Double breasted, half belts preferred. If such a thing exists, please PM me :)
Kiton is REAL. Score dude! :) Amazing e-thrift!
Both real, Magooch.   
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