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91. The Mayan Secrets Clive Cussler 2013 Good couple (Sam and Remi Fargo), bad girl wrestle over ancient Mayan literature and loot. Predictably, the good guys win, and the bad girl loses. An engaging thriller, albeit cheesier than some of the other authors I've read.
I think your experience with White Noise describes mine perfectly, except I never re-reread it. Your belief that that there are no bad books, only bad readers. is spot on as well.Part of my plans for 2015 are to finish the 40 or so remaining L'Amours; they're not really off the table. I've also got 5 non-fictions lined up.How about McEwan? I've read Saturday and Cement Garden, and really enjoyed them.I'm waiting for some suggestions from Clockwise...Although we tend to...
I'm a Packer fan, but Megatron, Dez, and especially Jimmy Graham must be in the conversation.
I read White Noise and really wasn't all that impressed. I've read most of Coetzee, McCarthy(sp?), Coelho, Greene, Steinbeck, and Hemingway...
I'll sell you my team...
Spurs looked like shit tonight (again), but the comeback was nice to watch.
90. The Man Called Noon Louis L'Amour 1970 A gunfighter is left with amnesia after he gets grazed by a bullet and bonked in the head in a "dry gulch" (assassination attempt). He spends the rest of the book remembering himself in bits and pieces. It culminates when he remembers where gold is hidden, cleverly disguised in musket balls. He delivers the gold to its rightful owner, and, as she should, she swoons at his feet. One of the better L'Amours I've read 56 down, 34+...
They did look like shit and Pop, as usual IS trolling the league. I think he will do it more than last year- but he may end up shooting himself in the foot.As will Kawhi.
I read somewhere it was 126, and I plan to get to them all this year and next. I have about 20 right now I haven't read; then I will fill in the rest one by one until I have a complete set. I'm thinking of reading the rest of Elmore Leonard's Westerns, and some non-fiction as well. Anyone have any other recommendations for next year?
89. Dark Canyon 1963 Louis L'Amour A young man leaves a small band of outlaws with their blessing. He wins a range war with their help, and they settle down and forsake the outlaw way to punch cows with him. Along the way he gets the girl, and we have a cameo by William Tell Sackett. Ah...if things were only so simple today.
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