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lol- which team is yours?
The last 3 regular season games between Dodgers and Giants are in SF end of the season. Might be some head hunting going on, especially if the Giants are out of it, which it looks like they'll be.
Great game last night, but ominous because of Crawford and Cueto's injuries.
I hate the Vikings. and the Bears. and the Lions.
Picked up Sabathia for his start today in my fantasy league...Fingers definitely crossed. He was the best option (pretty decent numbers over his last 5 starts) and I need a win. Whistling past the graveyard starting him in Fenway. Good thing is they're playing at 7, so I can always sit him if I get what I need for my other 3 starters.
I picked him up on waivers for my pathetic dynasty team.
Really mixed emotions on who to root for in that game. I consider my 10 years in NorCal the highlight of my life. Big Cal fan. But my daughter goes to UT and I really like what Strong has done with the team. Plus one never sees Cal on the telly down here.So it was GO Hornbears all game.
There just might be a big black and silver road bump. band wagoneers.
Well he's got him now. I wonder if he could fire his own brother...
68. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour- Volume 4, Part 1- The Adventure Stories Not as good as his Western stories, and I had read nearly half of them in other collections. 3 books to go...
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