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Anyone here have a Vespa? Just kopped a pair of helmets
Reasonably sure the armpits are supposed to be wrecked, because the destruction is symmetrical... Unsure though. 
^^^^^^      Okay thrift brethren... dafuq did I just buy?  For the first time this year, I'm not actually sure.  Totally destroyed military jacket from Nice Collective. This is a thing, right?       [[SPOILER]]
Sup fam; fishy lives. Two quick finds (of many, naturally) Isaia 120s suit in sage, 42 x 36  [[SPOILER]]  Wonderful bespoke charcoal chalkstripe piece. With a 10 being Camps de Luca and a 1 being a metallic polyester rent-a-tux, this is about a 9.75/10. Spotted the jacket across the aisle  (handmade surgeon cuffs gave it away instantly), spent next hour looking for pants to no avail.  Sat down to damage check my pieces... discovered the pants mismatched with a brooks...
A mint condition, 2016 Brioni sport coat, 93/7 cashmere/silk, green and blue windowpane, patch pockets. I really need money at the moment; please help me get this sold!  Asking $500.  [[SPOILER]]
Okay, who's 44L...   Brioni "Toscana" model, believe it's 2016 by the new "Made in Italy" font on the tag... Mint condition. 93/7 Wool/Cash, patch pockets. Baller green/blue plaid.  Regrettably cannot take trades. Looking for cash.    P2P: 22.5 Waist: 21.5 Sleeves: 27.5 Shoulders: 19.0 Length: 33                
Borrelli jacket and filson bag are bitchin'... I'm not a sneakerhead, but I'd rock those Yohjis. 
Hey guys; long time no post. Been a nuts couple of months.  Three quick ones.   Brioni's "Toscana" line is very new, correct? 2015 or so? Anyways, best Brioni I've ever found by miles.  Minty, 93/7 Ca$h/Silk, patch pockets and epic green plaid. 44Ls geddatme.    [[SPOILER]]   Ekornes stressless windsor reclining sofa, teak and forest green leather. First big furniture thrift! (This is available too, if you're in the Seattle met and can pick it up :) )  [[SPOILER]]   Stupid...
X-post from the ebay thread... I need rent money!   Currently have 70 listings up, with another 30 or so in the pipeline.    Flagships: A private label Kiton 14 micron suit (yep, those apparently exist!) 44 x 36. Spring/summerweight fabric.          An absolutely BONKERS quilted cashmere gilet with no tags whatsoever. Reasonably sure it's Cucinelli; quality is certainly that good!    A Valstar moose leather bomber jacket with cashmere lining, size 48...
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