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Let's see how that Wild Card game goes.
Posted it wherever I know...
of the Ugly Man contest.
"Been to" doesn't count as lived.Hey, how about those chok- er-Yankees? Think they'll make the playoffs?And for my Dodger friends...Go Mets!
The demographics are interesting too. I experienced that people in SF looked down on LA for being, well...LA, and on New York because it was so much bigger and (supposedly) without the natural beauty. I found it amusing because I like both metro areas, especially being originally from WI.
I lived in SoCal for 10 years before moving to the Bay Area for ten more.
Of course not. How'd you feel when we won it all 3 of 5 years?In truth, I love watching Kershaw pitch (took him 1st in Fantasy and won my league).And I hope the PIB beat St. Louis because I have even more haterade for them.
Maybe the poo in blue will win it all this year (NOT).
up to 8 (bump)
You could change the rosters and add another starting spot...10 is better than none IMO. Maybe another C?
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