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First time it worked. Second time it didn't.This. And they couldn't make a big shot to save their lives. And Kawhi had a BAD night. 1/11 def not good fantasy numbers, Roman.
Didn't care for either of these.
White Noise completely soured me on DeLillo.
20. Divine Justice David Baldacci 2008 The Latest Camel Club adventure in which Stone and the others get involved with a drug ring being run through a Federal max security prison in VA. The ending was hokey, but the rest of the book rocked.
Still managed to pull one out (FINALLY) this week. Anyone want to sell me someone for $66.00 cash?
19. Cane Jean Toomer 1923 LIST Collection of stories and poems about Black America from this little-known African-American author. Parts were slow, but overall a good read.
I don't suppose he wrote any Westerns?Are there any specific titles you'd recommend?
Is Hernandez even free on bond?
This thread reminds me of a squabbling chicken coop.
New Posts  All Forums: