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Okay, I think i win biggest heartbreaker of 2014 thusfar... Zegna couture pinstriped orphan. Found yesterday, hunted for the pants, no love. Went back today, still no love. I fly to Seattle tomorrow morning :(  I figure itll still flip, but what a bummer! Fortunately, I made some other finds that were pretty good, and this...
Free bump for an enormously beautiful watch, though sadly I can't buy it :(
So apparently my roommate is kicking my ass thrifting back west... he found a pure cashmere St. Andrews suit. Pics when I get back on Sunday!
That pic is pretty appalling, but that coat sounds AWESOME :D
eBay is your friend. Pick up basically unused suits for next to no money.  That or hit the thrift thread and get learning!
A) Remember to submit stuff for the Cheapies! B) Amazing hauls as usual guys. That Borrelli suit a few pages back was orgasmic.  C) Can we hit 90000 posts before midnight eastern time? :3
I'd like to nominate Centuar1 for two Anderson & Sheppard suits in a single run. It was posted under my username, but he found them.  annnnd... would it be bold to nominate myself for most improved?  
Yes, but go to watchuseek if you're gonna get a vintage omega. they have an entire forum dedicated to vetting the authenticity of Omegas. 
... no they aren't. Not if you scour eBay enough. I've picked up vintage omegas for less than 500 before. Finding the bargains is hard, but it's well worth it.      And "very carefully" wouldn't cut it. Those watches are handfinished, that takes hundreds, in some cases THOUSANDS of hours of work. And yes, the difference is very obvious, even on the dials, to people in the know.  Now the cynic would start talking about big box brands like Tag, Rolex, modern Omega etc,...
Lange sax-o-mat annual calendar in Platinum. God I want one XD <3  But I'm fine staying vintage my whole life if I need to. 
New Posts  All Forums: