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SIZE 11Ds and Es geddatme! Gotta love ignorant ebay sellers :)  EG for Nordstrom Malverns on the 202, 11D US. A few paces short of NOS. Asking 350.  [[SPOILER]]   NOS EG brown suede derbies for Trafalgar. 11E on the 33. Five hundo [[SPOILER]]  No trades at the moment, sorry guys!
A LONG while back someone posted a pair of Edward Greens made for Trafalgar (yes, the belt and suspenders company), but didn't post a huge amount of detail. I figured that this NOS pair might interest you guys. Brown suede derbies on the 33 last. It looks like Trafalgar wrote over the English size and put in the US one.   [[SPOILER]]   And here are some Malverns for Nordstrom on the 202. Not quite NOS, but close. [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Club Room did good shooz?  Old-ass english captoe bals, well cared for. Methinks Cheaney. 7D. Brian get at me :P      
Fuck that shit, break in tonight! Two pairs of maxwells 
HOLY SHIT SON. If that's older, it's JLSJ level bespoke. Newer is owned by Foster & Son to my knowledge, and is still an extremely good shoe. 
  ARRRRGH SHAMER. At least all three pieces are capable of standing alone!
I know this was a couple days ago now, but SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thrift karma at its finest :) 
4 Photos ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Silk Blend Herringbone Sport Coat Patch Pockets 42         $40.00 or Best Offer 4 Photos BALLERIFFIC OXXFORD CLOTHES Pure CASHMERE Goldenrod Houndstooth Sport Coat 42 R         $50.00 or Best...
So it's been like 2 days, but here are those E-thrifted EGs I was talking about...  [[SPOILER]]    And here's a picture I shot of UW Greeks burning couches to celebrate the Seahawks winning tonight... XD
So about a week ago, I took a risk and made an e-thrift. It was a risk because I'm so broke that I've literally been living off of peanut butter sandwiches for a week, college student life.  Turns out it paid off pretty well. NWOB Edward Green brown suede captoe derbies for sixty bucks.  11E US. Pics when I get back. Here's to hopefully NOT having to eat the same goddamn thing for dinner every day next week ^_^
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