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Sorry for the delay, tie is 3.25" wide at its widest point.
Got out today, some random things and some awesome things that fit, been finding a lot of stuff in my size lately.   Zegna Sport Coat           This one fits me perfectly, Zegna Napoli Couture Cashmere blazer                Hugo Boss Sport Coat       Canali, possibly orphan         Zegna Trofeo Suit     Prada pants     Cashier threw these in for free and they fit...
Went back to the Salvation Army that yielded 4 Brionis the other day, found one more Brioni and 9 recent Burberry London shirts as well as a Vineyard Vines tie.              
Had a pretty good day, got out to 2 large shops and one small one which yielded the best stuff. I also had possibly my 2 favorite finds yet.   Popped my W&G cherry.       Some random shirts, Orvis, Hugo Boss, Pal Zileri, Thomas Pink, Valentino   [[SPOILER]]   Orvis turtleneck sweater     Orvis hemp pants, I think they're a 42 waist if anyone's interested.         Ralph Lauren Blazer.   [[SPOILER]]   And my 2 favorites. Goodwill employee brought out fresh racks,...
Got out to one store on NYE.     Picked up two shirts I hadn't seen before, figured why not. bugatti and Bulgari. Both seem to be well made, I like the bugatti, from searching the internet seems the Bulgari probably wasn't worth picking up.         Zanella pleated pants 36- Available.     Brooks Brothers wool pants, look fairly old, any ideas on the period for this label? Looks like they've been altered,fit me well in the legs and...
Couple things today, 100% Camel Hair Polo Ralph Lauren made in the USA blazer 40R. Can't decide if I'm keeping or not.    Don't know if this was worth picking up, but it looked interesting. Wool LL Bean Blazer with "thinsulate" quilted interior. Really heavy and seems to be well made.                             
Two Ermenegildo Zegna Ties for sale. Both in great used condition, no significant signs of wear.   Price: $25 plus shipping each, free shipping if you buy both
I know I'm re-posting, but I'd love some help authenticating the Burberry polo and sweater shirt. I have doubts about both. Any info is appreciated.                  
That's what I figured, shirt fits perfectly so good there. The Burberry polo I'm guessing is legit, the sweater/shirt tags look okay to me, but I'm doubting it. The Burberry text on the shirt being cut off mid-word doesn't seem right.
Been hectic and have a ton of stuff to post up, plus thrifted gifts from family. Had a couple questions about some things, any help would be much appreciated.   Tai Pan Row shirt- Are these worth picking up? What is the Hong Kong tailor's reputation for quality? Seems to be a well made shirt.         Also two Burberry items I picked up, wasn't positive about authenticity so I figured I'd check here if anybody could...
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