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If you live in a city, it's a goldmine. 
I was trying to find my first fitpic, but it seems I deleted it out of shame :( I was wearing a cheap pleather jacket, white dress shirt, club striped tie, jeans, and chili calf AEs.  So instead, a piece of advice to anyone else in college.  Want to show off your good shoes? That's fine, but do not bring them out drinking!   A) Your friends don't notice them.    B) Neither do girls.  C) Inevitably, you're going to drink too much at some point, and you're going to...
Once you know your sizing, you can do VERY well on eBay / thrifting. I have picked up four extremely nice pairs of dress shoes for less than it'd cost you to buy a single pair of Aldens new. 
Thanks for the tips guys. Though the suit is out for alterations right now, I have the vest here (which I'm planning on leaving out) so I thought I'd give you an idea of what the fabric looks like.  Shots are at 4 feet and 4 inches respectively, and accurately depict color and texture. Any further away and I'm reasonably sure the suit would simply appear as a gray. Once I get it back (assuming the fit is decent) it's off to reweaving! The suit itself is an old (Definitely...
And keep the rest?  
Hey guys, gonna make my first solid attempt at the Good Taste Thread in a few weeks, trying to pick out a tie. Suit is CG (straight up worsted wool, no sheen at all) with subtle red pinstripes. Shirt is a purple micro gingham with a white contrast collar. I'm thinking solid navy grenadine tie and a maroon PS, probably a paisley of some sort.  Thoughts?
  Shoot me your SF handle when you offer on the OBOs, I'll try to hook you up! :) 4 Photos BEAUTIFUL Ted Baker Pink Blue Green White Plaid Silk Tie STYLISH!       Time left:8h leftToday 9:00PM $10.00 2 bids   11 Photos Florsheim IMPERIAL SHELL CORDOVAN Gunboat V Cleat Longwings Wingtips 8.5 D...
Yep, that sizing looks bang on with trickers. Not sure about the last numbers, but the shape looks perfect for them. Sad that they aren't EG, but thanks so much for the confirmation!
Thanks, that's actually pretty fascinating! Maybe I'll email EG and ask them... And yes, they're veldtshoen (which I googled right after you mentioned it) - the stitching is right, and they have a bellows tongue like a lot of others do. n
No sockliners left, so I have no idea who they were made for. EG or CJ?                   
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