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It'll happen. Patience, young grasshopper. PS: You totally should've grabbed that Hickey suit (assuming it was under 25 bucks)Thanks for the positive ID! Reasonably sure this was an early Summit piece, seeing as modern Baltoros lack the faux fur trim and are 800 fill. Would also explain why it's not one you've seen. 
8:06 PM 1-stop impulse thrift? Good life choice
... quite the post 5 you've got there.
On it. Seems spot-on for an early-run Baltoro though.  How are we looking?    
Considering said questions were asked in 2012, I'd say followup is unlikely... welcome to Styleforum. Might want to check dates on posts 
A few recent finds; not even close to everything, but it'll have to suffice. Between work and classes, I'm effectively doing 50+ hour workweeks, to say nothing of flipping-related activities. Starting things off with an unstructured Isaia casual triple patch. 95/5 cotton/silk. Suprising lack of handwork for a fairly modern piece, save for some internal details. Measures in at a 42, despite being tagged a 46.   [[SPOILER]]     Caruso private label sport coat, pure cashmere....
Quick fit at work this morning... 100% thrift Shurt: Burberry London Sweater: LP baby cash (that was a good day) Pants: Bagnoli Sh00z: Sutor Mantellassi I found a bunch of stuff last night (including an Isaia unstructured triple patch) but I was more excited about the framed salmon serigraph. Ichthyologist at heart. Deets/pics on clothes later.
 No, it's not easy. I'm going to be straight-up with you: if you're here for the singular purpose of making a quick buck, quit now. There are better ways to do it. Plenty of us DO make money, but it requires the same degree of discipline as any other business venture. More importantly, it will take a while before you're anywhere near competent enough to be profitable.  However, if you're enthusiastic about clothes, improving your personal style, and possibly making some...
 The best thing you can do is lurk and ask questions (but not questions like "what's "X" worth", a better thing to try would be to shoot a picture of a tag and be like "Is this a thing?"). You might also find the HOF label / nail pattern & thrift label threads helpful. More importantly... thrift, a lot. Just don't ask for prices on things, even if there are no completeds. Use your best judgement. Over time, you'll get really good at it.   
Those Marinellas      I did okay yesterday...               Shoe breakdown AE x 6  Deadstock Royal Imperial Longwings... 10D! First time finding deadstock in a normal size.      And these. :D          EG Dovers, 10E UK on the 32 last. Looked close to dead when I found them, but came back in a big way!           Not shown from earlier in week: Brown suede C&J wingtips, Yohji Yamamoto x2, Brioni tweed suit... etc, etc. Happy hunting. 
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