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12. Matagordo 1967 Louis L'Amour A man rides into a Texas town to meet a friend from the Civil War. They plan to make money by driving cattle to Kansas. Problem is the gentleman has walked into a full-blown feud. He becomes involved reluctantly. Bad guys lose, good guys win, and our hero gets the girl.
11. The Mountain Valley War Louis L'Amour 1978 Yet another range war involving a gun fighter hiding under another identity. A rancher trying to boot the "nesters" off their land. The hero wins 2 knock down dragout fights, the war, and the girl.
10. Sexing the Cherry Jeanette Winterston 1989 LIST I struggled with this one. Much of it was written in London in the 1600s. Present day England was also woven through the book' as well as some metaphysics. The book was awful.
Awesome. Just awesome.
9. Kiowa Trail 1966 Louis L'Amour A war breaks out between cattle hands and ex-soldiers determined to keep them out. The battle is fierce but the good guys win. And the best guy gets the girl.
8. Junky William S. Burroughs 1953 LIST The quintessential biography of a heroin addict. I liked it.
7. Love's Work- Gillian Rose 1995 LIST A confrontation with ovarian cancer (she died shortly after the completion of the book) led to this searing memoir. Discusses love, friendship (she describes each illness and death of her friends, as well as her own), and sex. Discusses her visits to Auschwitz and Jerusalem, and her flirtation with Protestantism and her time as an agnostic. Rose was a college professor and one of England's distinguished thinkers. I wish I could...
6. Kilrone Louis L'Amour 1966 A former Army officer gets involved in an Indian uprising and successfully defends a fort and weapons and ammunition from a greatly superior force. He warns the Army payroll patrol and helps fight off its marauders. And he beats the stuffing out of the big bad guy who is selling whiskey and rifles to the Indians, sending him off with his tail between his legs. And of course he finds a girl and settles down.
Uh Oh...Here I go. Although these should only count 2 for 1:5. Silver Canyon Louis L'Amour 1951As you can all tell by now I've been bitten by the pulp Western bug.The hero is a drifter, former marshal, and current gunfighter. He rides into a town and falls for a girl and decides to stay. There is a range war going on between 3 different ranches. He chooses the underdog and eventually wins the fight and the girl.Not surprisingly, I liked it.I am reading 2 other List books...
4. Catlow Louis L'Amour 1963 Catlow is a lovable scoundrel. Tom Cowan is his straight-laced law man friend. Catlow starts out "good" and progresses to "bad". Cowan becomes involved and there's a merry chase that continues throughout the book. Like reading Clint Eastwood. I liked it.
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