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Edgar Rice BurroughsLouis L'AmourAirplane thrillersList booksI should pick up some more list books, but with 50 others waiting on the bedroom floor it's hard to get motivated.
113. The Gods of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1913 Our hero John Carter returns to Mars. He is deposited near the temple of Mars' deity, a little old mean nasty cannibal lady. He collaborates with the mighty green men (Mars' marines), the red men from Helium, and a race of black men called the First Born to expose the supposed goddess and show she is a mere human. It will be interesting to see what effect toppling the world's religion will have on the planet going...
Oddly enough, only the Rabbit books are on The List.It's Peter Bonsall's List, and I'd imagine the true literary cognoscenti squabble about what should be in all the time.I have one that's combined all 4 years since 2006 in spread sheet form and totals out at 1366.Clock gave me the URL- I hope he still remembers it if you want it.
112 Blood and Guts in High School Kathy Acker 1978 LIST I haven't read Allan Ginsberg yet, but I'd picture it to be just like this book. Except much, much better. Hands down the worst LIST book I've read. 8
What he said .Read W&P year before last- last book to 50. I think both you and Clock cleaned my clock.
Not to be snotty, but don't tell me what to read and I won't tell you what to read...e.g. I've read as many books from The List as you have in total...111. Taggart 1959 Louis L'AmourA Western about Apaches, guns, and girls. All of which the good guy gets in the end. Formulaic, short-ish, but a good read.
110. Scarecrow Returns 2012 Matthew Reilly A plot by a well armed revolutionary army takes an old Russian army base. They leak gas into the atmosphere to ignite it and cause havoc and a geopolitical shift. They are foiled by the Scarecrow. Plenty of credulity strains but I liked it overall. 10 more to go.
109. A Princess of Mars 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs Like a big-budget Hollywood action film. An earth man mysteriously ends up on Mars and fights green men and red men and wins the girl. Somehow he winds up back on earth girl less. I think he'll be back as there are 11 books in all.
108. Lando Louis L'Amour 1962 Orlando Sackett is orphaned by gold and learns to fight, both conventionally and otherwise. Not many guns or women however. I liked it.
107. Almost Transparent Blue Ryu Murakami 1976 List Story of dissipation amongst young Japanese. The Sun Also Rises with heroin instead of alcohol. But I liked this one (barely). Maybe it was the orgy scene.
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