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Went in one shop today but was very happy with the result. Mind you, I'm in school in a small college town so the idea of finding anything remotely modern SW&D is insane.   Thread synergy FTW. Fits perfectly.     And something for Ebay  
I would wear this.
Real, just an older label from early seasons.    
Well done, great interview, can't wait for part 2.
The amount of margiela in this thread is mind boggling
Found a few things yesterday at two different shops. Also, I'm headed to Santa Monica on Monday for my last spring break in college. I'm planning to hit as many shops as I can while I'm there. If any Cali/LA members feel like PM'ing me and giving me some advice on shops to hit, consignment or thrift, that'd be much much appreciated. Even food spots I can't miss would be appreciated. I've never been to California so I'm pretty excited about the experience, particularly...     Lots of new stuff listed, pretty good variety. Highlights being a BBGF Loro Piana Suit, a Paul Stuart Glen Plaid Suit, few Brioni Shirts, etc. Always happy to do discounts on BIN's for SF members.
Rarely find much in my college town when I'm down at school, except the occasional shirt and such. Was nice to come away with a few half-decent things today.   Gitman Bros. SS Green Gingham Plaid Shirt sz Medium but fits big imo, Available.           Luciano Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale Blazer in my size. Definitely a rare find for the area I found it in, any ideas on the maker?     [[SPOILER]]     Awesome Vintage Military Pants, anybody know how to date these? Huge...
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