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Thanks Spoo.  By some miracle, I was home for thanksgiving when she went downhill. She lost the ability to walk 20 minutes after I got through the door. I was able to properly say goodbye, which meant a lot. She lived a long, wonderful life, and was in no pain. We should all be so lucky.
I e-thrifted Tom Ford boots today, but I'm not posting them right now.     Instead, I'm posting the lower half of a year-old thrift fit—featuring my dog, who had to be euthanized today. We've had her since I was eight years old. Goodbye, my friend :(  
^^^^^ Real, and stupid cool. Everything (tags, model, cut, fabric) sings of authenticity. Good buy. 
1) Baller jacket 2) Did you seriously just button the bottom button? 
ID anyone? Leather / Cashmere bomber jacket with silk scarf lining...
It's to prevent the item being returned. 
Today is going well.   Alden suede NSTs. Pricey, but Alden suede NSTs... 11D on the Aberdeen last. Avails.  [[SPOILER]]  And... Epic pop. Sooooo NA. Pry it from my cold dead hands.   
Those look spectacular; I'd be stunned if they were fake.   
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