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32. Comstock Lode Louis L'Amour 1981 A mining man witnesses the murder of his mother as a youngster. He swears revenge and gets it over a 15 year period. In the process he gets the girl, who was also with him at the beginning, and evolves into an actress. A fine, fine piece of literature. I liked it a lot.
31. Tinkers Paul Harding 2009 George Washington Crosby begins to hallucinate 8 days before he dies. The book recounts his memories, and those of his father (a tinker [itinerant peddler] and clock repairman),and briefly those of his grandfather (a preacher). It is a first time effort by the author, and won him the Pulitzer Prize. The language is lush- more so than almost anything I've read. The story itself moves slowly at first, and the descriptions of watch and clock...
30. The Assassination Option W.E.B. Griffin 2014 The latest thriller in the Clandestine Operations series. Moved a little slow for my taste, but still a good read.
Gasol would look SOOO good in black and silver...
Maybe he should shoot free throws in it.
Didn't like the result, but an excellent game to watch.
What a shitty game. Hopefully Clips win and send Houston home. ^^^
I think he has bigger fish to fry right about now.
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