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Some stuff. S/O to my roommate Centuar1 for being a monstrous beast and finding most of the really redic stuff.  Really fantastic Oxxford gray flannel flat fronts- even the hems were done by hand! 34 x 34! [[SPOILER]] EPIC Vintage Brooks Brothers wool pants, 31 Can anyone date them?   [[SPOILER]]  Three epic shirts!POP! [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]] Alden :) [[SPOILER]] REDIC Bespoke blazer from Bahrain, anyone ever heard of them? AMAZING quality. Savile Row bespoke level....
So I'm RIDICULOUSLY broke right now, but this still seemed like an extremely good ethrift, so I've taken the risk...   What appear to be NOS 1950s bespoke boots from France. Anyone got any ideas on...
Box from the rents with the rest of the MD haul has arrived! Pics soon!
So this one is an oldass find that I thought was going to my friend, but as it turns out, it's being bay'd, so I finally got some good photos of it :)A&S 40L x 31 x 32. Red pinstripes! Faint pen mark on the lapel, but who gives a shit? I know there are ways to lift it, but I don't feel like experimenting and accidentally messing up the suit. Someone else can do that :PDAT ROLL. <3 [[SPOILER]]
First off, bigass shoutout to 1OfTheCoolKids for being a generally awesome human being. Update on the status of the show, for those interested:Original post, for those who don't know what I'm talking about:  [[SPOILER]]   Of ten models, we have now done fittings on six. Doing this sans tailoring (we're doing hemming, but obviously the rest is difficult) has proven to be quite the challenge, but overall we're still going strong.  We're putting in a couple more casual looks,...
Day 1 of fitting is almost over! Two guys are proving sort of difficult, but we've also had two HUGE successes. Got one guy rocking a monstrous Chester Barrie jacket and orange incotex trousers, another with my PRL Crocodile captoes and an exceptionally well-fitting Tom James sport coat (which also happens to be mine... it fits him better than it does me, and that's post-alterations) Gentlemen, this shit is gonna be good. 
OH HELL YES SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You didn't misunderstand, my word choice just sucked :P
Just because it's SF approved doesn't mean it needs to be drab. We're talking blue and green cashmere attolini jackets and loud tartans for days :D Sure a few will be more somber, but we want to show off the cool side of menswear! 
You're right that fit is going to take top priority, but we're going to do berserk quality too :) we're trying to run as many grails as we can! As for the style itself, fashion can go die in a fire. We're gonna do it SF approved. 
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