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I think the Spurs will take one more from them, and lose at Oracle. Also, Warriors were missing a lot of players. I don't think Duncan played much because Bogut was out. Diaw was outstanding.
11-25 with 12 boards is lousy?
He's trolling. As am I.
It's an even year. I'm WAY excited. But I see the D-Backs finishing ahead of the hated Dodgers, and giving us a run for our money.
Amen to that! I've heard Gravity's Rainbow is tough stuff. War and Peace at least was comprehend-able, albeit WAY too long.
Spurs are peaking at Pop time. But can they beat GS in San Antonio?
Some of the books on Bonsal's Top 1001 have just been awful. I slogged through them anyway in the vain hope I would finish The List. But I don't think I'll live to be that long; at last count I was at number 180 or so. Maybe after I finish the L'Amour and Connelly tomes I have in my sights to make 50. Might as well enjoy what I read.
35. City of Bones- Michael Connelly A human bone is dug up by a dog in Laurel Canyon. Most of the rest of the skeleton is found close to where the original bone was found and Bosch must make an ID and a case from a 20 year old murder. After many wrong turns and one incorrect confession he solves the case. During the course of the book he falls in love with a rookie, and the book finishes with him being promoted back to the elite downtown detective's division. There are a...
Russy got handcuffed tonight. Spurs ran a lot of people at him, but it was primarily Leonard. Great game.
34. Showdown at Yellow Butte- Louis L'Amour Novel expanded from short story of the same name I read a while back. The good parts were basically the same. The rest seemed like filler. A land grab scheme foiled by the hero. Who gets the girl. Above average but not great.
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