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Lately it's been mostly not very exciting stuff. Only thing I found in the past couple days that I really liked, and I'm keeping.   Carroll and Co. Cotton Blazer Double Vented and Functioning Cuffs      
Several items ending tonight, and a lot more going up this week. If anybody's interested in any BIN/OBO stuff, PM me and we can work out a heavy SF discount.
  And in my size...couldn't be more jealous. Great pickup.
Well done
Well done!!!!
Awesome thread, some very interesting looks and ideas.
  Very nice pickup, also interested to hear what size is too big for you.
Great haul
Picked up a couple things from Marshalls that are likely going to go to the bay, but if anyone's interested in a trade let me know.   Polo Distressed Denim Blazer 40 (tagged 40L but doesn't seem Long to me) with functioning button cuffs.       [[SPOILER]] Polo Ralph Lauren Red Shawl Collar Sweater, Wool and Cashmere sz Medium with leather buttons    
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