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 WTB Chester jacket in olive preferably - small l
Are those braided links sterling silver?
Looking to get a used Baker jacket in a size small, hit me up!
I would if the shoulders on the small weren't so on point for me.  Thanks for the offer though!
  Hi everyone, this is actually one of my favorite shirts that I own but a tailor didn't do a very solid job of bringing it in and made the shirt a little too tight. Looking to get another just like it if I can, used is fine as long as there are no stains.  Hit me up please.  
Anyone out there have this in a small they want to sell? (Engineered Garments Western Chambry Shirt)
So I spoke with CS and I was told that the tuxedo section will be "replenished shortly".  I suppose that could be days, weeks or even months.  Hopefully more shawl collar options and not any aviation peak lapels. 
I'm really considering getting this Can anyone comment on the fit? I've got a Washington jacket and Copenhagen suit both in 36r that fit me very well.  
Anyone else get those vintagecast jeans? Any fade photos? I'm working on mine pretty hard, just want to see if I'm off to a good start
Up for sale is a wonderful belt by Corter.  Due to a no returns policy I'm stuck with a belt I measured incorrectly for.  Literally has not been worn once, smells great! As with all natural belts they age exceptionally well and darken over time.  Hopefully I can get this sold and buy the same belt again in a larger size!
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