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 In theory, yes. Not really a good idea though, alterations of this scale can really damage an item
Loop the end of the concealed tie back into the tieholder. If there isnt one, just sew it on.otherwise, most tailors can also shorten it for you
uh, just tie it shorter? =/ How does a student afford this much SLP though ;o
Ah. It looks beautiful, maybe you should wear it open :p Im having so much trouble hunting down slim fit items in XS, nobody ever seems to stock them....
Are you sure its EU42 (XXS)? Because I think Saint Laurent doesnt make smaller than 44 =/ I might be wrong though. The sides look fine, but I think you should defo shorten the sleeves. The length of the blazer is also a tad too long :P SLP is all about that crop, crop, crop :p
 Sorry if this is confusing, but i actually forgot I even had this listing up.In-store they will usually have other items not shown online (or do not have items which are shown online). I do think you're referring to the stretch garbadine jeans right? It's not 'premium' in the sense that SLP has different lines. They only have one-SLP. This is just a pair which was produced in the first season and never done again-its stretch garbadine which is different from all the other...
Neon I love this exact pair of jeans you have on-do you know where I can grab a 28 in this?
If anyone can find me this  tee in a size XS, I will be so so so thankful...
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