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85. Crome Yellow Aldous Huxley 1921 LIST Huxley's first novel, about a group of Bohemians right after the great war summering at an English estate called Crome. The protagonist writes bad poetry and has painful encounters with the opposite sex. He foreshortens his holiday because of these. So-so. Certainly not the caliber of Brave New World.
84. The Hit David Baldacci 2013 Will Robie teams up with a rogue agent to solve a plot designed to create a new world order. It was pretty good. Robie is my favorite Baldacci character.
83. Notes From the Underground Fyodor Dostoevsky 1864 LIST What a horrible awful book.
He's signing for 7 mil per. Stephen Jackson made more than that last year.
They did.NS!Up until last year he was worth it.Ummm...the Spurs were in the NBA finals. Not a bad season IMO.Very true.Also true.Of course I'm a homer but I think Belinelli is a great fit on many levels. Let's face it- you can't give both Danny Green and Gary Neal minutes.
Bailey's using PEDS. Same supplier as Chris Davis.
Speaking of, your buddy A-Rod's been cleared for rehab.
Y'know we're awfully close to making this a bona fide thread. 2 over 50. 2 more certain to get there. At least 2 more serious readers. It'd be nice to have 10. As long as I still won.
I also enjoy science fiction. Perhaps we should compare notes,
I think a spoiler would look nice around the continued reference to the steroids,,,,
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