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May be a while till we see another...
I've never fooled with the misspelled titles, but books are cheap and arrive relatively quickly.
San Antonio has a pentagon offense. (Not that I'm objective )
http://www.abebooks.com/?cm_mmc=msn-_-US_AbeBooks_Brand-_-Mispellings-_-abebooks%20com I've gotten a number of books for them at about $3 per, with shipping. And I haven't even started on the remaining Louis L'Amours.
76. Willard and His Bowling Trophies 1975 Richard Brautigan THE LIST This was just a stupid book.
I think this is a chicken/egg thing. Is it because Cutler plays poorly, resulting in coaching changes, or is it trigger happy management?
There's still The Curse of Cutler. And the the Cheese, at whom they always seem to be looking up in the standings.
Cheese Down.
75. High Lonesome 1962 Louis L'Amour High Lonesome is the scene of a battle between Apaches; a man and his daughter traveling across the desert to start a new life; and a band of outlaw heading to Mexico after a very successful bank robbery. The outlaws choose to come to the aid of the settlers instead of continuing on their journey. The Apaches are driven off and only the man, daughter, and one of the outlaws remain. The daughter has fallen for the outlaw. Pretty...
74. Reilly's Luck 1970 Louis L'Amour Professional gambler takes in Val Durrant and raises him. When Reilly is killed in a contract murder, Durrant carries on in the fashion he was taught and makes a life for himself. One of the better L'Amours I've read.
New Posts  All Forums: