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Where is teh list?
Read them all. I come from a reading family.I have ridden myself hard, and put myself away when wet. No time like the present.
THE LIST is so subjective. I shudder to think how many times it will change before I finish. Given its vagaries I probably never will. I'm hoping the 3000 pg ones are dropped.
IMO not a good thing. If anyone can make it an asset though it would be Pop. IMO 4th best of all time (Jackson, Auerbach, Riley, Pop)
Does that cover his DL time? Without pay? Is MLB re-testing Braun?
You're a lawyer and know better than I but isn't a matter like this merely HEARSAY without PROOF.ThisAnd this.My first year truly to become conscious of baseball. Sorta remember Yaz and (especially) Gibson from the year before. Between Gibson and McClain a couple of incredible years.I wish I could stay up on it like you guys do...
Manu's not playing enoughWishful thinkingNot sure where you're going with this.Head says Heat. Heart, as always, says Spurs in Six.
Love the avatar. Wonder if I can find an elephant in a Spurs jersey. I always thought Tim Duncan resembled a giraffe.
I don't pay attention to your posts for obvious reasons, but don't you loathe LBJ?Wouldn't his coming to LA make you apoplectic?As a Spur fan I'm more worried about Indiana.
I started a thread on this a while back and couldn't find it. Having problem with pop-ads on Chrome. I loaded AdBlock and at first it worked really well. For some reason that is no longer true. Any thoughts?
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