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That's it. He has two other books on there- Intimacy and Gabriel's Gift, which I've read and thoroughly enjoyed.
Who wrote this? I think it's on The List
His clothing line?
I agree with you, but it would be nice to see him have a farewell tour a la Kobe.
Yep. And they have to go through OKC, GSW, and CLE to win their 6th.
First a wacky GM, now a tin foil hat believer in conspiracies. What will you think of next? Big game for the Spurs tonight. Need a win in OKC and for Kawhi to come alive on the offensive end. A few 3s from Danny Green in a hostile gym would do nicely as well.
This looks fascinating. I may have to order it.EDIT: Lots of color pictures?
I don't see a scenario where SA could pay Durant, although of course we'd love to have him. And how to split the ball between him, Kawhi, and LaMarcus?
guilty as charged.
Let's see what he does over the entire season. Historically Japanese pitchers start quickly, then fade a bit as the season weighs on because Japan's season is shorter, and the rest of the league begins to figure them out.The Giants front 3 have been doing well, but Peavy and Cain are horrible.So we're in a virtual tie in what has suddenly become a very competitive division.Glad I bought high on Arenado for Fantasy. Missed on Storey though.
New Posts  All Forums: