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Traded him for Shields today.
66. Reveries of the Solitary Walker 1789 Jean-Jacques Rousseau THE LIST For Rousseau walking is meditation. He reveals his interest in botany and children, but spends most of the book whining about the fact that he is no longer in public favor. Skip it. F
65. The Reversal Michael Connelly 2010 Unlikely tale of Mickey Haller as a special prosecutor paired with his ex-wife. Strains credulity Last of the Lincoln Lawyer books. C- NOTE: Bought 40 new Louis L'Amours off E-Bay yesterday. Have 3 more list books queued into Abe. I have all these Edgar Rice Burroughs books and am finding them virtually unreadable. Going for 125 and am a bit behind.
Or get star players to play under value because of the organization's commitment to winning basketball and consistent excellence. Think Spurs.
64. The Fifth Witness Michael Connelly 2011 Mickey Haller gets another guilty client off, only to have the police discover she killed someone else at the end of the book. Good Times. Courtroom drama. What's not to like? B
K-Love has expressed an interest in coming to San Antonio and Tim Duncan eventually has to retire...
I started with Tom and Jerry.
63. The Brass Verdict 2008 Michael Connelly Title refers to a verdict rendered by a bullet. Mickey Haller (the Lincoln Lawyer) and Harry Bosh (another Connelly series hero) work together to solve a murder case and a corruption case. B
Got to be good news for Indiana... EDIT: Brain Fart
I keep hearing Duncan is old every year but he stays a 20/10/2 guy. Pop manages everyone's minutes in SA, especially the big 3 (which are now the big 4)..The Spurs are the best team in the NBA since 1999. Better in-season record than the Lakers, and the same amount of chips. They've only had 2 (maybe 3) losing seasons since their inception in 1973.Isn't a 4 or 5 SUPPOSED to defend 15 feet from the basket and in? Especially when Splitter's off the floor and Diaw is playing...
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