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Urban needs to learn some sportsmanship.
Elway still looks like Mr. Ed...
You have no idea...
8. I Am a Barbarian 1967 Edgar Rice Burroughs Traces the life of a Briton slave attached to the Emperor Caligula from the age of five until his assassination at 29. Surprisingly, it's a pretty humorous read, and I enjoyed it very much.
I thought he might be playing possum. He sure seemed to come alive in the second half- moving out of the pocket and a couple of shovel passes on the way to the line of scrimmage.
I'm a big Rodgers and Packers fan, but the Seahawks are SOOO tough on D.
Wish I could say I was sorry, dude...
As my brother is fond of saying, Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback in the history of the NFL. Playoffs, not so much.
I'm close to dropping him in two of my other leagues.
1989, Endless River, and Pulse. Had forgotten what a great live album Pulse is.
New Posts  All Forums: