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Lange sax-o-mat annual calendar in Platinum. God I want one XD <3  But I'm fine staying vintage my whole life if I need to. 
Please explain to me how you'd go about replicating this:    Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Anyone who knows anything about watches will know right away. And while I can't speak for everyone, I'd certainly call it.  Buy yourself a vintage omega seamaster for less than a G and keep your dignity. Don't make yourself look like an arse with a fake timepiece. 
Definitely. Is saphir worth the extra cash? Keep in mind I'm essentially living off profits made from flipping thrift store items (my parents are supporting my education, but I don't spend their money on my hobbies) so it needs to be REALLY worth it for me to pick it up.
Finally picked up this mother at my local evil thrift's half-off sale. They wanted 60 for it  originally. (it was next to a polyester tuxedo tagged for a hundo) and management wouldn't budge. Had to wait a week and get it for 30. For-profit too. Rargh. Can't wait to get back to Seattle. Needs a reweave, but still...     Brioni, 40r, flat front. Figured it was still probably worth the buy.    apologies for the garbage pics. DSLR is back on west...
My humble collection. By no means impressive by the standards of this thread, but I'm proud of it.  I'm a nineteen year old college kid. Via some lucky thrifts, patience, and shrewd eBay browsing, I've spent less than $500 here :)             EG     Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Crocodile (Did anyone ever figure out who the hell made these?)   EG     Santoni   Sutor Mantellassi (beater)
Definitely two. One good carry-on, one good checked. I'd suggest a rolling garment bag for the latter. I suggest you go thrifting and pick yourself up something from Travelpro, Tumi, or Briggs & Riley. They pop up all the time. You'd probably get a very different response in SW&D. I've gotta be honest, I don't venture on there much, my first couple experiences there kind of made me want to curl up in a corner in the fetal position. In a few words? Elitism and drop-crotch...
Judging by your comment on classes, you're a university student.  Well, you're in luck, because I happen to be one from Seattle. While it doesn't rain quite as hard out west, it certainly does stay wet!  If you're going to keep it truly classic, and you want something that will perform irrespective of weather conditions, the ideal would be a pair of shell cordovan boots with either  Norwegian or Veldtschoen construction and a lug sole. A captoe boot would...
Speaking as a fellow 36, and knowing how downright impossible it is to pick that stuff up, I'd be asking my tailor to buy me a new suit. 
BARRELLLLLLLLLLL :P (Yeah you know what's up) 
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