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It's freakish...abnormal...I feel like Frankenstein's monster.
Bamboozled is one of the great words in the English language. Giants strike out on Lester. Dare they enter the Scherzer sweepstakes?
115. The Rainbow Trail Zane Grey 1915 Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage, and nowhere near as good. A neighbor of one of the original characters in RPS returns to the Utah/Arizona border to look for and rescue the friends who walled themselves up in a valley so that his neighbor could escape. On the way he befriends a noble Navajo Indian to aid him in his quest. The young girl has been kidnapped by Mormons and hidden away in a polygamists' village. He rescues her,...
Oakland having quite the fire sale, even for Oakland.
114. The Rider Edgar Rice Burroughs 1918 A love story including feigned and assumed identities of a prince and princess of two fictitious European nations. All's well that ends well. Kind of a stinker, but better than the last book I read from the Mars series.
113. The Lost Continent 1916 Edgar Rice Burroughs Science Fiction/Fantasy set in the 22nd century. Jefferson Turck is an officer in the Pan American navy, Pan America being the united countries of the Western Hemisphere, victors of the First World War. Travel beyond Pan America is considered treason punishable by death. However, Turck's ship malfunctions in a storm, and stumbles on the Lost Continent of Europe. There are no cities, only a few scattered ruins related to...
112. Riders of the Dawn 1986 Louis L'Amour Another range war over water and silver. The hero once again is helped by other befriended gunmen, but only some of the bad guys are killed. The rest agree to a peace treaty. Our hero is very forward with the girl, but wins her heart just the same. Once again, cheesy but good.
111. The Trail to Crazy Man 1986 Louis L'Amour This one has it all- an escape from ship shanghai, a range war over oil, friendly Indians, and cavalry to the rescue. And of course the bad guys who lose and the good guy, who gets by with a little help from his friends and wins the girl. A literary B-movie, but I liked it anyway.
110. The Last Witness 2013 W.E.B. Griffin Plot very similar to no. 108. The Last Witness is a social worker who has evidence to take down the criminals. She escapes Philadelphia and then hides in the American Virgin Islands until the cops catch the bad guys. Reading this one catches me up on Griffin's Badge of Honor series, but it was pretty lame.
109. The Vigilantes W.E.B. Griffin 2010 Our intrepid hero Matt Payne solves a string of crimes perpetrated by a vigilante who locates and kills deviant sex offenders who've jumped bail. Also, he and the blonde from The Traffickers are now expecting.
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