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Uh Oh...Here I go. Although these should only count 2 for 1:5. Silver Canyon Louis L'Amour 1951As you can all tell by now I've been bitten by the pulp Western bug.The hero is a drifter, former marshal, and current gunfighter. He rides into a town and falls for a girl and decides to stay. There is a range war going on between 3 different ranches. He chooses the underdog and eventually wins the fight and the girl.Not surprisingly, I liked it.I am reading 2 other List books...
4. Catlow Louis L'Amour 1963 Catlow is a lovable scoundrel. Tom Cowan is his straight-laced law man friend. Catlow starts out "good" and progresses to "bad". Cowan becomes involved and there's a merry chase that continues throughout the book. Like reading Clint Eastwood. I liked it.
3. Shalako Louis L'Amour 1962 A drifter comes to the aid of a wagon train deep in the desert. As we find out more and more about him we learn he is really more of a renaissance cowboy. He leads the train through Indian country, helping them to repel repeated attacks until the cavalry shows up (literally). Not very intellectual but I liked it.
2. They Shoot Horses Don't They? Horace McCoy 1935 LIST Protagonist is a young adult entered in a dance marathon during the Depression. No real action till the last page. Nevertheless, I liked it.
1. Silk Alessandro Baricco 1997 LIST A French silk merchant makes frequent trips to Japan.He falls in love with a concubine there and they share a single night of passion. Then he returns to his wife and burgeoning business in France. B-
Definitely! Kudos to Clockwise and to all a good night!.
A new wrinkle would be Lacy and Starks. And Capers spying Kaepernick.
123. Never Go Back Lee Child 2013 Child's newest Jack Reacher book. The standard stuff of which thrillers are made- bad guys, good guys who get the girls. Similar to a Hollywood big budget film. The book begins with Reacher and his paramour-to-be in the stockade in Fort Benning for crimes they didn't commit. They break out and prove their innocence. I sure hope 123 stands the test of time. It wore me out.
70 IS awesome, Matt. Congratulations!122. Play Dead 2010 Harlan CobenAnother chewy candy from younger brother.An NBA star and a supermodel wed, and during their honeymoon the complications start. Sound familiar?But these are mysterious and outlandish, not the other kind. Much of the book strains credulity, but I still enjoyed it.
Your turn to read a Meisterwerke for 100.
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