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MA+ / LUC Fw15 so good.....
Sigh. I cant find it anywhere else.   Im in EU, so I want to avoid US/CAN  boutiques at all costs, the tax is a whopping 20%+ ontop of handling fees (20-40GBP) and the inflated Ssense price itself
Has anyone seen the basic tees in XS anywhere?       Basically these in any colour / material (including the plain coloured ones)
you guys fight more than a couple of gay drag queens. I thought Drag Race had drama, but damn.
I still dont get Mmoria
I love my CCP tornadoes. Been wearing them everywhere :D     Also, how do you guys care for CCP Luc-ptc (horse cord) boots? I have Saphir renovateur, collonil's leather lotion and black polish. Do I use them?
._. but I dont need another pair of black boots :(
Im a 39 :P
Asians exist you know
Brad will hate me for saying this...but shoes too bulbous.  
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