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Hey gents, thought I'd post a thrift fit. Everything's a local pickup. Being a student, I don't really get many chances to go all-out, this is pretty typical.   (Unseen)  Vintage hard rock cafe varsity jacket with suede accents Coach essex briefcase in brown   Shirt: Gitman vintage Jeans: APC New Standards Shoes: Sutor Mantellassi chukkas   Sadly, the Klipsch X10s were not thrifted :P         
Almost anything to come out of Brooks Brothers in the past 25 years.   Some of the older stuff fine though. Thrift thread represent!
Spoo proving to the world yet again why he's the effing career tribute of thrifting XD. So I've been sick for the past couple days, haven't even stepped out of my house except to take an exam :| Roomie thrifted a klipsch subwoofer while I was out though! (KSW-10, decent consumer grade piece)
9 Photos NOS!! VTG * BURBERRY * Wool Double Breasted Military Coat 42 MADE IN ENGLAND       Time left:3d leftSaturday, 11AM $100.00 0 bids   7 Photos Newly Listed**Florsheim Royal Imperial** Brown Gunboat Long Wing Wingtip Blutcher Vtg 9.5...
Some of the more effing bonkers things to come up over the past two weeks...Chester Barrie for gieves & hawkes flat front suit, 38. Waistband a little effed up, but belts to the rescue :) [[SPOILER]]   Found four ties too :) Pop! Moment of silence for the dead one next to it :(  POPPPPP :D   
I'm slightly ashamed to say that I hadn't thought about it like that.My own sizing issues got me so focused on flipping that I forgot that the majority of you guys CAN fit in stuff, and do this for pure enjoyment.I'm sorry. I was wrong.
Suggestion: Rather than creating the Tragedy of the Commons of e-thrifting, keep the links on the DL. When we compete, we all lose. 
So this happened [[SPOILER]]
So I'd say it was a pretty good day of E-thrifting... EGs and an anonymous benchmade shell...
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