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I've been a Marquette fan since the early 70s. Never should have changed the team name.Spurs handled Cavaliers pretty easily tonight. Warriors will be a big test.
I believe those are Marquette Golden Eagles.
10. Hanging Woman Creek Louis L'Amour Rustlers and range wars. The good guy wins in the end, but his two best friends are killed. And of course he gets the girl. Thought this one was cheesy. Or cheesier.
9. The Guilty- David Baldacci CIA Agent Will Robie accidentally kills a young girl during an assassination of her father. Then he freezes up during his next attempt and is relieved of duty and returns to his childhood home to help defend his estranged father of murder charges. Sort of a go back to go ahead thing. When things get hairy his sometime partner Jessica Reel joins him and together they solve the case with a major plot twist in the last 50 pages or so that I did...
8. The English Spy Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon and his fellow friend assassin jointly seek an IRA bomber partly responsible for the bombing of Allon's family in Vienna, There is the usual international intrigue, some major bloodletting, and our villain is caught and executed in the end. Fast-Paced and Satisfying. I'm getting hooked on the Kindle.
Denard Span? For 10 mil a year? EDIT: Can I get a Justin Upton for 20... EDIT2: Cespedes a One year opt out???
Yeah, I did.
7. Make Me- Lee Child Reacher is in the wrong place at the wrong time and stumbles into a suicide/snuff ring. He teams up with an-ex FBI private investigator (who of course succumbs to his charms) and solves the case in his usual caustic, militaristic manner. Thought it was a great book. First book on Kindle (my daughters bought me one for Christmas), and I liked the experience.
6. Trouble Shooter- Louis L'Amour The last of the L'Amour Cassidy novels begun by Thomas Mulford. Hoppy assists a young woman and her foreman in locating a stolen ranch. He also foils the outlaw activities of a local potentate who is really an outlaw with an assumed name. Great fun.
Gladly.It WILL then be basketball season. And after the Spurs have won chip number six, it will be baseball season, and I'll put Buster up again.The Packers' record for NFL titles will not be broken as the Bears didn't make the playoffs.
New Posts  All Forums: