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Quick question: For CCP sidezips, Are there any differences in toebox/shaft width etc between the sidezip and tornadoes? Or are they the same except for the zip design itself. Thanks
Burberry has some suits for sale around where I live-   It costs about 900-1200USD for a made in italy, half canvassed wool suit. I think the wool is either super100 or 120. Seeing how Burberry's quality has gone up and down over the years, has anyone recently handled anything from the London line? The suit looks and feels pretty great, the cut fits me perfect but I want to know if paying 900 for it (sale price) is far too much Thank you
Hi guys, im looking to buy a double layer unstable cotton tee from RO. This version: I'm not sure if RO makes this anymore, I've checked with a few stockists and they dont seem to carry it-from stock pictures they all look straight without the twisted seam/wrinkly effect. Is it just because it's stock pictures and new? I've found this on the RO website but it looks somewhat different, especially around the...
Uh, does anyone know where I can buy an RO unstable tee? Or is he not making them anymore
 No sizing down. You should probably try, SLP footwear generally fit TTS but some can be narrow and long. You run the risk of getting boots too narrow if you size down unless your have very narrow feet
Been eyeing this for quite some time: http://ameblo.jp/mercury-maeda/entry-11802641130.html But the asking price is so much higher than Europe. Still, bargaining always makes me feel like an idiot/cheapskate and not being able to do it in Japanese makes me feel so much worse
Mrporter stocks Guidi now. They have the small sizes (40!!) but 40 for 986 sold out literally before I got out of bed
This suit? I normally dont wear light colours but it's tempting...About $1350 USD for it
I went for the 'normal' model on the right. When I tried it on the width was just right..I imagine the one on the left would be absolutely massive for me
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