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No! PM me :)
Hey guys! Fishy lives! :) Two finds + a thrift fit. I've found loads more (Barba, loro piana etc) but I just don't have time to put it all up atm... 3/2 flat front Brioni suit, 46 L x 35  And a BIG pop for me! :)      And a thrift fit of a different kind... One of the big reasons I haven't been so active lately!     [[SPOILER]]
Moving out of my old place, current inventory must be liquidated.  All auctions are 1-3 days. First set ends in ONE HOUR.        Absolutely everything must go, and that's not a buzz phrase.  Anything not sold by 10:00 PM Thursday will be listed in a No-reserve 99 cent auction.        ~60 more listings will go up over the next two days. If a highlight isn't up yet, it will be soon.      Highlights: Two old-school bespoke flat-front, button fly suits,...
Fishy lives people! Long time no post. Good to see you guys have been holding down the fort!
That Filson will go like hell... 
Found this a couple weeks ago, never posted a pic. Aquascutum navy wool gabardine trench from the late 30s. Incredible condition for its age- just one worn out spot at a lapel seam. Wool lining, steel hardware with leather. D-rings on the belt, even the pockets have buttoned coverings!   It wouldn't surprise me at all if this was identical to the coats they made for WWI officers- it certainly feels like it'd be suitable for trench warfare! Absolute tank of a...
I just found something strange... apparently it's not this jacket's first time on Styleforum:    http://www.styleforum.net/t/225826/richard-anderson-j-press-smalto-bespoke-charvet-chipp-dries-on-ebay-240-items/0_30 Small world!
So I think I've actually got a thread first here... E-thrift. Dual vented and... well, just look.    Oh yes.      Yep.  Looking very good... Some of you will know from this one... Yep, that's a cran necker with a milanese!    BOOM. Bespoke from 1979. 
This is good advice. It's also worth mentioning that determining the quality (or value) of clothing can be a fairly nuanced affair.Not all cashmere is created equal- different mills yield products of widely variable quality. Moreover, some types of fabric are more desirable for given roles than others. The same is true of all other materials. Throw in workmanship, styling, condition, heritage, and practicality, and you've got quite a bit to consider. Hopefully, I haven't...
How'd I do?
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