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They'd never suspend Curry for a Game 7, but I concur he deserves it. I do think it'll cost him some money, however.
So far it's dead even and we have Peavy pitching tonight. I like your chances.
I dunno, Draymond has been asking for it...
53. The Burning Room- Michael Connelly Bosch has a new Latina partner and together they solve cold cases involving a fire in a day care center, and a 10 year old complicated murder case. good read
Big series over the weekend- Giants-Dodgers in SF.
52. The Black Box- Michael Connelly Bosch solves the murder of a photojournalist that occured during the L.A. riots 20 years before. Only fair.
51. The Drop- Michael Connelly Bosch solves the case of a murder/suicide of a city councilman's son, and also that of a grisly serial sexual predator/murderer. Good Book
Sore loser.
New Posts  All Forums: