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HF seems to have a penchant for using wool/silk blends, especially in their patterned offerings under their collection label set. I'd say hold the fire and make a reasonably safe bet.
Extremely nice. My only critique (which is very much a personal choice) is that I wouldn't cuff the trousers.The effect of the shortening them makes your legs look stumpy IMO. Everything else is awesome!
I'm gonna go for a big bet... a valuable watch, or a wallet, complete with cash and cards, OR the tag of a super-heavy hitting bespoke house.  Please keep my hometown in your thoughts. The Columbia mall is about ten minutes from where I grew up. My parents left the mall about two minutes before this started. Feeling extremely lucky this morning.E thrifted Malverns (made with a Nordstrom label) arrived today. A few paces short of NOS. Available, just a hair too big for me....
96 years should do it
So my SW&D knowledge is approximately dick, but I'm still pretty sure this is a thing... how'd I do?  
6 Photos INCOTEX for Ermenegildo Zegna BRIGHT BLUE Flat Front Pants 34 EPIC!!!       Time left:16h leftToday 9:00PM $75.00 0 bids   6 Photos Newly ListedCanali Grey Square Geometric Pattern Silk Tie Italy EUC         $20.00 or Best...
HAAHAHAHAHAH WHATTTTT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN (not that I'm complaining, the thrift gods have been good to me this week!) all hail seattle! :D
You were right.Welcome to SF. DAMN SON! 
It feels soft, but not necessarily "paper thin" - are the holes where bristles were then? Either way, they're awesome. The previous owner babied them :) they had that bulled toe before I got at em!
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