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Ask for a pic of the coat with the tape across it. 
I don't think I've ever had a 1 or 0-feedback buyer that actually paid for their effing item.      If I could add any feature to eBay, it'd be blocking 0 feedback buyers. Recently, they've accounted for ~10% of my sales... and none of them have paid.    \rant
... that's pretty good, but I don't think there's quite enough Patagonia.
Just received my first full-custom, thrift-funded suit. Most expensive thing I've ever purchased. There was a sale event at the time, but this one still qualifies as "retail price". Thanks thrift thread! :D  [[SPOILER]]
Might want to show us the garment, rather than just the label :P
Edmonds Underwater Park, outside of Seattle. The lingcod in the photo is ~3.5 feet long and 25-30 lbs. Some of the larger ones push 4.5 and 50 lbs! Fishing is banned here, so the lingcod are numerous, happy, and extremely large.They're also remarkably tolerant of having 35 watt HIDs shoved in their faces... They'll certainly bite if you get too close to their eggs though! These guys have TEETH—I've actually seen one bite through a drysuit before!
Thrift fit. All e-thrifted / thrift funded except the HID, which was a gift. Thanks thrift thread. It's pretty cool to be a 21-year old college kid with the loose change to do stuff like this.
^^^^^^^ Well fuck
TFW you find two Cucinelli cash sweaters... with holes  Still copped bc 8 and 12 dollars respectively / one hole apiece isn't a dealbreaker there.     160s Isaia navy flat fronts and perfectly fitting 1950s spectators to ease my pain      Lunch thrift game strong
 Gotta agree with this one. I'm an undergrad; my rent payments are at stake. I work two jobs, but flipping is my primary income.  I'm a nice enough person when buyers come to me with issues and reasonable requests, but nothing makes me clench my ass more than a 0-feedback buyer picking up a $200+ item with nary a word. Flip a coin... 
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