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This is the only book I've read so far. Abbey was recommended by a friend. Being a Utopian Socialist, my views clashed a lot with his, although I also saw some keen insights.I lived in CA for 20 years and traveled extensively through AZ. Not so much through Utah, however. I have an appreciation for the DSW as well, but so does my literary hero, Louis L'Amour. Perhaps I will try another of his books after all.
23. Gone for Good- Harlan Coben 2002 One of the best thrillers I've read all time. The plot involves a fugitive from an alleged brutal murder. His younger brother, a neophyte sleuth, solves the caper amidst so many plot twists in the last 50 pages it will make you seasick as opposed to: 24. The Target David Baldacci 2014 CIA operatives Robie and Reilly engage in a plot centered around monkeying with North Korea. Not as believable as The Interview, and certainly less...
No. Nor will I based on this book. I read so many books that if I read one by an author I don't like I won't double back for anymore.
Just started House of Cards Season 3
22. Confessions of a Barbarian Edward Abbey 1994 Collection from the journals of iconoclast Edward Abbey from 1951-1989. Abbey was an interesting, larger than life character with many controversial views. But if you're not an Abbey fan (and I'm not) the book stunk. That is all.
OMG Spurs finally win a game.
It's the only one I read. GF liked Underworld.I'm more of an Ian McEwan, Cormac McCarthy, Paulo Coelho, and J.R. Coetzee fan.When I can squeeze them between Louis L'Amours of course.
First time it worked. Second time it didn't.This. And they couldn't make a big shot to save their lives. And Kawhi had a BAD night. 1/11 def not good fantasy numbers, Roman.
Didn't care for either of these.
White Noise completely soured me on DeLillo.
New Posts  All Forums: