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Patently fake, sorry. Movement is totally unfinished, dial appears to be printed on, and the watch showcases a rudimentary balance wheel rather than a tourbillon escapement. 
Didn't look at every listing, but everything I saw appears to be real. 
GODDAMMIT. WHY *STORE* WHYI think they might be reading the thread. It's getting pretty frustrating...FYI guys, if you're reading the thread, it should be about half that. Horseys are cool, but not 500 bucks cool... 
Keep promising myself I'll do a massive picdump, but I'm always busy these days... Older, but good! Mega-badass Willis & Geiger parka, size L.   [[SPOILER]]  Easily my favorite non-tramezza ferragamos I've ever found... natural color wholecuts. I didn't even know they made these! Already starting to get a super-badass patina on the toes. 9.5D [[SPOILER]]  Been had PRL / Cantarelli 3/2, size 42. Super light structure, very nice!  [[SPOILER]]   Oldass Gucci! Silk/linen blend...
... Wow. Those are ACTUALLY fake. (Shockingly unusual in this thread). Yeah, sort of impressed he's lasted this long. 
That "one data point" is capnwes... so listen to it.     Thrift bros: when do you throw in the towel and return something? Grabbed an oxxford suit today, thinking that the tiny moth nibbles on the trousers probably weren't a dealbreaker. Somehow, I missed the bigass (~2/3 dime) hole on the bottom of the jacket right when I got home...      Doesn't fit me; destined elsewhere.   Only about 25 into it. Fish or cut bait?
A) That shit's dope.  B) You might want to consider omitting your plans for items on here. I did it when I was new too, but it wears people down. A simple "available" is more than sufficient to get PMs, and 'Bay completeds are pretty much the go-to resource for that avenue.Again, I did it too when I was as new as you are. Just tryna' show you the way.  
Going to go with real + current generation. Not impressed with quality TBH; unless the deal's killer, keep looking. 
Given that the seller has about ten other Cartiers up + they have several hundred feedbacks for sales of similar caliber watches, I'm going to go with real. They're well-established with a proven track record; not exactly a prime candidate for slipping fakes. 
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