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Where's no. 2 from last year?
I hope so too. Can I use your invite and go outside the usual circle?
Paid So how do we get this ball rolling a little faster?
http://www.nflshop.com/San_Francisco_49ers_Men_Jerseys?ab=bm-nflcms-TLP2-49ers-Mens-7.16 The black jerseys are new, and Bowman or Hyde might be preferable to Kaepernick. Or you could always choose Lott or Montana....
We usually do a pretty good job of scheduling it so everyone can participate. Cotton Dockers, did you get an invite, or are you WuBelieves?
I've been writing some on my own too. Mostly poetry, but am working on a Western, a thriller, and memoirs as well. Writing is hard work!
It's daily head-to-head so it's best to adjust your lineup every day.
So far: NAMOR idfnl Steve B. bibs Get in while the getting's good
For FBBL so far we have: idfnl NAMOR Steve B. bibs only 8 to go...get in before the rush
New Posts  All Forums: