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55. Where She Went 2011 Gayle Forman Sequel to if If I Stay...chronicles the continuing story of couple Mia Hall (cellist) and Adam Wilde (punk musician). I thoroughly enjoyed the book. IMO both books will be put together in the movie due out in August.
You could join the 50 books thread. We don't really expect people to read 50 books in a year, but there are a number of genres and books you could choose from. The "what are you reading now" thread also has some excellent suggestions.
Love would be a great fit for the Spurs with Timmy retiring in a year. But who to trade for him? Best wait till he goes free agent. BTW does he have a no-trade?
54. If I Stay Gayle Forman 2009 A gifted young cellist is in an horrific accident and is the only survivor. The book centers on her thoughts about choosing to stay alive as she wanders around the hospital in spirit form. And then, when she is too weak to do so, in her bed. More YA fiction- but another upcoming father daughter movie with an aspiring cellist of my own . Highly recommended.
Thanks jet. I think Bonner and Joseph and Ayres leave. It is impossible to grade between Kobe and Timmy. Imo argument is between Jordan and Kobe at the 2 and Duncan and Malone at the 4.
I missed it I called it for 6.
Sure hope so (SA fan here).
NOTLOL2 to go.
I'm going to pick up a couple more of his books. Hopefully he will be my next Coelho. And I'm almost out of Louis L' Amour.
A couple of thousand baseball players might quarrel with your assertion that there are no meaningful sports in the summer.
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