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can you list the few others? I looked at acrimony, they have maybe one item in 44
Anyone knows stockists which carry size XS? I've looked through quite a few and nothing :(
      Yes/No? Hardy Amies, £ 347.00
Anyone? I did some previous searches and it seems Z Zegna now has half-canvassed suits Im looking at this one: http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#ItemSrv.ashx|SeasonId=60I&CollectionId=D3C&ItemId=14&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&CategoryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&VendorColorId=ODE10
Hi guys, im thinking of picking this ZZegna suit up : Does anyone have any opinions on it (too shiny?) I work in a fairly conservative environment (law). It seems like ZZegna has drawn flack for being 'crap,' but is this really true? I'd be happy if it was half-canvassed, the price is rather good at £ 534.00 Thanks for your opinions  
Can anyone recommend me some brown/gray sneakers to match with blue/grey outfits? Budget of £100-£200
Size yes, custom color probably yes, materials I really have no idea, Depends on Carol's mood? =/
hi guys, for those of you who have ordered from Tassos @theoffice, how long does it take for a custom CCP tornado? I was promised an August delivery but still nothing yet, and im getting somewhat annoyed
Quick question: For CCP sidezips, Are there any differences in toebox/shaft width etc between the sidezip and tornadoes? Or are they the same except for the zip design itself. Thanks
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