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88. Final Justice W.E.B. Griffin 2003 The primary hero of the Badge of Honor (cop) series assists in solving a major interstate crime, and a spur-of-the-moment dust-up which puts a third notch on his gun. I enjoyed the book, as well as the entire series so far.
I think the Spurs were smart to wait him out. If he plays well, give him the $. If not...
87. Gangster Squad 2012 Paul Lieberman Non-fiction story of organized crime in LA and the cops who fought it. It begins with the original 8 in the 1940s and follows them all through life to their deaths. The same is done with the criminals. The book was disorganized and dull, but I do plan to see the movie.
Of course Pop would say something like that. He presents a face to the public yet his greatness is undeniable. I'd agree with the comment about Duncan for the 1st half of the Dynasty; it's very arguably the Big 3 the last half. And Pop throughout. Danny Green will drive Fantasy owners nuts. Pop will play him only when he's hitting the 3 and he's a very streaky shooter.
86. King and Maxwell David Baldacci 2013 Sean King and Michelle Maxwell solve a crime involving a missing 1 billion euros and a plot to assassinate the president. Kinda dull for a thriller.
http://www.esquire.com/the-side/feature/80-books#slide-1 20
I AM a grumpy crotchety old man. And proud of it. We should take the Bonds argument to the baseball thread. BUT you're not going to change my mind, and I won't change yours. The Thunder really made a game of it. Looked like Ballmer was sitting under one of the baskets?
Beats NEVER changing avatars.
Back to basketball, Cleveland and LeBron not looking so good right now.
That "p.o.s." is the 3rd best player of all time according to ESPN. Willy Mays (another Giant) #2.Haters gonna hate.
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