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I'm selling many, many things, but here are my current flagships. Let me know you're with SF and I'll cut you a deal :D   Currently have 70 listings up, with another 30 or so in the pipeline.  A private label Kiton 14 micron suit (yep, those apparently exist!) 44 x 36. Spring/summerweight fabric.          An absolutely BONKERS quilted cashmere gilet with no tags whatsoever. Reasonably sure it's Cucinelli; quality is certainly that good!    A Valstar moose...
Looks like Cheaney to me. 
Cucinelli is definitely my front runner, but their buttons are typically monogrammed :/ Old Cucinelli, maybe?
Okay, bizarre one. I need help! When I first picked this up, my immediate reaction was "FUCK YEAH!" Because I was sure I'd just found some Loro Piana or Cucinelli.   A magnificent cashmere vest with a quilted lining and suede trim; who else could it be?  But there are no tags on it, ANYWHERE. No button inscriptions either. The cashmere is superb quality, the styling is amazing and the workmanship is excellent... clearly a grail. But who? :/  Anyone seen one of these...
I always get irritated when buyers ship items back before going through the formal return process. I'm a reasonable enough person, but trying to force my hand grinds my gears. 
... All of my transactions above $100 have had a 21 day hold placed on them by Paypal for no apparent reason. Angry phone call inbound... 
Typically manufactured by Sutor Mantellassi. I don't think anything mainline Isaia could ever be termed "garbage" 
The fact that these boots exist makes me so happy
Well, it's not an 8 carat diamond, but here's the crown jewel of my excellent haul yesterday. Best jacket/pants reunion I've ever had. Praise the thrift gods.  Pop. Summerweight 3/2 dual vent staple, ~44x36. Yes, it's available.    Apparently, these come in private label flavors. Who knew?             So, who made it?      Well, that was a helpful hint.          14 micron is a colossal PITA to press.   
I figured it was in something's pocket.  Well, the 2016 Cheapies are fucked, go home everybody
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