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9 Photos NOS!! VTG * BURBERRY * Wool Double Breasted Military Coat 42 MADE IN ENGLAND       Time left:3d leftSaturday, 11AM $100.00 0 bids   7 Photos Newly Listed**Florsheim Royal Imperial** Brown Gunboat Long Wing Wingtip Blutcher Vtg 9.5...
Some of the more effing bonkers things to come up over the past two weeks...Chester Barrie for gieves & hawkes flat front suit, 38. Waistband a little effed up, but belts to the rescue :) [[SPOILER]]   Found four ties too :) Pop! Moment of silence for the dead one next to it :(  POPPPPP :D   
I'm slightly ashamed to say that I hadn't thought about it like that.My own sizing issues got me so focused on flipping that I forgot that the majority of you guys CAN fit in stuff, and do this for pure enjoyment.I'm sorry. I was wrong.
Suggestion: Rather than creating the Tragedy of the Commons of e-thrifting, keep the links on the DL. When we compete, we all lose. 
So this happened [[SPOILER]]
So I'd say it was a pretty good day of E-thrifting... EGs and an anonymous benchmade shell...
Yes actually; the jacket has been shipped and feedback left :O I really am tempted to shoot them some more money for karma's sake....
THOSE SOCKS. Epic! Who made them? (Overall fit is superb, of course)
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