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Still ahead of the Dodgers, even if it's only by three. Gotta give your boys credit. They're really hanging in there without Kershaw, who is hurt a lot worse than anyone's letting on. So it's just a matter of time.
61. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour- The Frontier Stories, v.1 A large collection of Western short stories, all of which I enjoyed. There were a couple that I'd already read in other collections, but just a couple. If you want to read L'Amour short stories, this is a great place to start.
Score a run off Betances, then one off Miller to tie the game. Then Crawford's THIRD error of the game loses it for the Giants. 6 straight losses.
60. To Tame a Land- Louis L'Amour Rye Tyler is an orphan-turned-gunman in this Eastwood-like tome, And of course (through much sturm und drang) he gets the girl in the end. Thumbs up on this one.
Then in the (figurative) trash it will go. No sense wasting good time on bad books.EDIT: The movie was great.
Started reading Atonement waiting for my last couple of shipments of L'Amour books. So far pretty tedious. Tell me it gets better...
Lol you guys. We WERE talking about the retirement of the best PF ever. But as far as best big man ever it's gotta be Kareem.
59. The Haunted Mesa- Louis L'Amour A mish-mashed tale of the supernatural or Louis L'Amour trying to do Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian series. Odious.
The Boban situation is tragic. I'll bet Pop is tired of developing big men for that little shit Stan van Gundy.
New Posts  All Forums: