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We're fucked.
58. The Lonesome Gods- Louis L'Amour Epic western tale of Johannes Verne's life, accomplishments, and loves in early Southern California. Incorporates many of the historic developments and geographic expansion of Los Angeles. A must-read for any L'Amour or Western fan.
57. Last of The Breed- Louis L'Amour An American pilot is shot down and captured by Cold War Russians just before the time of Gorbachev. He escapes his Siberian prison camp and proceeds to lead the Russians on a wild goose chase up the Siberian peninsula where he can cross the Bering Strait like his forefathers.(In addition to being an Air Force major he is a full-blooded, creature of the forest Sioux, and a former decathlete who barely missed the Olympics). Strained...
BTW- where did the Dodgers go? Watching Kershaw get shelled was rare, and ugly. Cost me a couple of weeks in Fantasy. Here's to Dodger Blue missing the playoffs (even though I think they'll make a run at some point).
56. The Walking Drum- Louis L'Amour Epic of the adventures of Mathurin Kerbouchard, a Briton schooled in the Druid tradition who accomplishes enormous feats before finally finding and freeing his father. Pretty outlandish in places, but overall a good read, especially for a period piece.
54. The Crossing- Michael Connelly- Bosch is forcibly retired by the LAPD and crosses the aisle to work with his half-brother, the Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller. Together they solve a case which the police felt was open-and-shut. Fair Stuff 55. The Hunting Trip- W.E.B. Griffin A one-off chronicle of thirty years in the life of a fictionally famous self-made author. Written to be humorous, but only achieved it half the time. Middling Stuff
They'd never suspend Curry for a Game 7, but I concur he deserves it. I do think it'll cost him some money, however.
So far it's dead even and we have Peavy pitching tonight. I like your chances.
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