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Lawyerdad, wasn't the JPP thing a violation of his HIPAA rights?
I forgot. Refresh my memory....Didn't they lose to Seattle somehow?
Damn- I was hoping to draw you into a flame war. It's been so long... And going forward the Spurs might be winning a back to back or two.
Like only for the 14th time in NBA history? The ultimate choke.
It's OK RFX, being up 3-1, and then losing a series has got to be a shock to your Laker/Clipper fandom.I never was sore at anyone but the Spurs. They had a chance to put it away in Game 6 in San Antonio. The loss to the Knicks and the Pelicans in the regular season cost them the number 2 seed. No one to blame but themselves.But I DO believe, Mr. Laker Fan, that the Spurs booted the Clips both the previous seasons.The Clippers have no chance this year. Especially with...
Why not? I think LMA may be doing some 5 this season. And liking it...
I know that was his excuse for shooting poorly last season, but wasn't aware he was suing Apple for it. I"ll be very surprised if he's re-signed.Duncan took 10.4 for 2 seasons. Never ceases to amaze.And Bowen is letting LMA take his 12 down from the rafters.
I thought RFX was a Laker fan. Hope you didn't get hurt climbing on that bandwagon...
OOps- meant Reggie Williams. Just didn't seem like the cohesive, effective bench that played the last couple of years.
I'm not sure Bonner will be back.
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