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Thanks for the tip, on point as always man. Incidentally; I'm actually living/working out of an island laboratory right now and haven't had access to an iron in almost a month . The only dry cleaning shop on the island suffered a fire just before I arrived! Rumpled trousers aside, do you think this worked? 
I know I owe a few people PMs; don't worry, I haven't forgotten! Been extremely busy; wanted to post a quick thrift fit all the same.     
I believe this is attempt number 3 from me. Obviously a jacket / trousers ensemble again, but hopefully one that passes muster.  Forgive the misbehaving pocket square- it rode up a bit in this photo. Pretend it's an inch lower (and not encroaching on the lapel.)   A smaller, low-quality shot, taken at sundown. Gives a better sense of the tie knot in proportion to the collar.       Blue oxford with a cutaway collar  Donegal tweed sport coat Cotton trousers in...
Hey guys, Sadly, I'm on an island now with no thrift stores, so I might be a tad inactive with hauls for a while.    All the same, here's my thrift fit for the week. A little something different.  Entirely e-thrifted / thrift funded. 
Seconded. Go for a classic round toe.
You could, but I wouldn't suggest it. I'd keep these as sneakers, but they shouldn't be used in the role of a dress shoe. 
All the Canali shoes I've handled have been made by Campanile. Quality is very good, but not what I'd call superlative; more attention is paid to finishing than construction IMO. Most that I've handled have been Blake stitched, not goodyear welted. They're still brilliant shoes, but at that price point, I think I'd probably look at Alfred Sargent instead.  Again, just my two cents; it's pretty hard to actually go wrong once shoes get to this price point. Canalis would...
To the layman, almost any of those would work (though the shoes must go). You cannot wear the 6x1 suit, especially with the trouser legs too long. If your goal is to stand out in your dress, you must keep searching.   Please don't take this the wrong way, you have there is mediocre (though not half as bad as my first attempt!). Expect excoriation if you post fits like that. This is a community of, for the most part, hardline traditionalists. There's a good reason for...
Knew I was forgetting something!Shirt: Gucci, EthriftTie: Garza fina grenadine, thriftSuit: Bespoke from defunct tailor in Rome, ethriftPS: Random english silk, thrift(not shown) Shoes: Edward Green black captoes, ethrift
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