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Who's Gator Bait? The Niners have to get by Seattle. Which won't happen.
Green BayAll the way.More cheese please.
69. The First Fast Draw Louis L'Amour 1959 Cullen Baker sits out the Civil War in Utah and comes home to Reconstructionist East Texas. He has an extant bad reputation for fighting, killing, and general malfeasance. He holds fights on 3 different fronts and finally decides to return West with the woman he's won. The reason for his survival is a practiced lightning fast draw of a Colt Dragoon. The first of all gunfighters, hence the name.
We did a couple of years ago. I'm game.
And Jake Peavy dragging himself to the mound. Very disappointed. Contrast Oakland's acquisitions.
68. The Murderers W.E.B. Griffin 1994 Inspector Wohl and detectives Washington and Payne return for a command performance. A dirty narcotics cop is killed in his home. There is a double homicide at a local drinking establishment. Payne's fiance OD's, but he's got another girlfriend by the end of the book. Lucky Bastard EDIT: Attended my first writer's meeting today with a poem that was very well received.
67. Last Stand at Papago Wells 1957 Louis L'Amour Several parties of travelers in the SO AZ desert meet at a watering hole and are set upon by Indians. The ends are far from tied up and it's just a shitty book. Even for Louis L'Amour. F
Not in SA you don't.surely you jet-s
Nope- his detractors are legion and unnamed.
Traded him for Shields today.
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