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So it's been like 2 days, but here are those E-thrifted EGs I was talking about...  [[SPOILER]]    And here's a picture I shot of UW Greeks burning couches to celebrate the Seahawks winning tonight... XD
So about a week ago, I took a risk and made an e-thrift. It was a risk because I'm so broke that I've literally been living off of peanut butter sandwiches for a week, college student life.  Turns out it paid off pretty well. NWOB Edward Green brown suede captoe derbies for sixty bucks.  11E US. Pics when I get back. Here's to hopefully NOT having to eat the same goddamn thing for dinner every day next week ^_^
Orvis. Doesn't fit my comical frame, of course. Size M.    . 
Unless you've got nothing that could be construed as even slightly appropriate, I'd say don't worry about getting a piece specifically for a funeral.As long as you're paying your respects, nobody is going to care.   Sorry for your loss. :(
Got out the door early today, so I figured I'd post a thrift fit for ya. Today is a "Fishy doesnt give a damn." Sort of day. Matching leathers is for squares. Sartoria Chiaia 5-ply cashmere beanie (ethrift) Cheapo cg leather jacket that fits well (thrift) lord & Taylor house brand cashmere pullover (gift) Music festival tee (not thrift) Barbour scarf (thrift) APC new standards (thrift) Santoni sneakers (thrift) Coach Essex shoulder bag (thrift) Random.belt...
More Edward Greens. Know your manufacturers guys!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trafalgar-Men-Shoes-Brown-/251432828027?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a8a907c7b
I'd presume it's bovine in origin, and corrected grain. Corrected grain refers to a process by which low-quality hides are sanded to erase imperfections and a plastic or vinyl coat is applied to recreate the surface. The result is a piece that doesn't breathe, looks cheap, and ages extremely poorly. I'd suggest almost anything over buying a pair of corrected grain leather shoes. 
HF seems to have a penchant for using wool/silk blends, especially in their patterned offerings under their collection label set. I'd say hold the fire and make a reasonably safe bet.
Extremely nice. My only critique (which is very much a personal choice) is that I wouldn't cuff the trousers.The effect of the shortening them makes your legs look stumpy IMO. Everything else is awesome!
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