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Won't it be Portland now?The Spurs aren't going anywhere if they can't win on the road
I have other ppl I'd like to see win if the Spurs don't-like GSW. PUNCH the Coyote- some latent hostility there methinks
Spurs can come in at Number 2 if they win out and Memphis stumbles. But then they have to play Dallas, probably the single poorest match up for SA. And the Pelicans in New Orleans certainly won't be a picnic.
Ask him how he likes Kawhi Leonard guarding him....Absolutely true.Sean Elliott is just as bad a homer for the Spurs.Spurs are rolling now and have had little trouble with Golden State this year. Chicago, Cleveland, or Atlanta here we come.
Won my bracket- even though I hate Duke I picked 'em.
27. If This Is a Man Primo Levi 1960 LIST An Italian Jew in a German labor camp near Auschwitz. Excellent prose- (obviously) depressing topic. For this reason I wouldn't recommend it.
Didn't know. Was streaming them from Netflix as time permits.
26. City Primeval Elmore Leonard 1980 A classic cops-and robbers tale by arguably the master of the genre. A Detroit homicide detective tracks down and kills a hardened murderer in High Noon-like style. It was cool!
I thought Season 7 was the last one ?!
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