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For that kind of money, not doing at least MTM is borderline unthinkable here. You should really be going bespoke. Unless your body happens to be a perfect Brioni / Oxxford / Kiton pattern, you'd be poorly served for your 5-6k. Even if it is, you could have gotten savile row level bespoke for the same kind of money.  If you have no qualms about dropping a few Gs on a suit, why not spend the money on a flight to Chicago and talk to Chris Despos? He's here on SF and I'm yet...
So this week the  basement flooded and my computer died + it's week 1 of finals. Not great.  Fortunately, it's been the best week of thrifting we've ever had. These are JUST the really awesome things. SIZES 44-48 R-L GET AT ME     From most distant to proximal: 1) Samuelsohn LP110s navy orphan, hella sportcoatable2) Zegna mainline navy staple suit3) English bespoke 6-2 db orphan that was way too perfect to leave4) Belvest 120s windowpane sport coat5&6) Cantarelli modern...
You, Spoo, and GMMcl can basically take all credit for inspiring me to dress better. Great fit!
Really? Striped shirts were never meant for jackets? Can someone explain to me why? 
^^^  HUGE props for being a complete pleasure to work with! :D   Those complements XD
Two e-thrifts. A LOT of skin in the game on them, but... Cha-ching. Crockett & Jones / PRL Ravello shell chukkas, 13D [[SPOILER]] Santoni FAM #8 shell captoe derbies, 10.5D [[SPOILER]]
Thanks so much for the feedback guys!
I can see where you're coming from on that one- a more subdued square would've done me good. Perhaps simpler socks as well!
After six months, I'm ready for a second attempt. Another odd jacket look; I was able to pick up a Donegal jacket, which you guys suggested (thanks!) Ideally I think I'd want to work with a slightly darker tie in a shantung silk or linen; though this grenadine is lovely, the scale of the weave is a little too close to the Donegal weave O think. Did I make par? (Sorry for crap pics- I've had issues finding a good-sized mirror...) Please heap on the criticism. I'm still...
Was about to leave goodwill empty-handed, saw the shoe rack come out... decided to wait to see what they put out.  Pretty glad I did :) (Not available)         12 dollar shell PTBs :D - great shape too!
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