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If another team offers Leonard max, Spurs can "Franchise" him and pay slightly less?
Manu makes 7; Diaw just got a new contract for 7.5.Splitter makes 9.25 (WTF?)Parker 12.5; Duncan just under 11.Green 4m; Leonard 3mIf I was Leonard I'd want to get PAID too. Anyone know what his max would be?I wasn't aware basketball contracts couldn't be restructured.
Tim has already taken a pay cut, and is still producing. I'd give him a 2 yr around the same $.Manu's never been a favorite of mine; I'd give him a lower salary or the same money, take it or leave it.Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard need to be PAID and kept at whatever is reasonable- Green probably at 9 or even 10 mm, Kawhi at whatever he wants w/in reason and close to Duncan.Parker needs to take a cut to keep the team together.Pop already signed a "mutiyear" extension last...
Good thing you're not the Spurs GM.
16. Rivers West Louis L'Amour 1975 A young French Canadian foils a plot to make the Louisiana Purchase a separate kingdom, and wins the girl. Pretty good.
Spurs up to No. 4 in ESPN ratings this wk. Hawks 1/ Warriors 2
Getting right up there into Bud Selig territory.
15. Hour Game David Baldacci 2004 Another King and Maxwell mediocre, muddled thriller. I have only 1 more Baldacci to catch up with all his books.
14. The Lover Marguerite Duras 1984 LIST A fifteen year old white girl in the waning days of French Colonial Vietnam becomes the lover of a much older rich Chinese man. Both families are horrified by the fact and refuse to confront it. Divergent paths bring about its end. This was a excellent read- I did it in one sitting.
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