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No sale in MMM boutique for europe U_U
Has anyone seen a birdshit MMM lowtop in either ivory or light gray, or a lanvin lowtop in gray/beige in a size 40 anywhere?
Those MMMs actually look piss-poor quality wise. It's not just the thin leather, it actually appears rubbish. Just wait around, for some reason I believe MMM leather qualities vary alot year to year, I think the FW13(or 12)? leathers were amazing-the year where they made a white  5zip
Does this look like a woman's jacket to you guys? It looks very beautiful, but extremely cropped..Im not a very tall guy (172cm), but I'm afraid even for someone of my height this will appear ridiculous. Thoughts?
U_U I want a sz 39/40..
Has anyone seen the classic Paul Smith cufflinks (the rainbow striped ones) on sale anywhere? Wanting to get a pair for a friend
Please let me know if you see an SNS Stark Cardigan anywhere in black/blue in XS, missed out on black friday;(
@kentpope no XS :(
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