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The jacket is a Red Buffalo Plaid classic Woolrich Jacket in a sz Large. Jacket is 85% wool and 15% nylon. Jacket has two button front pockets and two other pockets. Jacket is in great condition, no major signs of wear or moth damage. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.     Asking Price: $50 plus shipping
I have a Robert Talbott hand made tie for sale. Tie is in great condition.    Rober Talbott: $15 shipped    
^Very nice sweater, details? I'm assuming its older
Stuff from the past few days. Some of these are things I don't know too much about, so information and advice about picking it up in the future would be greatly appreciated.   Shirts:   3 TM Lewin 17.5 All French Cuffed (All Available)         Gant- Are these ever worth picking up? I know its from the standard line, but for $3 are these worth it? Do they flip at all? (Available if anyone wants it)     2 Ascot Changs- Collar button...
Today you have the chance to bid on a slightly used Ermenegildo Zegna Tie in great condition. There are barely any signs of wear. Tie is 100% silk and absolutely beautiful in person. Tie is purple, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Asking $15 plus shipping        
Went to a couple shops yesterday, not much but yielded a couple shirts.   Paul Stuart- Keeping     Turnbull & Asser French Cuff Beautiful Shirt- Sz 17 Available  
Only find today, nice Zegna tie, available if anyone's interested.      
Could use some info on the Balmain shirt below? Like I said don't think this is the Balmain I'm looking for, but info would help me know a little more about this brand in the future.
Sorry for the terrible pictures. Hit two stores today and picked up a few shirts, nothing else to be found. Total cost for the 6 shirts under $30.   Could definitely use some info on this Balmain shirt. Authentic? I'm assuming this isn't the Balmain I'm looking for, but I liked the fit and figured I could use it.           Nice White Zegna Shirt for going out.       Hidditch and Key, Ike Behar, and Two Turnbull and Asser all...
Picked up a Ben Silver Tie and YSL Knit Tie, can anyone verify the authenticity of the YSL. I've been looking for a couple nice knit ties. So at a $1 a piece I'm not too worried.           Then picked this up at a local vintage store. Certainly not thrift prices but not expensive by any means, just loved the jacket for some reason. Pictures don't do it justice.        
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