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I always go by the Yahoo projections. Which gets me...nowhere. I have 7 teams this year, one of which I drafted at 1 am this morning. Does anyone know of a good Fantasy service besides the Huddle?
McCarthy needs to be shown the door.
81. The Master Mind of Mars 1927 Edgar Rice Burroughs An American soldier in WW I dies and wakes up in Mars. He meets an odd old man who swaps brains in and out of bodies for bucks. Truly banal bunk.
Is it Marshall, Rice, or Gordon who has the border line?
Green Bay over Denver. Peyton chokes again!
It was either the Mark of the Assassin or The Unlikely Spy. I have long since sold it. It had a yellow cover.
Seconded. I read them all last year or the year before, and I thought they were all excellent...His 700 pager (which is the worst of the lot) cost me 120 books for the year...
I don't think there was enough interest when we created a separate thread.
Is Leamas the one who works at the boys' prep school?
80. Brionne Louis L'Amour 1968 The book opens with a gang of ruffians burning Major Brionne's house and killing his wife. Brionne brings the killer to justice, thereby infuriating the rest of his blackguard clan. They pursue Brionne and his young son into Utah, where they meet President Grant's surreptitious body guard and a beautiful woman on a quest for a silver mine. Heady stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: