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Don't know if this qualifies but picked thrifted this yesterday. Abercrombie and Fitch Shooting Jacket, from the Union labels I believe it was made between 76-88.            
Few things from today, nothing too crazy   Zegna Shirt sz 18- Available      Santorelli Pants sz 36- Available   Aquascutum Blazer 42 - Available           Is this the Abercrombie and Fitch I'm looking for?       [[SPOILER]]
Those are one of my favorite shoes, have multiple pairs of the Originals from 92 and Retros.
  Unfortunately no, those are Citrus IX's. 
Yeah no I've been collecting Jordans and sneakers in general for about 8 years so luckily I can tell the difference. 99% of them I see in thrifts are fake.
Most on here won't care, but been a sneakerhead for a long time, and these are more than flippable.    
NWT Norse Projects in a Thrift, just wow    
Okay day today   Recent Burberry Shirt for me- $3       Ferragamo Tie for me- $10 (Higher than I'd normally pay, but liked the tie)     Andriano Goldschmied sz 32 Corduroys- Available     Zegna Microtene Coat for me- $12      
Few things yesterday, all are available as of now.   Paul Stuart 3 Piece Suit           Paul Stuart 2 Piece Suit 42       Pal Zileri Made in Italy Wool and Cashmere Blend Suit      
Found a few things, best highlight was a Paul Stuart Three Piece Suit. I'll get pictures up of that later. Quick authenticity question, anyone know on this? I know its crappy VJC but still kind of cool if its real.          
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