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Thoughts on these?    
  Rick Tees x 2 Soulland Pants Nike AF1 Highs
Picture quality couldn't be much worse, still trying to get the hang of this.     Jacket- ShadesofGrey Shirt- TbyAlexanderWang Trousers- Rag and Bone Shoes- Puma
Mother of god
  Bad Picture Quality but it's what I've got for now.   Cmon/Rick x 2/Raf/Cons
Obviously need to work on quality of pictures           Gitman Vintage/Rag and Bone/Cole Haan
013702   Thanks so much for the help!
Can anyone help out with an authenticity check on these women's loafers?        
Figured I should stop lurking and try to learn from actually posting.         [[SPOILER]]
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