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106. Moneyball Michael Lewis 2004 Baseball economics as seen through the eyes of Billy Beane and the Oakland A's. The book was a huge best seller because of the controversy it caused challenging conventional baseball wisdom. Billy's still doing it, and the A's are still winning. I love baseball, played when I was younger, collected baseball cards, and now play Fantasy Baseball with reckless abandon (at least 4 teams a year). So I loved the book; but if you don't care for...
My Dad did. He had a frat buddy with seasons' tickets, so we got to go pretty often. Back in the day '69-'77.Still follow 'em. Hope that's OK with Jet.
105. Sitka 1957 Louis Damn L'Amour Jean LaBarge migrates from a swamp in PA. to San Francisco, and then to Alaska. He is in the middle of transferring Alaska from Russian to American rule in 1848. In the process he gets the girl, but her husband has to die first. I don't know how much of this was historically accurate. I have no time for research during the Great Read Out. Really enjoyed this one.
you betcha. old school fan- since McGuire.
I missed 3 games w Pau. Drat.
And where did he go to college?
Little crowded for position players there in Boston...Rumors are Giants will make HARD run for Lester. Then Arias at 3B doesn't sting as much. Or maybe Ishikawa...LF, 3B Stranger things have happened.Panda during the season was 50-50 at best because he was injured so often. But a MONEY player in the post season. Pair him with Papi and you've got quite a lineup.Any news on the Scherzer front? Would the Giants even stand a chance at him?
Thank you. Panda to the Red Sox. Woe is us.
7-8 thrillers (Baldacci/Griffin/Child/Hunter)3-4 Westerns (L'Amour/Grey)4-5 (List/Biographies)Clockwise better not make me break last year's record. I don't think my eyes can take it.
It might take 120...
New Posts  All Forums: