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United Arrows is a thing right?
100% legit; absolutely NO chance that's fake. Brilliant find! 
Got a gem of a buyer for everyones' blacklists!: mrmarcusr87 
I'm betting more like 300-350. It's a project piece for somebody though. Whoever buys it can deal with the repairs. (Incidentally, if you're 44x36 and want a Kiton 14 micron suit for hilariously cheap, I will HOOK YOU UP.)
This one made me happy and sad in equal measure...     I know buying suits with four holes in them and a busted trouser pocket is ill-advised, but something tells me this is the exception to the rule -- especially at $20.                                
Anybody know if eBay's customer support will close SNAD cases that are obviously due to buyers disregarding measurements, then bitching about fit? It gets irritating having large sums of money tied up for weeks on end because buyers don't actually read item descriptions. 
Easily the coolest Cantarelli / Faconnable piece I've ever found... Friggin moleskin half-norfolk jacket. 40R    [[SPOILER]]
Anyone here have a Vespa? Just kopped a pair of helmets
Reasonably sure the armpits are supposed to be wrecked, because the destruction is symmetrical... Unsure though. 
^^^^^^      Okay thrift brethren... dafuq did I just buy?  For the first time this year, I'm not actually sure.  Totally destroyed military jacket from Nice Collective. This is a thing, right?       [[SPOILER]]
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