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That tie case and T&A overcoat 
Well the Philip Lim peacoat just killed me.
Wow, didn't realize those did so well.
In college you can get away with wearing a lot of things.
Got to a couple shops, mostly shirts and one Givenchy windbreaker for myself. I know it's not the Givenchy I'm looking for, but it's cool and I'll get wear out of it.   Givenchy Windbreaker for myself         Luciano Barbera XXL- Available     Zegna 15.5- probably keeping, but available if anyone really wants it     4 Canali 15.5- Probably keeping a couple and letting go of the other two, so if anyone wants one...
Marshalls does come to have some strange items. Bought a Versace shirt there yesterday for $60.  
Here is a Pendleton Blazer Green and Blue Tartan Plaid, absolutely gorgeous in person. In great condition, buttons slightly worn, but still look good, everything else looks to be in perfect condition. Jacket does not have a sz label, but fits similar to a 42L. Measurements are below. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.   Price: $50 plus shipping   Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 18" Pit to pit: 22" Length from BOC: 32 1/2" Sleeve length: 25"
I've got several shirts listed here. All are in great condition with minimal wear. Please ask any questions you have. I can also get more pictures upon request.   All TM Lewins are 17.5's and French Cuffed.  $20 plus shipping each   Charles Tyrwhitt 1: 18 slim fit and Barrel Cuffed $20 plus shipping   Charles Tyrwhitt 2: 16 1/2 and Barrel Cuffed $20 plus shipping   Turnbull & Asser: 17 and French Cuffed $35 plus shipping
Cotton Dockers- Thanks so much for the advice/opinions. I've been reading this thread for a while now, so I had a good understanding of most of that but how it does flipping wise is something that isn't always discussed so I appreciate that. Also the Gant Old vs. New info is helpful as well.   I'm mostly interested if anyone knows anything of Les Copanes. I'm assuming its a fairly standard brand, but was wondering if it had any reputation on here.
As I'm new this got posted late several pages back. Would love some opinions and advice on some of this stuff.
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