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All trolling aside, the debate on ESPN was as even as ours was.
You would be incorrect. And you really should quit putting words in my mouth. Childish, that.Although one must consider the source- a vacuous lout from La-La Land..
I was hoping for a second win in San Antonio and a season split.Jet's inept basketball intellect remains intact.
I don't agree about it being the most important part.
Split split split
When he had a chance to throw a no-hitter for the first similar situation since the 1890s? No way.
I CANNOT believe Roberts took Stripling out!
I think Alex Wood. Madbum looked shaky in his first start and will have to be at his best Saturday to beat Kershaw. (It's funny I have Kershaw in 2 leagues and Madbum in only one, but I'm trying to trade for him in another).Cueto and Samardijza (sp?) looked pretty good.Do you play fantasy baseball?
They gotta figure out how to beat GS in Oracle.
New Posts  All Forums: