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Peyton will choke once again
24. The Man from Skibbereen Louis L'Amour Crispin Mayo, an Irish immigrant from Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland crosses the pond to try his hand working on the railroad in the Old West. He proceeds to have a number of scarcely believable wild and woolly adventures which turn him into a hero for the common man. Entertaining, but I kept wondering if he arrived legally, and what Donald Trump would say if he didn't.
23. Radigan Louis L'Amour A range war between 2 men with about 5 hundred head of cattle and clear title to the land they're on in New Mexico. A band of rustlers and usurpers with a false deed ride up from Texas with 3,000 head and try to run them off the land. Radigan wins and gets the girl. One of the better L'Amours I've read.
22. The Black Ice- Michael Connelly Detective Bosh breaks up a Mexican cartel supplying a new, exotic drug into the U.S. market. He also exposes a group of dirty cops. And gets the girl in the end. Great noir stuff!
21. The Black Echo Michael Connelly The first book to contain the exploits of Hieronymous (Harry) Bosh, Detective. In this episode he is still with the LAPD, and is assigned a homicide whom he recognizes as a fellow tunnel rat from Vietnam. Under the watchful eyes of LAPD's IAD (Internal Affairs Division), and a joint task force with the FBI, he proceeds to solve the case. Sorry- no more clues- it would give away the book, which is excellent. I'm going to read all of...
Panic in San Antonio. Not.
20. Missing You- Harlan Coben Centers around a 40 year old female cop whose police office father was murdered at the same time her fiancee left her 18 yrs ago. She sees the fiancee on an online dating site and 500 pages of genuine thriller ensue. Many twists of plot, captivating. I literally couldn't put it down and stayed up WAY past my bedtime to finish it. Couldn't recommend it more highly.
He has quite a following here.Any Laker fan wins this hands down.
For now. One shitty game doth not a season make.
Spurs did a nice little bounce-back...
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