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14. The Outlaws of Mesquite Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories. One of the better groups I've read.
13. The Rider of Lost Creek Louis L' Amour The last of the Lance Kilkenny books. He settles a range war through diplomacy and kills his most dangerous enemy yet. He wins the love of a woman, but spurns her for the wandering life of the dusty trail. Quite entertaining.
We'll find out the 25th...
12. Deadly Assets W.E.B. Griffin The latest in Griffin's Badge of Honor Series. By far the worst Griffin book I've read.
No kidding.
Definitely. Aldridge has been pretty inconsistent too. But still the Spurs are only 2 games behind the Warriors after Detroit.
11. The Burning Hills- Louis L'Amour A badly wounded man who has had his horses stolen and partner killed is found in a cave by a beautiful woman. She nurses him back to health and over 100 pages of the book he manages to persuade her to fall in love with him. He also defeats the rustlers and the Apaches and everyone lives happily ever after. This one was a lot better than the one above.
New Posts  All Forums: