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OOps- meant Reggie Williams. Just didn't seem like the cohesive, effective bench that played the last couple of years.
I'm not sure Bonner will be back.
Spurs Current Roster 1 Parker, Mills, McCallum 2 D. Green, Ginobili 3. Leonard, Anderson, Reggie Lewis 4. Aldridge, West 5 Duncan, Diaw great front line players coach depth not so much
I think the Cavaliers will have a great team as well. Both teams may have problems with team chemistry but Pop's coaching ability over Blatt's should prevail.
I'm wondering who will complain to j before I change it....
HFHWould be insanity. Jameer Nelson's still out there, but would he play for the minimum?It's times like these where I miss my old friend Jet...
Patty Mills is still under contract, and Manu also does a lot of ball handling. So can Leonard and Diaw. Plus no one knows how much Anderson's progressed. I believe he played PG in college.Anyone else know of any potential PGs still out there who would sign for the minimum?
Heh Heh. Speatles indeed. But concerns on back court depth (PG) and how to share the rock.
Splitter was inconsistent his entire time with the Spurs. Duncan could play the 5, or Pop will change the offense to fit the new personnel.Bring on Cleveland.
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