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Wow, Simply amaze. these are my grail find, in my size.
Hit the local and came out with 1 and a half gems...   Aquascutum full length over coat. This thing is brand new, it had just been de-tagged. It even had the plastic tag attachers. sized 36R.        [[SPOILER]]   I generally find some really nice mens suit jackets... invariably orphaned, it's doing my head in. Example:   Zegna, In house, one of their top lines. 40R,        [[SPOILER]]
Awesome... The colors look great.
  Gotta hate that they permanent marker and tag the labels. 
  Cheers,      I can reacquaint you at a very reasonable price      Definitely heading that way now.
Well today was an interesting haul. Turned back a number of RLPL shirts and other because of general wear, rips and stains etc.    D'URBAN NWT, Canali, CT       Paul Smith full suit (didn't pic the pants) That photo doesn't depict the true navy blue that it is and the window pane pattern is far more subtle under natural light, spoiler pic is better color. Made in Italy 38R. It was actually in the sportcoat rack and it really made my day to find the pants in their...
This is all sorts of win. The colour of those shoes is amazing 
  Wowzer, Tom ford FTW
  Wow, That is amazing 
  A thread with this as the first post and then locked. 
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