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To the layman, almost any of those would work (though the shoes must go). You cannot wear the 6x1 suit, especially with the trouser legs too long. If your goal is to stand out in your dress, you must keep searching.   Please don't take this the wrong way, you have there is mediocre (though not half as bad as my first attempt!). Expect excoriation if you post fits like that. This is a community of, for the most part, hardline traditionalists. There's a good reason for...
Knew I was forgetting something!Shirt: Gucci, EthriftTie: Garza fina grenadine, thriftSuit: Bespoke from defunct tailor in Rome, ethriftPS: Random english silk, thrift(not shown) Shoes: Edward Green black captoes, ethrift
Quick thrift fit for you guys.
Looks good! As YRR92 said, I'd keep it fairly casual, and avoid other checks (I suppose something on a very large scale could still work, but it'd be tricky) The perfect pairing for something like this IMO would be a donegal, preferably in a light gray. 
No bueno, sorry :(  Stick to Black Label, Purple, Polo's blue label (not university club, unless it's awesome), Rugby, and RRL (Not spelled out, like that one is) and you should be good. 
Went back today to see if this guy had any more Attolinis. Sadly, none were out today, so I had to console myself with... His dinner suit  [[SPOILER]]   Three J-Press handmade flat front sack suits, even nicer than the ones I picked up yesterday(This one appears to be MTM!) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]   Two of his VERY NICE bespoke pieces from a defunct NYC Tailor, flat fronts with button flies!  [[SPOILER]]
One store, one guy. There's more coming out every day. All about a 42 x 36. This guy was a glorious trad!Vintage suits, all of them are handmade 3/2 flat front sacks.  J Press charcoal staple Brooks bros makers nailhead (found a patch on the trousers later, oh well)   Southwick- this guy had the nicest southwicks I've ever seen! Handmade buttonholes and everyhing. Brooks 346 (but old as hell, so quality is still great) red windowpane plaid  And, easily my favorite suit of...
I broke the game today. I'll post tomorrow after I finish the haul (I literally couldn't carry the rest home!) But here's a preview of the highlight (for now)
30 minutes left! Schott A-2 Bomber with removable collar, Size 44  Still under 100!         Zegna Couture shirt, 16.5 x 32       Pure cashmere Incotex summerweight flat front pants!         Loro Piana! 18 x 36   And this maniacal thing from Chipp, size 44!
Really? That's sad... I've approached him before and made deals purely on the basis of "Hey, we both know you can flip this for a lot more than I can, want to buy it off me?" As far as I'm concerned, business is business... Field report today was meh. Ruined Bally leather jacket left me sad. Picked up a pair of inco wool FFs that will need the inseam shortened because of a hole. Not a particularly inspiring day hunting, but it's always a rush just the same!
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