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Tuxedo lapels are supposed to shine =/
Seriously, how are those 2 tuxedos flashy? They are classic in every way. No 'extra' details beyond the standard black-tie tuxedo details, no weird shiny material etc etc.It just seems like a very well made classic to me?
So nobody is allowed to wear a classic, well made tuxedo unless they are going to the oscars? btw, the 1st one
Not even sure how to, I dont think I have an eye for looks like this.I was thinking Rick sweats / Damir trousers, but I might just be completely off
Looks awesome, but I really dont think I have anything to go with it
Do you guys think the harness shirts will go well with rick sweatpants or damir trousers?
I was actually referring to the shirts :P The 2 pants I bought/tried on were both on the large side..more of a 46(30) waist really
Does Devoa size 1 translate to a 44? Some retailers say yes, but looking at measurements / pics online it seems to be more of a  46..
Hi, does anyone know if a size 1 Devoa shirt fits 44?
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