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Yeah, I did.
7. Make Me- Lee Child Reacher is in the wrong place at the wrong time and stumbles into a suicide/snuff ring. He teams up with an-ex FBI private investigator (who of course succumbs to his charms) and solves the case in his usual caustic, militaristic manner. Thought it was a great book. First book on Kindle (my daughters bought me one for Christmas), and I liked the experience.
6. Trouble Shooter- Louis L'Amour The last of the L'Amour Cassidy novels begun by Thomas Mulford. Hoppy assists a young woman and her foreman in locating a stolen ranch. He also foils the outlaw activities of a local potentate who is really an outlaw with an assumed name. Great fun.
Gladly.It WILL then be basketball season. And after the Spurs have won chip number six, it will be baseball season, and I'll put Buster up again.The Packers' record for NFL titles will not be broken as the Bears didn't make the playoffs.
5. West from Singapore- Louis L'Amour Group of maritime short stories from around the outbreak of World War II. I didn't care for them.
4. In His Own Words- Jimi Hendrix 1994 Some very interesting insights by the famous musician on almost every subject. I'm a big fan, and enjoyed it very much.
Just keep sniffing that Kirk Cousins glue.
Rather go to Washington than play MN AGAIN. It will be delightful watching Seattle feast on them.
1. Where The Fair Winds Blow Louis L'Amour The first book in the Chantry series. Set in the late 1500s, there are a lot more sword fights than gun duels. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book very much, and felt it was one of the better L'Amour novels I've read. 2. Piranha Clive Cussler A rogue government and mastermind steal U.S. drone technology and attempt to wreak havoc upon the earth. The crew of the ship Oregon (our heroes) save the day. A bit predictable for my...
(Crossing Fingers) Cespedes to the Giants!!!
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