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1. Silk Alessandro Baricco 1997 LIST A French silk merchant makes frequent trips to Japan.He falls in love with a concubine there and they share a single night of passion. Then he returns to his wife and burgeoning business in France. B-
Definitely! Kudos to Clockwise and to all a good night!.
A new wrinkle would be Lacy and Starks. And Capers spying Kaepernick.
123. Never Go Back Lee Child 2013 Child's newest Jack Reacher book. The standard stuff of which thrillers are made- bad guys, good guys who get the girls. Similar to a Hollywood big budget film. The book begins with Reacher and his paramour-to-be in the stockade in Fort Benning for crimes they didn't commit. They break out and prove their innocence. I sure hope 123 stands the test of time. It wore me out.
70 IS awesome, Matt. Congratulations!122. Play Dead 2010 Harlan CobenAnother chewy candy from younger brother.An NBA star and a supermodel wed, and during their honeymoon the complications start. Sound familiar?But these are mysterious and outlandish, not the other kind. Much of the book strains credulity, but I still enjoyed it.
Your turn to read a Meisterwerke for 100.
Wrong forum, Nil, but do you think Rogers will play Sun?
Thank you guys.121. Fallon 1963 Louis L'AmourA heart warmer if a Western can be described as such. A gambler invents a town for a small group of settlers as an attempt to swindle them and incoming settlers with fake gold claims. He puts a tremendous amount of work into the place and suddenly finds himself loath to leave it. He winds up with a surprise wife and all live happily ever after.I picked this up out of boredom but really enjoyed it.
Very doable, my friend...Drum Roll Please.And the new Style Forum book reading record is:120. The Chessmen of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1926The stubborn willful daughter of John Carter takes off on a joyride in a mini-plane and flies into a hurricane. She first encounters a race of pure brains who attach and detach to bodies at will. She escapes with another red Martian prince only to be apprehended by inhabitants of an ancient city who have festivals to play real life...
I shall.I gave it a B+ so it depends on the curve. Probably not on the meisterwerk. Don't have the energy and I have a whole house full of books people have given me and a handful of Lists.Definitely in for '14, but probably read more like 70-80 tops.50%+ List. Pretty sure I got that this year.
New Posts  All Forums: