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Split split split
When he had a chance to throw a no-hitter for the first similar situation since the 1890s? No way.
I CANNOT believe Roberts took Stripling out!
I think Alex Wood. Madbum looked shaky in his first start and will have to be at his best Saturday to beat Kershaw. (It's funny I have Kershaw in 2 leagues and Madbum in only one, but I'm trying to trade for him in another).Cueto and Samardijza (sp?) looked pretty good.Do you play fantasy baseball?
They gotta figure out how to beat GS in Oracle.
37. The Narrows- Michael Connelly Bosch is hired by Terry McCaleb's widow to find his killer. While doing so, he helps the FBI solve the case of the serial killer Poet. He is offered his old job with the LAPD and takes it. One of the better Bosch novels.
72-10 not looking so good for the Warriors, although I see Pop monkeying with his bench both games, and the Spurs dropping both.
So Bettances closes for 30 games while Miller recuperates. I'd be more worried about the offense if I were you.
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