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http://www.esquire.com/the-side/feature/80-books#slide-1 20
I AM a grumpy crotchety old man. And proud of it. We should take the Bonds argument to the baseball thread. BUT you're not going to change my mind, and I won't change yours. The Thunder really made a game of it. Looked like Ballmer was sitting under one of the baskets?
Beats NEVER changing avatars.
Back to basketball, Cleveland and LeBron not looking so good right now.
That "p.o.s." is the 3rd best player of all time according to ESPN. Willy Mays (another Giant) #2.Haters gonna hate.
I always enjoy an unusual posting of a full sentence, thereby proving (for the moment anyway) that one is not a troglodyte.
I'm flattered by all the attention given my rooting interests: 3 reasons I root for the Giants: 1. I lived in the Bay Area for 10 years, and would return in a heartbeat 2. San Antonio has no MLB team 3. Barry Bonds We've been through my NBA alliance before, but I'll do it again because jet seems to forget: 1. Lived in LA from '84-'94 2. Fan of Lakers during Showtime, till 2004 3. Hater of Kobe. Will love to watch him suffer through this season. 4. Spurs are NBA's...
I'm thinking the orange Orange October hoodie...
What about knuckleheads who think "lakers baby lakers" is an intelligent post?
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