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Dude, they're still up 8.5 games.
1 down. 3 to go.
So all those basketball writers were wrong when they voted Durant MVP over LBJ? I love Wade, but he's too old to be considered the offensive (and defensive) presence Westbrook is. Bosh, yeah. Just what everyone needs a 7 foot 3 point shooter who's too soft to rebound consistently.What he ^^^^ saidKarl Malone won the finals. neverjohn stockton neversteve nash neverpete maravich nevergeorge gervin neverIf you want to go by chips won then Robert Horry is as good as all of...
Not my opinions! Durant=James Westbrook>Wade Ibaka>Bosh
Leonard made 2nd team NBA all defense. But facts are misleading. People in this thread know more. Bench: Spurs>>Miami Starting 5 Spurs= Miami Coaching Spurs>Miami It's like a math equation. But those can be misleading... The Spurs just beat someone who would blow Miami off the court. But for ONE SHOT last year a different team would be looking to repeat. Disclaimer: Spurs fan who only comes out during the playoffs.
I think Riley needs to be in the discussion too.
Ah, OK
You're serious?Gregg Popovich is one of the five best coaches in NBA history.
Not necessarily. SAS are still better than MIA w/out him. Tony is elegant French frosting on the cake.
Uh...I think if Ibaka doesn't get that shot no one does. Adams and Perkins are journeymen at best.
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