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73. Down the Long Hills Louis L'Amour 1968 A 7 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl escape a wagon train destroyed by Indians. They make their way back to safety with all sorts of improbable events, including a big red horse that fights for them. Pretty Shitty Book.
72. The Investigators W.E.B. Griffin 1997 Badge of Honor- Det. Payne solves 2 cases and commits gross penis misconduct. However, the felon he's involved with just happens to succumb in a shoot out at the end of the book. 2 books, 2 dead girlfriends. This one strained credulity even more than a normal thriller or other Griffin books. It weighs in at 578 pp, and unless you're reading the whole series, I wouldn't recommend it.
71. Guns of the Timberlands Louis L'Amour 1955 Rancher vs. a logger in this thrilling saga. Rancher wins after much sturm und drang, thereby winning the logger's girl in the process. There were a couple of loose ends, but I still liked the story, and prefer LLA's earlier work.
your man crush...
Is Brett Gardner bisexual?
After his initial season, Cespedes hasn't shown much except at the Home Run Derby.
If there's enough interest. a league will be formed. Help Wanted: Commissioner with experience. Keep it affordable- my vote $25 EDIT: So Far Interested Parties are: Steve B. Europrep Wade RedLantern
Anyone else?
Will choke.Again.
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