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Hey guys, I'm looking for a good shoe to wear to Europe for the rest of this month, November and a week or two in December. I'll be in Germany, Poland and maybe Austria. I don't think I'll be in much snow, but it is the rainy season so it might get wet.  I'm backpacking in the sense that I'll be staying in hostels and carrying one bag, but I won't be walking with my pack for miles at a time. Comfort is important, but I'm really looking for something I can also wear with...
Just came across the Clarks Desert Boots and want a pair badly.   Thing is, I'm leaving for Europe next week and will be traveling around Germany for about six weeks until beginning of December. I don't expect to hit much snow, if at all, but it will be the cloudy/rainy season there.   Is it a bad idea to sport the Clark DBs in Europe during this time of year?  I'm looking for some kind of non-tennis shoe that is versatile enough to use for sightseeing, but also...
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