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Well he's got him now. I wonder if he could fire his own brother...
68. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour- Volume 4, Part 1- The Adventure Stories Not as good as his Western stories, and I had read nearly half of them in other collections. 3 books to go...
Looks like I will be 4-3 opening weekend. If not for improper starters where I second-guessed myself, I'd be 6-1. I HATE it when that happens. I fear my dynasty team is doomed, so I plan to tank to get the first round pick next year.
Sat Kelvin Benjamin in another league afraid of Denver's defense. Meh...
On Wisconsin! Hook 'Em Horns. Both of whom will now lose to decidedly inferior teams and plummet from the polls.
The Giants will be lucky to make the playoffs. And if by some miracle they do, they won't get far. Disconsolate. Veni, feel free to gloat.
I for one don't want to play for free.
All you need is one- if it's a good one. And mine is.
So where do we send the $?
Is it a secret? Or is it delineated by the standings?
New Posts  All Forums: