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If its cold water then shrinkage will be minimal to none.
I'll try to start getting some more pictures up of stuff I've picked up lately. Some suits today from 2 shops. All are available but had to pay above thrift prices on some.   BBGF with Loro Piana Super 120's tagged a 46R but I believe its closer to a 44.         [[SPOILER]]   Paul Stuart Suit       [[SPOILER]]   Holland and Sherry Suit     [[SPOILER]]       2 Paul Stuarts by Southwick- I believe they are both 40's or 41's      
Don't usually go into Plato's Closet, but since it was next door to where I was I decided to walk in. 99% crap per usual, but at the end of the racks found these. Two brand new, one with part of the tags still hanging Filson Field Shirts. First Filson items I've found.        
 That coat made me spill my drink.
Why can't you be slightly bigger
If these were reasonably priced I'd be all over them.
Freaking awesome 
Been a while, I'm getting confused as to what I've gotten a chance to post, but pretty sure I haven't posted any of this. Nothing incredible but   EZ shirt for myself       Gerry Down Jacket sz Medium- Available     Pal Zileri Coat for myself     Ferragamos     Paul Smith Short Sleeved Shirt 16.5- Available         Lodenfrey Duffle Coat       Brioni Shirt   Orvis Jacket- 3XL Available  
  That's an awesome jacket
Found two coats today, could use some help.   Coat #1- Don't know anything about this maker, anybody?                    Anyone have any idea of Date on this one?        
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