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If JVG or SVG were any good they'd still be in the league. I'd put it: Jackson Auerbach Popovich Riley
Thank goodness for the Utah Jazz.
34. Mustang Man Louis L' Amour 1966 Battle between Nolan Sackett, the outlaw of the clan, and a bad woman. A good woman comes along to defeat the bad one, and Nolan rides off in the sunset with her. 35. The Lonely Men Louis L'Amour 1969 Involves Tell Sackett, Laura his brother's wicked divorced wife, and Apaches. Laura lies to Tell and sends him South with a story that the Apaches stole her child. When he gets to their encampment he rescues 5 other children, all of...
Yum!32. Mojave Crossing Louis L' Amour 1964Tell Sackett sets off to cash in his gold in Los Angeles because of 2.00 more per ounce. Smart move- even if you do have 30 lbs of it. He is hoodwinked, waylaid, but finally. wins out. Is Tell's life worth 2.00 an ounce?33. The Sackett Brand Louis L'Amour 1965Tell Sackett and his new wife head off with his sold gold in cash to buy a ranch. On the way Tell's wife is murdered. He swears revenge but the perpetrator is the owner of a...
Go Spurs Go
31. The Daybreakers Louis L'Amour 1960 Orrin Sackett has the gift of oratory and is elected through the aauapices of his scheming wife and her father. Father wants to disolace Mexicans and make claims on their land. Owen's brother Tyrell is literally the fastest gun in the West. He becomes marshal of the town and foils everyone's evil plots. Except his own- to get the girl. 32. Sackett Louis L'Amour 1961 William Tell Sackett is a drifter who finds the mother lode in...
Some day I shall read them again as well...Unfortunately I think I got in the habit of reading A LOT last year and it carried over. How about some episodes of Breaking Bad or House of Cards?30. To The Far Blue Mountains Louis L'Amour 1976B. Sackett pursues his dream of traveling to, and settling in, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the ensuing 20 years his wife bears him 5 children, and leaves with 2 of them for education in England.Shortly thereafter, the Indians get him.
29. Sackett's Land Louis L'Amour 1974 The beginning of the famous Sackett saga. 1599-the fens in England. Barnabas Sackett is bamboozled out of an inheritance his father earned. His rival Shanghais him to the New World which he decides he likes. End of the book has him mulling the change of venue. And of course he gets the girl. To your point Clock, the only Hem I don't like is The Sun Also Rises. But I prefer more uplifting stuff- Coelho, Ishiguro. SciFi I've been...
28. A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway 1929 LIST The embellished autobiography of Hemingway's life during WWI. He's an American lieutenant in the Italian Army driving an ambulance. He meets a British nurse and they become an item, When he is wounded she comes to him almost every night and he impregnates her. They desert to Switzerland and live out the pregnancy. Both the baby and mother die in childbirth. B-
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