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If Yadi is out the Cardinals are toast. And the Royals can't steal bases if they never get on base.
Giants win again! Somebody needs to tell Buster Posey that it's not a good idea to try for extra bases.
Who tries to throw someone out at third on a bunt toward first? Phooey.
It will be Matt Prater next week.
Giants. Speechless.
You did catch up with me. Plus you read harder books. I don't really feel like doing another 125- but you could make it. That does sound like an interesting book. I'm beginning to abhor TX less and less every day. Maybe I'd like it. I don't remember the movie. Guess I'll have to rent/stream it.
I hope the Giants didn't use up all their runs, not to mention tiring Bumgarner unnecessarily.
Got u-verse cable and there's too much sports on TV,.. 82. The Quick and the Dead 1973 Louis L'Amour A seasoned drifter and gunman guides a family of novices (a/k/a Tenderfeet) to a home out West. Nobody gets a girl. EDIT 83. Out of Sight- Elmore Leonard Focuses on a thrice imprisoned bank robber who escapes prison and is the last of 6 to be caught. First he beds the Federal Marshal charged with apprehending him. She has the chance to take his life but shoots him in...
You got one. And on national TV no less. EDIT: Doesn't seem like Lester or Price are having the desired effect.
New Posts  All Forums: