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Despite being berated by the gents at the Good Taste Thread over my trousers, I think I'll give this one a spin...     
These follow-ups were hilarious :) yes; it's a bit absurd, I agree; I persuaded my buddies that we should do a formal day, despite our surroundings. Thanks for the feedback with the trousers. For the record, this is what a more typical workday looks like for me. Are fluorescent yellow fins in good taste?  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the tip, on point as always man. Incidentally; I'm actually living/working out of an island laboratory right now and haven't had access to an iron in almost a month . The only dry cleaning shop on the island suffered a fire just before I arrived! Rumpled trousers aside, do you think this worked? 
I know I owe a few people PMs; don't worry, I haven't forgotten! Been extremely busy; wanted to post a quick thrift fit all the same.     
I believe this is attempt number 3 from me. Obviously a jacket / trousers ensemble again, but hopefully one that passes muster.  Forgive the misbehaving pocket square- it rode up a bit in this photo. Pretend it's an inch lower (and not encroaching on the lapel.)   A smaller, low-quality shot, taken at sundown. Gives a better sense of the tie knot in proportion to the collar.       Blue oxford with a cutaway collar  Donegal tweed sport coat Cotton trousers in...
Hey guys, Sadly, I'm on an island now with no thrift stores, so I might be a tad inactive with hauls for a while.    All the same, here's my thrift fit for the week. A little something different.  Entirely e-thrifted / thrift funded. 
Seconded. Go for a classic round toe.
You could, but I wouldn't suggest it. I'd keep these as sneakers, but they shouldn't be used in the role of a dress shoe. 
All the Canali shoes I've handled have been made by Campanile. Quality is very good, but not what I'd call superlative; more attention is paid to finishing than construction IMO. Most that I've handled have been Blake stitched, not goodyear welted. They're still brilliant shoes, but at that price point, I think I'd probably look at Alfred Sargent instead.  Again, just my two cents; it's pretty hard to actually go wrong once shoes get to this price point. Canalis would...
New Posts  All Forums: