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I think it's more challenging to have Yahoo choose the order at random right before the draft. One can practice drafting from all positions in the mock drafts...
I've never seen them put this restriction on before. I coached a 12 year old a couple of years back. If all else fails, call them. I've found them to be very helpful over the phone.
http://fantasyfootballimpact.com/fantasy-football-101/There will also be a lot of stuff on Yahoo once we get our invitations.
I can't do 8:15 9/1 or 6:30 9/4
Definitely right strategy on the k and defense.
2 qbs are insane,2 flexes only mildly less so. I vote for 1 flex, and .5 ppr as well.
Just picked him up for one of my leagues. Hope he keeps it up.
I'm ambivalent.
STRONG preference for Yahoo. ESPN is light years behind in terms of interface graphics, ease of waivers, etc. You as commissioner can also set it up as a cash league where everyone has to buy their team before the draft starts, thereby saving yourself the hassle of collecting dues from everyone.
66. I, Ripper- Stephen Hunter Fictional fabrication of the famous 19th century London serial killer. The book moved along rather slowly until the last 50 pages. Nowhere near as good as the Swagger novels. I wouldn't recommend it.
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