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Won my bracket- even though I hate Duke I picked 'em.
27. If This Is a Man Primo Levi 1960 LIST An Italian Jew in a German labor camp near Auschwitz. Excellent prose- (obviously) depressing topic. For this reason I wouldn't recommend it.
Didn't know. Was streaming them from Netflix as time permits.
26. City Primeval Elmore Leonard 1980 A classic cops-and robbers tale by arguably the master of the genre. A Detroit homicide detective tracks down and kills a hardened murderer in High Noon-like style. It was cool!
I thought Season 7 was the last one ?!
This thread has gotten boring
Spurs throttled the Hawks today. In Atlanta.
Did Bogut hurt himself like usual? Has he played 50 this season?
You have NO IDEA how big the Spurs are down here, and irrational fans expect a chip every year.
Here. Awesome draft yesterday. Looking forward to a Lincecum comeback along with Verlander's.
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