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How do their shirts fit? Looking to get the engineered blocked shirt. There's a small size available, but I'm XS in most brands.
Anyone know how BoO corduroy pants fit?
Anyone comment on how petit standard corduroy pants fit?
  Can anyone recommend me a pair of boots that are similar to these Visvim Brigadier Boots that aren't $1,115 (preferably $200-300)? 
Anyone know how the ss13 penn shirts fit? They appear to fit looser and long. I've never owned one before (only own a Bedford in terms of their jackets).
How do their t shirts fit? Looking to pick some up on sale. Thanks!
Yeah I'll look into hemming them! Do you think the shirt length is too long?
My first fit pic. Have a feeling I'm going to be destroyed for it, but whatever haha. Hopefully I can improve from it. Forgot to put shoes on..
Basically a roshe without the swoosh.
  Could someone tell me what jacket is pictured here? Is it an engineer jacket?
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