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... All of my transactions above $100 have had a 21 day hold placed on them by Paypal for no apparent reason. Angry phone call inbound... 
Typically manufactured by Sutor Mantellassi. I don't think anything mainline Isaia could ever be termed "garbage" 
The fact that these boots exist makes me so happy
Well, it's not an 8 carat diamond, but here's the crown jewel of my excellent haul yesterday. Best jacket/pants reunion I've ever had. Praise the thrift gods.  Pop. Summerweight 3/2 dual vent staple, ~44x36. Yes, it's available.    Apparently, these come in private label flavors. Who knew?             So, who made it?      Well, that was a helpful hint.          14 micron is a colossal PITA to press.   
I figured it was in something's pocket.  Well, the 2016 Cheapies are fucked, go home everybody
WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. 8 Carats? Does it have a grade? I was so stoked to post my haul :(
Bricks were shat with this one... no spoilers needed   Valstar nordic elk hide bomber jacket; cashmere lining (tag's gone, but it's obvious). Mint                     Size 48... big guys fall in. 
Annnnd I just ate crow. 5 days into an unpaid item case, one of my 0-feedback buyers paid for their item!  
Ask for a pic of the coat with the tape across it. 
I don't think I've ever had a 1 or 0-feedback buyer that actually paid for their effing item.      If I could add any feature to eBay, it'd be blocking 0 feedback buyers. Recently, they've accounted for ~10% of my sales... and none of them have paid.    \rant
New Posts  All Forums: