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14. The Lover Marguerite Duras 1984 LIST A fifteen year old white girl in the waning days of French Colonial Vietnam becomes the lover of a much older rich Chinese man. Both families are horrified by the fact and refuse to confront it. Divergent paths bring about its end. This was a excellent read- I did it in one sitting.
13. Where Angels Fear To Tread E.M. Forster 1905 LIST I ordered this book thinking it would be about soldiering. Instead it was about snobby Britishers, La Dolce Vita Italians, and an avoidable tragedy. It wasn't awful, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Bulls looked pretty good tonight.
Hey, Green Bay had a great season, but they kicked away a game they should have won. But life goes on and its Spurs time.
They were the no 3 team in the NFL. Golden State might make it there yet.
12. The Ox-Bow Incident- Walter Van Tilburg Clark 1940 Examines the pathology of mob justice. Set in (my favorite) the Old (American) West. First 100 pages were pretty dull, but the rest of the book more than made up for it.
The Ox-Bow Incident- Walter Van Tilburg Clark
All Green Bay coaches walk the plank! Arrrgghhh!
I question the wisdom of the Nationals' move.
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