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They did look like shit and Pop, as usual IS trolling the league. I think he will do it more than last year- but he may end up shooting himself in the foot.As will Kawhi.
I read somewhere it was 126, and I plan to get to them all this year and next. I have about 20 right now I haven't read; then I will fill in the rest one by one until I have a complete set. I'm thinking of reading the rest of Elmore Leonard's Westerns, and some non-fiction as well. Anyone have any other recommendations for next year?
89. Dark Canyon 1963 Louis L'Amour A young man leaves a small band of outlaws with their blessing. He wins a range war with their help, and they settle down and forsake the outlaw way to punch cows with him. Along the way he gets the girl, and we have a cameo by William Tell Sackett. Ah...if things were only so simple today.
I'd like to get back on The List- but without reading 10 a month, the task is really daunting. And my recent reads have really been duds.
I'd put it more like 110. You're making it hard on me, my friend.
88. Final Justice W.E.B. Griffin 2003 The primary hero of the Badge of Honor (cop) series assists in solving a major interstate crime, and a spur-of-the-moment dust-up which puts a third notch on his gun. I enjoyed the book, as well as the entire series so far.
I think the Spurs were smart to wait him out. If he plays well, give him the $. If not...
87. Gangster Squad 2012 Paul Lieberman Non-fiction story of organized crime in LA and the cops who fought it. It begins with the original 8 in the 1940s and follows them all through life to their deaths. The same is done with the criminals. The book was disorganized and dull, but I do plan to see the movie.
Of course Pop would say something like that. He presents a face to the public yet his greatness is undeniable. I'd agree with the comment about Duncan for the 1st half of the Dynasty; it's very arguably the Big 3 the last half. And Pop throughout. Danny Green will drive Fantasy owners nuts. Pop will play him only when he's hitting the 3 and he's a very streaky shooter.
86. King and Maxwell David Baldacci 2013 Sean King and Michelle Maxwell solve a crime involving a missing 1 billion euros and a plot to assassinate the president. Kinda dull for a thriller.
New Posts  All Forums: