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44. Lonely on the Mountain Louis L'Amour 1980 Rustling and gold equal yet another thrilling Sackett saga. Enjoyable; repetitive.
1st 2 have been snoozers. Hope Clipper/Warriors is closer.
I don't think he's ever gotten over his pummeling by the Giants in the WS.Seriously- he was THE best pitcher in baseball 2010-2012; only top 20 last year and worse than that this year.
43. The Warrior's Path Louis L' Amour 1980 Although the Sackett series is supposed to be read in a certain order, this one skips back to the first generation born on American soil. 1620 or so, brothers named Yancey and Kin. They spend most of the book breaking up a white female slavery ring, and Kin falls in love with one of the rescued slaves, reputed to be a witch. Now who among us gentlemen ever thought of a woman as a witch?
I won't say Spurs, because it jinxes them every time. OKC has become a real rivalry and I'm hoping someone knocks them off before (unless) SA has to play them. If SA doesn't take it I'd like to see LAC.
My Dad liked those as well.42. Ride The Dark Trail Louis L'Amour 1972A tale of Milo Talon's Empty M ranch. It is being besieged by land grabbers, with only an old lady Aunt Em to hold down the fort.Logan Sackett, Nolan's twin brother, happens to drift through and throws his hand in with his aunt.Until both of her sons return and the siege ends. Not exactly Stalingrad, but it kept me busy for a couple of days.But no one got a girl.
41. The Sky Liners 1970 Louis L'Amour Once again starring Flagan and Galloway, who are of the other mountain Sacketts from Tell, Tyrel, and Orrin- first cousins I think. There is: Gun Play Sacketts are hunted in an organized guerrilla fashion, each wounded grievously. Rustling Gold And the woman Judith who changes her allegiance from the bad guys to the good guys at the perfect moment. I just joined 2 writing clubs and I think I'm going to cut my teeth on Westerns...
40. Galloway 1970 Louis L'Amour Although it's named for his brother, this book is primarily about Flagan Sackett, his brother. Escapes from the Apaches naked and makes it 100 mi to civilization. Finds himself (surprse!) in the middle of aa range and gold war. Kills a few guys...Headed for the girl as the book ends. What is with all these names? How about Bob or Carol or Ted or Alice?
39. Treasure Mountain Louis L'Amour 1972 Another Sackett book, The three brothers are commissioned by their ailing mother to discover what happened to their father. He disappeared in the CO mountains looking for a cache of French army gold ore 100 years old some 20 years back. A member of his party had killed him before the elder Sackett would tell them where he'd hid the gold. 20 years later the same man follows Tell and attempts to murder him also. But he misses and...
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