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Some day I shall read them again as well...Unfortunately I think I got in the habit of reading A LOT last year and it carried over. How about some episodes of Breaking Bad or House of Cards?30. To The Far Blue Mountains Louis L'Amour 1976B. Sackett pursues his dream of traveling to, and settling in, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the ensuing 20 years his wife bears him 5 children, and leaves with 2 of them for education in England.Shortly thereafter, the Indians get him.
29. Sackett's Land Louis L'Amour 1974 The beginning of the famous Sackett saga. 1599-the fens in England. Barnabas Sackett is bamboozled out of an inheritance his father earned. His rival Shanghais him to the New World which he decides he likes. End of the book has him mulling the change of venue. And of course he gets the girl. To your point Clock, the only Hem I don't like is The Sun Also Rises. But I prefer more uplifting stuff- Coelho, Ishiguro. SciFi I've been...
28. A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway 1929 LIST The embellished autobiography of Hemingway's life during WWI. He's an American lieutenant in the Italian Army driving an ambulance. He meets a British nurse and they become an item, When he is wounded she comes to him almost every night and he impregnates her. They desert to Switzerland and live out the pregnancy. Both the baby and mother die in childbirth. B-
Thank you.
Nah- just trying not to duke it out this year. Lot of personal stuff
Spurs- #1 record in the NBA. Though not by much.
25. The Sixth Man David Baldacci 2010 Nefariousness in the defense industry (imagine ?). Two sides battling for a genius with a photographic memory. Lots of dead bodies, but in the end the good guys win and Sean gets to keep Michelle. 26.Caught Harlan Coben 2010 Alleged pedophiles. A college suite mate from Princeton takes revenge on his former roommates. A 17 year old girl is missing and then found dead. No one wins. Almost everyone loses. But an interesting book. 27....
24. The Power and The Glory 1940 Graham Greene LIST Guest Summary by Clockwise soon to follow?: A-
23. The Pigeon Patrick Suskind 1988 LIST A bank guard who is extremely fussy is confronted by a pigeon on his doorstep. It unnerves his world and ruins his day. He forgets to open the entrance for the president's limousine. He puts a large tear in his trousers. He gets completely out of his routine while having a tremendous inner struggle. At one point he even contemplates suicide because of the pigeon. This novella has many levels of meaning but the primary one is that...
22. The Nose 1835 Nikolai Gogol The List An officer and a gentleman loses his nose and is rendered Voldemort-like. He is understandably distressed, searching St, Petersburg where he lives to no avail. The nose in the meantime has been rather enjoying itself racing about town impersonating a human. Then one morning he re-appears but will not stick to the major's face. Inexplicably the major wakes one morning with the nose reattached. A short but very humorous read. A-...
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