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Looking for handrolled squares, staples in particular (linen with colored borders is my best friend) as well as solid color ties with texture (grenadines, wools, etc) that are at least standard width. Cash and trades both available.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-WWII-ERA-MENS-MOTORCYCLE-JACKET-WITH-HALF-BELT-/281238084271?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item417b189aaf SWEET JESUS.
      Just found this. Fairly sure it's authentic (hand rolled very well, feels great, looks very good), but I'd like to know more about it. Pretty good shape.          
Me and Centuar1 sounding off to start 2014... this isn't even everything, just the stuff that's in Seattle. Yes. There's more. Most is available.     Bring out yer grails!   [[SPOILER]]   St. Andrews Pure cashmere suit. 40R with flat front pants.  [[SPOILER]]  Sutor Mantellassi handgrade chukkas. Fairly sure they're hand welted. Cost an arm and a leg, even from goodwill, but they weren't being left behind. Size 9, possibly a bit narrow.  [[SPOILER]]   Normal (but still...
AHHHHH! My max was 125, you were close! 
Okay, I think i win biggest heartbreaker of 2014 thusfar... Zegna couture pinstriped orphan. Found yesterday, hunted for the pants, no love. Went back today, still no love. I fly to Seattle tomorrow morning :(  I figure itll still flip, but what a bummer! Fortunately, I made some other finds that were pretty good, and this...
Free bump for an enormously beautiful watch, though sadly I can't buy it :(
So apparently my roommate is kicking my ass thrifting back west... he found a pure cashmere St. Andrews suit. Pics when I get back on Sunday!
That pic is pretty appalling, but that coat sounds AWESOME :D
eBay is your friend. Pick up basically unused suits for next to no money.  That or hit the thrift thread and get learning!
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