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Hey guys any information on this jacket would be helpful. Brown's Beach Jacket. From what I can tell it's an old workwear brand that is now being reproduced in Japan. This being original. I found this listing for what looks to be the same jacket, are they really worth this much?   [[SPOILER]]
What size?
Hey anyone here able to help with the date and maker on the tags of this gucci blazer I just picked up. Help is much appreciated!    
  Geller, Geller, CDG Cons
Got the grey pleated cotton shorts and navy blue linen blend oversized shorts. Both are great, linen blend shorts are a very cool piece.
Yup, will do.
That's good news, needed them on the bigger side.
Oxxford Clothes Black Pinstripe Suit, Super Worsted Wool. 40 S, Single Vented. P2P: 22" Sleeve length: 23" Shoulders: 18" Length from BOC to Hem: 29 1/4"   Waist: 17 1/4" Inseam: 27" (3" hem)   Flat Front Pants with No Cuffs
Navy Linen Blend Shorts are awesome, worried about size but had to give them a chance. 
I hesitated too long oh well.
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