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 Closer to the first pair rather than the second as the second has 8 eyelets vs. 7. I looked online as well for them and only came across FIL exclusive SS12 brown ones.  
Hi all,   I just bought these, but worried I might have just ended up with fakes:   Can anyone verify? 
Hey guys,   Could someone provide a legit check for me on these? Would be my first RO purchase and it would be a shame if I ended up buying a pair of fakes:   Thanks in advance!
Hello,   Is anyone offering this type of service here? Awhile back Random Korean Dude did it for me, but it seems like he no longer does it, unfortunately. Looking to purchase something from the US and have it shipped to Canada (Toronto).    Let me know if any of you offer this-- thank you!
Looking for a pair in good condition. 
WTB: Engineered Garments Baker (preferred) or Bedford Navy XS Open to any material. Please let me know if you're selling one!  Thank you!
Hey guys, quick question: What's a good reasonable price for Guidi 992 and 994? There's a couple used pairs online (look to be in good shape) that I'm looking at and really like the look of, but I have no idea what the resale value of this brand/boots are. They're both listed at $450.  In terms of boots, I've only owned Visvim (Virgils and Brigadiers).
Good condition. Let me know if you have a pair! Thanks!
Looking to pick up a lighter spring coat without a hood-- I'm looking at the Dyadic jacket or possibly the Nemis. Anyone have any experience with these?  
Anyone from Canada buy these shirts from their online store? Were you hit with customs charges? I'm looking to buy quite a few shirts.
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