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I'm a size 34R x 28 waist... I basically need MTM on all Suits/SCs. Never had any tailored jacket fit me off the rack. Don't expect that to change any time soon.  
HFS is tremendously underrated, especially the old stuff. Were I normally sized, my wardrobe would be full of old-school american suits... 
Hard to tell based on the single picture, but the label looks like my shirts. TB isn't typically a faked brand, anyways. 
Creed makes shirts? 
I ain't even spoilering this shit     You know it's gonna be good when the Moncler cardigan is the second most interesting thing I found today. (yes, I've authenticated it; holo QR is present etc)            The main event?              
asdfghjkl epic double pop deets later kiddos Pretty sure this is my best lunch thrift ever
It'll happen. Patience, young grasshopper. PS: You totally should've grabbed that Hickey suit (assuming it was under 25 bucks)Thanks for the positive ID! Reasonably sure this was an early Summit piece, seeing as modern Baltoros lack the faux fur trim and are 800 fill. Would also explain why it's not one you've seen. 
8:06 PM 1-stop impulse thrift? Good life choice
... quite the post 5 you've got there.
On it. Seems spot-on for an early-run Baltoro though.  How are we looking?    
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