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Looking for a pair in good condition. 
WTB: Engineered Garments Baker (preferred) or Bedford Navy XS Open to any material. Please let me know if you're selling one!  Thank you!
Hey guys, quick question: What's a good reasonable price for Guidi 992 and 994? There's a couple used pairs online (look to be in good shape) that I'm looking at and really like the look of, but I have no idea what the resale value of this brand/boots are. They're both listed at $450.  In terms of boots, I've only owned Visvim (Virgils and Brigadiers).
Good condition. Let me know if you have a pair! Thanks!
Looking to pick up a lighter spring coat without a hood-- I'm looking at the Dyadic jacket or possibly the Nemis. Anyone have any experience with these?  
Anyone from Canada buy these shirts from their online store? Were you hit with customs charges? I'm looking to buy quite a few shirts.
Hey guys, I signed a contract today and I'm starting my new job this coming Monday. Didn't expect it to be so soon, but that's besides the point. Basically, I have 1 suit (one shirt, one tie, one pair of brown shoes) that's appropriate for working in a business environment.  I need to upgrade ASAP so I don't really have much time to research the best suits, shirts, ties, etc. Is there any mall brands that you can recommend for decent business environment clothing? The...
^^ how do the wiscassets fit? Looking to snag a pair off Gilt.
Any proxy service shipping from the US to Canada? Looking to get some low cut socks.  I would use the UK one that's on here, but the UK site doesn't offer the "3 for $12.90" deal. 
How do their shirts fit? Looking to get the engineered blocked shirt. There's a small size available, but I'm XS in most brands.
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