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You can order the older CCP tornado model which has a rounded toe and is generally wide. It is the SX model. Not sure if you could do that with derbys though Left: Older, wider more rounded version Right: Newer, more pointed version I think the newest iterations of the model on the right does not have super pointy toes akin to how they look when that particular model was just introduced. Cant confirm but CCP seems to have toned down the aggressiveness of it recently
The classic jackets are hard to get for discounts-They seem to sell pretty fast at full retail for normal sizes. I think I've only seen like XXL or something for 30% off once. Sneakers can be easily gotten at 30% for most normal sizes, and 50% isnt that rare either
Burberry London
This is what is known in the UK as the 'postal rule' (or at least a variant of it). Sometimes the courier fks up-but this is neither due to the fault of the sender or receiver. Clearly either party has to bear the risk of this happening. Usually most big retailers will be the one to bear this, but smaller retailers tend to pass this risk on to the consumer.There is nothing inherently wrong with such a rule, provided it it stated within the terms of the contract. If you are...
Vertice: Vertice London Ltd is happy to refund or exchange any articles purchased by proxy via the verticelondon.com website within 14 days of our dispatch date Yoox: the returned items must be shipped back to YOOX within seven (7) working days of the date the package was delivered to you     There you have it, ordinary words of plain english. Dont rage if you dint read the T&C properly. Vertice's T&C might seem unfair or harsh to most consumers, but if you think it...
..Anyone wanna recommend me some navy trousers or something? =/
urgh. Now Im doubting my choice of black for my first pair of tornadoes =/
I checked with office. The main difference between AM/2521SX and AM/2601 is not just the toes, but overall profile 2521 is big and broad, while 2601 is slim and sharper. This might lead to the toebox looking slightly more pointing, but not to the extent of looking like cowboy boots. So unless you prefer a broader shoe overall (think IS derbies), go with 2601. Also, just put down the deposit for 2601 in black :D That said, I wonder if gray boots will be more versatile (I...
I am not 100% sure, but I think the 2009 model has less pointy toes.
Thanx for that, cleared it up Um, I was offered 'LUC-PTC' which also kinda confused me. I did google, but apparently both LUC and COIL PTC are both object dyed horse cordovan (?)
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