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The Lakers were relevant?
Sure is. (Cavs messed up that is).
15. Jimi Hendrix (The Lost Writings)- Cherokee Mist- Bill Nitopi (editor) Another Christmas present from my daughters. Bits and pieces of poetry, a play, and published and unpublished songs. Cool if you're a Hendrix fan. I especially liked the pictures.
14. The Outlaws of Mesquite Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories. One of the better groups I've read.
13. The Rider of Lost Creek Louis L' Amour The last of the Lance Kilkenny books. He settles a range war through diplomacy and kills his most dangerous enemy yet. He wins the love of a woman, but spurns her for the wandering life of the dusty trail. Quite entertaining.
We'll find out the 25th...
12. Deadly Assets W.E.B. Griffin The latest in Griffin's Badge of Honor Series. By far the worst Griffin book I've read.
No kidding.
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