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65. Tucker- Louis L'Amour Shell Tucker is robbed of his and his neighbor's cattle sale proceeds. He spends the rest of the book hunting the thief down, killing him, and recovering the money. Only fair last of the novels, just waiting for the larger collections of short stories to arrive.
I'd play.
I got to page 35, and it still hadn't grabbed or made sense to me, so I put it down and watched the movie. Which was excellent.
64. From the Listening Hills- Louis L'Amour Small collection of short stories from mixed genres. I didn't care for it.
63. Under the Sweetwater Rim- Louis L'Amour Lieutenant Tenadore Brian hunts and defeats a band of outlaws led by a childhood friend gone wrong. He also wins the hand of the daughter of the major of his troupe as she witnesses his deeds of derring-do. A great read.
62. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour- The Frontier Stories, v.2 A large collection of Western short stories, all of which I enjoyed. There were a few that I'd already read in other collections, but a lot about Chick Bowdrie, the Texas Ranger, and my favorite L'Amour character.. 8 books to go...
Wow- what a Cubs game!
Thankfully, I only have him in one league. Assuming the Giants make the playoffs, all bets with Bochy are off, and I bet they turn him loose.
Giants in flat spin. Will Nunez and the return of Pence help right the ship, or will a Ryan Braun-like presence be needed??? I wonder if they'll run more with Nunez there- kind of doubt it.
Love the Micky Haller books. Have you ever seen The Lincoln Lawyer movie?
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