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Popovich cost me some money last night. Feisty old bastard. At least he's our feisty old bastard.
Before. And he's the centerpiece of one of my first place fantasy teams, along with Pau Gasol.
LOLEdit: I don't know about AD. He's as fragile as a china doll.
I think the Spurs will take one more from them, and lose at Oracle. Also, Warriors were missing a lot of players. I don't think Duncan played much because Bogut was out. Diaw was outstanding.
11-25 with 12 boards is lousy?
He's trolling. As am I.
It's an even year. I'm WAY excited. But I see the D-Backs finishing ahead of the hated Dodgers, and giving us a run for our money.
Amen to that! I've heard Gravity's Rainbow is tough stuff. War and Peace at least was comprehend-able, albeit WAY too long.
Spurs are peaking at Pop time. But can they beat GS in San Antonio?
Some of the books on Bonsal's Top 1001 have just been awful. I slogged through them anyway in the vain hope I would finish The List. But I don't think I'll live to be that long; at last count I was at number 180 or so. Maybe after I finish the L'Amour and Connelly tomes I have in my sights to make 50. Might as well enjoy what I read.
New Posts  All Forums: