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Pop just signed a multiyear extension last summer. And the Spurs have only missed the Playoffs 2 years in their existence since 1973.
I don't think we'll see a complete re-load like the-uh- LAKERS BABY LAKERS.
Pau Gasol- 9 blocks? WTH!
Duncan is actually worse than Parker. About the only thing I dislike about his game.Spurs certainly struggling these days. Leonard really proving his value and inching closer to that max contract.
The Drowning Pool seems very interesting.122. Barry Bonds: Love Me or Hate Me and the Making of an Antihero Jeff Pearlman 2007The biography of the controversial Barry Bonds. I must preface things by admitting myself to be in the former category. In fact, Bonds is the reason why I remain a Giant fan to this day.Perlman did 58 interviews for the book, but it winds up being the typical sports biography. It did, however, remind me of the fact that Bonds' father Barry, in...
119. Sniper's Honor 2014 Stephen Hunter Bob Lee Swagger's latest adventure. Mr. Swagger is called in to investigate an alleged Russian sniper kill of a high-ranking Nazi official in 1944. He accomplishes the task with some bumps in the road due to current interests in the matter. Great read. 120. Personal Lee Child 2014 The newest thriller featuring Jack Reacher. Reacher is pursued by a sniper with a vendetta after he gets out of prison. Throw in some good old style...
I'm still working on a couple too...
118. War Party Louis L'Amour 1975 Another group of L'Amour short stories. EDIT: We could just leave this a tie y'know...
Ah- like his imaginary friend.
117. The Strong Shall Live Louis L'Amour 1980 Another compendium of short stories. Some are newer, and some dated back to L'Amour's first writings. As usual. I liked the book.
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