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60. The Gods of Guilt Michael Connelly 2013 Michael Haller (aka The Lincoln lawyer), is hired to exonerate an accused killer of a prostitute whom he once had ties with. He wins the case but at incredible cost. Think I will find and read the rest of the LL books.
59. The Bounty Hunters Elmore Leonard 1953 Leonard's first novel; coincidentally a Western. An former army officer, now a contract scout, and a young officer out of uniform head to Mexico to retrieve an old Apache chief and give him land on a reservation in the US. Not surprisingly, he doesn't want to go. There's also a role for the rurales, Mexican bandit/soldiers, some of whom are good guys and some of whom are bad guys. The worst guys are the bounty hunters, who trade...
58. The Left Handed Woman Peter Handke 1976 THE LIST Novelette about a woman who has just separated from her husband. I enjoyed it. A-
But Parker was second team all-NBA. Guess all the basketball cognoscenti in here are smarter than those who see 100 basketball games a year.
57. The Assassin 1993 W.E.B. Griffin The usual gang of suspect catchers foil an attempt to blow up the Vice President, and discover the identity of a dirty cop importing drugs at the airport. Pretty Good
A complete set??? Awesome. Now we just have to get Clockwise to read a couple...
No- just all the ones my Dad had. Once I polish off all the other books in my queue I'll probably cruise back for some more.
56. North to The Rails Louis L'Amour 1971 OK- I'm out of Louis L'Amour. Bummer. A tenderfoot dude becomes a real Western guy on a cattle drive.
Hell would freeze over first. Duncan=Loyalty>LeBron= Royalty (copped from a BILLBOARD here in SA)ThisMore points, but he can't play defense.Parker is still tradeable IMO.Danny Green would make a lot more money on another team.
55. Where She Went 2011 Gayle Forman Sequel to if If I Stay...chronicles the continuing story of couple Mia Hall (cellist) and Adam Wilde (punk musician). I thoroughly enjoyed the book. IMO both books will be put together in the movie due out in August.
New Posts  All Forums: