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Try Stephen Hunter and WEB Griffin, too, although the latter gets pompous at times.
Currently, yes. Working my way through the Bosh novels.
True, that.Yep. Not everyone is like Kobe, milking his team for 30m keeping the Lakers from signing anyone else worth a shit.But he deserves Top 10.
26. The Last Coyote- Michael Connelly Bosh is on disciplinary leave for assaulting his supervisor. He is forced to see a department psychologist to determine if he can return to duty. In the meantime his house is condemned and razed due to an earthquake; he loses and finds another girlfriend; and solves the 1961 murder of his prostitute mother. Spellbinding stuff.
Joe Montana.This. Especially because the Astros are such a fun young team to watch. I view them on Fox SW when I'm not enriching my mind with Westerns and crime novels.
San Antonio has only one pro team.I was born and raised in WI.2 words on the Giants: Barry Bonds. (Oh and I lived there 10 years).I also lived in LA for 10 years, and right down the hill from Eric Dickerson, but he wasn't a Packer.I think you've got a case of the sour grapes because no one in LA has won a championship in so long.Nor will the Dodgers this year- both AZ and SF are better ball clubs.But you do have the best weather.
25. The Concrete Blonde Michael Connelly Bosh is on trial for excessive force in the shooting death of a serial killer. While the trial is going on, a copy cat killer emerges, and Bosh solves the additional case. And he manages to keep his girlfriend throughout the whole book. Good stuff.
Second that. For OKC to erase a 20 pt. difference. Their record doesn't indicate it, but they're the second best team in the NBA currently. SAS had their hands full with the Lakers last night.
No Duncan, No Ginobili, No problem. Spurs HAMMERED Dallas tonight, and the head hunting poodle got ejected.
Peyton will choke once again
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