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99.9% sure it's real. I have the same tie in pink.  Also, I'd trust Spoo's Versace ID expertise over most Versace employees
Some sh00z. Alfred Sargent / Brooks bros. 11D. One of the toe caps has some popped stitches, are these fixable? (If not, oh well-they were ten bucks)   [[SPOILER]]  Gucci, 10.5. Pity about the monograms; I'd rock em otherwise.  [[SPOILER]]  C&J / BB Peal. A little beaten up, but you don't leave $6 C&Js. 11.5 Bally, 10 Florsheim Royal Imperial guns, 8.5EEE  [[SPOILER]]   AE McAllisters, 10D Church's/Alan McAfee, 10.5C     Not sh00z Can haz Battistoni raincoat, 40 ...
These are the Tom Fords. Appear to be store samples. 9.5 US, available.     [[SPOILER]]
I think it works really well with the vintage frames. 
Thanks Spoo.  By some miracle, I was home for thanksgiving when she went downhill. She lost the ability to walk 20 minutes after I got through the door. I was able to properly say goodbye, which meant a lot. She lived a long, wonderful life, and was in no pain. We should all be so lucky.
I e-thrifted Tom Ford boots today, but I'm not posting them right now.     Instead, I'm posting the lower half of a year-old thrift fit—featuring my dog, who had to be euthanized today. We've had her since I was eight years old. Goodbye, my friend :(  
^^^^^ Real, and stupid cool. Everything (tags, model, cut, fabric) sings of authenticity. Good buy. 
1) Baller jacket 2) Did you seriously just button the bottom button? 
ID anyone? Leather / Cashmere bomber jacket with silk scarf lining...
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