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I applaud left-leaning worldviews. In fact, I quit posting in Current Events because of mine.
18. A River in May Edward Wilson 2002 Picked this up on the recommendation of some of the others in the thread, who have already written it up. Really enjoyed this book.
Carmelo is available, and has been showing signs of life lately.
A River in May- Edward Wilson Followed by Confessions of a Barbarian- Edward Abbey
17. The Riders of High Rock Louis L'Amour 1951 The first Hopalong Cassidy novel. Cayouses, palouses, and hombres. Camaraderie and foiled rustlers, but no girls gotten in this one. Good read, especially for learning WesternSpeak. I've read 80 of these so far, but I have 20 more to read in my possession, so I think it fair to assume there are more than 100 to read in all.
If another team offers Leonard max, Spurs can "Franchise" him and pay slightly less?
Manu makes 7; Diaw just got a new contract for 7.5.Splitter makes 9.25 (WTF?)Parker 12.5; Duncan just under 11.Green 4m; Leonard 3mIf I was Leonard I'd want to get PAID too. Anyone know what his max would be?I wasn't aware basketball contracts couldn't be restructured.
Tim has already taken a pay cut, and is still producing. I'd give him a 2 yr around the same $.Manu's never been a favorite of mine; I'd give him a lower salary or the same money, take it or leave it.Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard need to be PAID and kept at whatever is reasonable- Green probably at 9 or even 10 mm, Kawhi at whatever he wants w/in reason and close to Duncan.Parker needs to take a cut to keep the team together.Pop already signed a "mutiyear" extension last...
Good thing you're not the Spurs GM.
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