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Cheese Up
77. Arcanum 17 Andre Breton 1944 THE LIST If possible, this was an even stupider book. 78. The Iron Marshall Louis L'Amour 1979 A New York tough heads West and is drafted into service as a town marshal. He foils a train robbery and gets the girl. 79. The Key-Lock Man Louis L'Amour 1965 Matt Keelock gets the girl first, and then is forced to defend her and himself from a blood thirsty posse ready to hang him for a crime he did not commit.
I have also found some of the L'Amours crap, but probably 2/3 of them are good reads. I plan on assembling at least 1 copy of each of his 126 books. Contrast w/The List. Unfortunately I've found recently they are 4/5 junk.
May be a while till we see another...
I've never fooled with the misspelled titles, but books are cheap and arrive relatively quickly.
San Antonio has a pentagon offense. (Not that I'm objective )
http://www.abebooks.com/?cm_mmc=msn-_-US_AbeBooks_Brand-_-Mispellings-_-abebooks%20com I've gotten a number of books for them at about $3 per, with shipping. And I haven't even started on the remaining Louis L'Amours.
76. Willard and His Bowling Trophies 1975 Richard Brautigan THE LIST This was just a stupid book.
I think this is a chicken/egg thing. Is it because Cutler plays poorly, resulting in coaching changes, or is it trigger happy management?
There's still The Curse of Cutler. And the the Cheese, at whom they always seem to be looking up in the standings.
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