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Found this a couple weeks ago, never posted a pic. Aquascutum navy wool gabardine trench from the late 30s. Incredible condition for its age- just one worn out spot at a lapel seam. Wool lining, steel hardware with leather. D-rings on the belt, even the pockets have buttoned coverings!   It wouldn't surprise me at all if this was identical to the coats they made for WWI officers- it certainly feels like it'd be suitable for trench warfare! Absolute tank of a...
I just found something strange... apparently it's not this jacket's first time on Styleforum:    http://www.styleforum.net/t/225826/richard-anderson-j-press-smalto-bespoke-charvet-chipp-dries-on-ebay-240-items/0_30 Small world!
So I think I've actually got a thread first here... E-thrift. Dual vented and... well, just look.    Oh yes.      Yep.  Looking very good... Some of you will know from this one... Yep, that's a cran necker with a milanese!    BOOM. Bespoke from 1979. 
This is good advice. It's also worth mentioning that determining the quality (or value) of clothing can be a fairly nuanced affair.Not all cashmere is created equal- different mills yield products of widely variable quality. Moreover, some types of fabric are more desirable for given roles than others. The same is true of all other materials. Throw in workmanship, styling, condition, heritage, and practicality, and you've got quite a bit to consider. Hopefully, I haven't...
How'd I do?
Welcome to styleforum.  Both jackets are too small in the waist - keep looking. Frankly, I wouldn't worry about anything for a school formal; there's very little you can screw up badly enough to be noteworthy. Most everyone will be wearing poorly-fitted, poor quality, situationally inappropriate garments.    Please don't try to match your partner. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, it will look appalling. If you must match ever so slightly, I'd suggest a blue tie, like...
Not boots, just adelaides. 
Despite being berated by the gents at the Good Taste Thread over my trousers, I think I'll give this one a spin...     
These follow-ups were hilarious :) yes; it's a bit absurd, I agree; I persuaded my buddies that we should do a formal day, despite our surroundings. Thanks for the feedback with the trousers. For the record, this is what a more typical workday looks like for me. Are fluorescent yellow fins in good taste?  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the tip, on point as always man. Incidentally; I'm actually living/working out of an island laboratory right now and haven't had access to an iron in almost a month . The only dry cleaning shop on the island suffered a fire just before I arrived! Rumpled trousers aside, do you think this worked? 
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