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Dodger fans been waiting since 1987? Or has it been longer...
Me too. So there.
I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. But Utley is now in my Haterade house, Dodger or not.
The fact that I'm a Giants fan and a Dodger did the barrel roll (which wouldn't even be legal in the NFL) has (almost) nothing to do with it. (One cannot erase all enmity, no matter how hard one tries.) If Utley had been playing for the Mets, and the victim a Dodger, my reaction would have been the same, And how would you feel if it was Seager with the broken leg?
How do I fix it so my co-manager can do the draft? Last year Yahoo wouldn't let him in. EDIT I figured this out, but I'd still like a different time.
The 24th is out for me, and I have another draft 7:00P Sun 10/25 (CST).
It wasn't a hard slide, it was a barrel roll. I enjoyed watching Kershaw pitch the whole game- but the bottom line is the bottom line. He walked 3 guys in a row, But I think 2 strikes counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. How exactly is Barry Bonds germane to this conversation?
He's 1-6 in the postseason and had just walked 3 straight.He's the anti-Madbum.EDIT: Tonight Utley should have been called out and ejected. Maybe the league will grow a pair and fine and suspend him.
My condolences.
Not for long, not for long...
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