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I disagree. The Silicon Valley is very arguably the financial center of the country, and those who live there consider themselves San Francisco Bay Areans.It's an odd year, and we have to give the rest of the league a chance.Let's see how far the Dodgers go with 2 pitchers. .
One obnoxious Spurs fan coming up...all season to 60 wins.
Tomlin cost Pittsburgh that game. No question.
Let's see how that Wild Card game goes.
Posted it wherever I know...
of the Ugly Man contest.
"Been to" doesn't count as lived.Hey, how about those chok- er-Yankees? Think they'll make the playoffs?And for my Dodger friends...Go Mets!
The demographics are interesting too. I experienced that people in SF looked down on LA for being, well...LA, and on New York because it was so much bigger and (supposedly) without the natural beauty. I found it amusing because I like both metro areas, especially being originally from WI.
I lived in SoCal for 10 years before moving to the Bay Area for ten more.
Of course not. How'd you feel when we won it all 3 of 5 years?In truth, I love watching Kershaw pitch (took him 1st in Fantasy and won my league).And I hope the PIB beat St. Louis because I have even more haterade for them.
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