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K-Love has expressed an interest in coming to San Antonio and Tim Duncan eventually has to retire...
I started with Tom and Jerry.
63. The Brass Verdict 2008 Michael Connelly Title refers to a verdict rendered by a bullet. Mickey Haller (the Lincoln Lawyer) and Harry Bosh (another Connelly series hero) work together to solve a murder case and a corruption case. B
Got to be good news for Indiana... EDIT: Brain Fart
I keep hearing Duncan is old every year but he stays a 20/10/2 guy. Pop manages everyone's minutes in SA, especially the big 3 (which are now the big 4)..The Spurs are the best team in the NBA since 1999. Better in-season record than the Lakers, and the same amount of chips. They've only had 2 (maybe 3) losing seasons since their inception in 1973.Isn't a 4 or 5 SUPPOSED to defend 15 feet from the basket and in? Especially when Splitter's off the floor and Diaw is playing...
They signed Patty at 4 and Boris at 7. As Patty will be out till Jan, I'd bet they'll resign Joseph. Ayers and Bonner will be gone.
He's a total fit. But he's making 19 mil...I disagree, Harden doesn't play defense, Howard can't make free throws and is a petulant child. And who needs a 7 foot three point shooter?IMO OKC is still the OTHER team to beat.
There's still a team in black and silver that Cleveland will need a lot more pieces to beat.
62. Fugitive Phillip Margolin 2009 A Thriller that didn't thrill. F
Here Kitty Kitty(sorry- just couldn't resist)
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