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A) That shit's dope.  B) You might want to consider omitting your plans for items on here. I did it when I was new too, but it wears people down. A simple "available" is more than sufficient to get PMs, and 'Bay completeds are pretty much the go-to resource for that avenue.Again, I did it too when I was as new as you are. Just tryna' show you the way.  
Going to go with real + current generation. Not impressed with quality TBH; unless the deal's killer, keep looking. 
Given that the seller has about ten other Cartiers up + they have several hundred feedbacks for sales of similar caliber watches, I'm going to go with real. They're well-established with a proven track record; not exactly a prime candidate for slipping fakes. 
Ya, made by this company called Vestimenta :P
Welllll that's badass. 
Croc! Probably nile, I'm gonna go with a neck cut? 
You're right... it was a crapton. That said, it's a safe bet, and I just messed up my car. I can deal with the stress; I simply need the cash. (I left suit #3 because the trouser pockets were completely worn out)  To clarify, I don't take offense. Now at least everyone knows what they should expect if they want a Cucinelli fix  Until then, I'll just adjust the jacket's waist all the way in, put it on, and dance to Hotline Bling. Get yo down game onto my level Drizzy....
(Delete please)
  SHIT PAID.  Brodeetz in due time with other bits of haul. Prices were FAR more than true thrift, but still good enough. Definitely can't take trades or cut deals on these guys.   2x flat front Super 130s Isaia suits, 42 x 3something       Enrico Isaia staple gray, 46 R x 3something   Sort of freaking out over what I paid (A LOT), but you don't leave a Brunello Cucinelli cashmere-trimmed down jacket. Size L.       
New Posts  All Forums: