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41. Buckskin Run- Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories interspersed with historical accounts of fatal gunfights. Enjoyed this one.
This from the guy who wouldn't give Kawhi the max.I think OKC will be a lot tougher for the Spurs than people think. Lots of problems with defensive matchups, and who do you put on a hot Kanter? Duncan (too slow), Diaw (smallish). (Boban?!)It's somewhat comforting how many leads the Thunder have blown in the 4th quarter.SAS has home court and has been excellent at closing 4th quarters out.But there's also that chip on the Thunder's shoulder.I think the Spurs will win, but...
40. The Tall Stranger- Louis L'Amour Rock Bannon helps lead a wagon train West. A significant number of its participants chose to settle in a valley owned by a rancher. Lead fisticuffs ensue and Bannock makes peace with all parties and settles down in the Valley with the girl and lives happily after. I tend to prefer books L'Amour wrote in the '50s and '60s, but this one (1957) wasn't particularly appealing.
All Spurs' assistant coaches have clauses forbidding them to join the Lakers.
No the best reliever in the game is sitting on your bench for beating up his girlfriend.And then there's Kenley Jansen...
39. Lonigan- Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories. One of his better collections; I enjoyed it.
I think they were stunned by disbelief. I hope they manage to pull another victory out so the Spurs get more rest. The geezers need it.I wonder if Curry's ankle is worse than they're letting on...
Wild Speculation.I like it.Except for the Lakers part.
38. The Closers- Michael Connelly Bosch rejoins the LAPD in the elite Open and Unsolved Cases bureau and is reunited with his old partner, Kiz Rider. They solve a 17 year old murder and in the process force a corrupt assistant chief to resign from the force. Excellent Read.
Jordan and Kobe were guards, Jet. You haven't addressed my arguments regarding achievements. But that would require an intellect. Jordan is the greatest shooting guard ever and Duncan the best power forward. And as such the choice over Kobe is obvious. Kobe scored more points but it's the only measure by which he beats Duncan.
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