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96. Westward the Tide Louis L'Amour 1977 Large wagon train in four columns. Column A (literally) are bad guys who feign respectability until the time is right to take over the train. Our hero foils said attempt through much sturm und drang, and whisks away a fine spirited woman in the process.
95. Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 2000 A YA book about a dystopic, almost feudal, village and world. The heroine has a special gift and a handicap as well. Normally the village exterminates its cripples but because of her gift she's allowed to stay alive. She is pampered, well-fed, and has indoor plumbing. But she is imprisoned by her own talent. Although she is an artist she must use her talents in a rigidly prescribed manner. Excellent., meaningful read.
94. Callaghen- Louis L'Amour 1972 An Irishman persecuted for his heritage changes his name and gets chased all over the desert by Indians and bad guys, He only sorta gets the girl in the end. Didn't care so much for this one.
He may just have forgotten a day. Happens to me every once in a while.
It IS time to change to basketball.I have lived at least 10 years in each location I am a fan of, unlike you who are simply an LA cockroach.Are you even capable of changing your avatar?
Congratulations on 100!
So offer us a trade...
It might be until you get a another chip with the baby Busses in charge.
It was a great game. Glad I have Klay in the SF league.
Are you turning on Kobe? Will Jet be next?
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