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43. I Have Abandoned My Search for Truth Ashleigh Brilliant 1980 A collection of "Pot Shot" pithy sayings from primarily the late 70s- my high school and college years. Some humor. Easy read.
42. The Art of War Sun Tzu 2011 edition Received this book for Christmas and finally got around to reading it. Interesting stuff- should have read it long ago.
Lawyerdad, wasn't the JPP thing a violation of his HIPAA rights?
I forgot. Refresh my memory....Didn't they lose to Seattle somehow?
Damn- I was hoping to draw you into a flame war. It's been so long... And going forward the Spurs might be winning a back to back or two.
Like only for the 14th time in NBA history? The ultimate choke.
It's OK RFX, being up 3-1, and then losing a series has got to be a shock to your Laker/Clipper fandom.I never was sore at anyone but the Spurs. They had a chance to put it away in Game 6 in San Antonio. The loss to the Knicks and the Pelicans in the regular season cost them the number 2 seed. No one to blame but themselves.But I DO believe, Mr. Laker Fan, that the Spurs booted the Clips both the previous seasons.The Clippers have no chance this year. Especially with...
Why not? I think LMA may be doing some 5 this season. And liking it...
I know that was his excuse for shooting poorly last season, but wasn't aware he was suing Apple for it. I"ll be very surprised if he's re-signed.Duncan took 10.4 for 2 seasons. Never ceases to amaze.And Bowen is letting LMA take his 12 down from the rafters.
I thought RFX was a Laker fan. Hope you didn't get hurt climbing on that bandwagon...
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