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Jesus, you read hard books. In 3 different languages no less.
48. Darkest Fear Harlan Coben 2000 Hero is named Myron Bolitar and is an investigator/sports agent. Contracted to find bone marrow for a transplant for an old flame's son, who turns out to be his. Whilst accomplishing this, solves a series of murders. And signs a famous shortstop. A real page turner; I sat up till 3am reading it. I'm going to look for more Bolitar novels. His character is quite endearing.
47. Ride the River 1980 Louis L'Amour 16 yr old Echo Sackett travels from the TN mountains to Philadelphia to retrieve an inheritance. Mostly by river, hence the title. There are many bad guys in Phil and she is chased on the way home as well. She is rescued by her cousins when things look bleakest and all ends well.
I want the Spurs to win it all, but OKC has given them fits all season.
Nicholson didn't seem to be much of a good luck charm...I believe the defender has to be set and both feet outside the restricted area as well.
Uh OKC* Was Pop playing possum?
LikeI hope the Clippers win their series. OKC seems to have SA's number. Unless Pop was playing possum.
46. American Sniper Chris Kyle 2012 Autobiography of a chest thumping, jingoistic Navy Seal. Loathsome.
I think we will have a half dozen to 50 this year.
Some excellent young pitching...But the Giants are still better...
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