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37. The Narrows- Michael Connelly Bosch is hired by Terry McCaleb's widow to find his killer. While doing so, he helps the FBI solve the case of the serial killer Poet. He is offered his old job with the LAPD and takes it. One of the better Bosch novels.
72-10 not looking so good for the Warriors, although I see Pop monkeying with his bench both games, and the Spurs dropping both.
So Bettances closes for 30 games while Miller recuperates. I'd be more worried about the offense if I were you.
36. Lost Light- Michael Connelly. Bosch is now in business for himself, and solves 3 cases in his first foray as a private investigator. Plus there's a big happy surprise at the end. Good stuff
Popovich cost me some money last night. Feisty old bastard. At least he's our feisty old bastard.
Before. And he's the centerpiece of one of my first place fantasy teams, along with Pau Gasol.
LOLEdit: I don't know about AD. He's as fragile as a china doll.
I think the Spurs will take one more from them, and lose at Oracle. Also, Warriors were missing a lot of players. I don't think Duncan played much because Bogut was out. Diaw was outstanding.
11-25 with 12 boards is lousy?
He's trolling. As am I.
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