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34. Showdown at Yellow Butte- Louis L'Amour Novel expanded from short story of the same name I read a while back. The good parts were basically the same. The rest seemed like filler. A land grab scheme foiled by the hero. Who gets the girl. Above average but not great.
33. Darkness More Than Night- Michael Connelly Involves both Terry McCaleb and Harry Bosch. An LA Sheriff Detective from Blood Work has Terry look at an unusual ritual killing because of his background with serial killers at the FBI. His conclusions lead him to Bosch as the primary suspect. Ultimately they work together to solve the case and bring the real killer to justice.
32. Blood Work Michael Connelly Picked this one up because of an overlap with one of Connelly's other noir mysteries I'm reading. Terry McCaleb, a retired FBI agent with a recently transplanted heart is asked to solve a crime by the donor's sister. Against his doctor's vehement objections, he helps her and they solve the crime. Their work together causes them to fall in love. Great read, as I'm finding all of Connelly's books are.
31. Utah Blaine Louis L' Amour Interesting plot line and set of circumstances. The book opens with the lynching of a rancher by his foreman and a group of rapacious vigilantes. Blaine happens to be hidden close to the scene by chance, and is able to cut the rancher down and save his life. Utah then goes on to wage a one man war eliminating the perpetrators. He is successful, and wins the girl in the process. Really liked this one. Highly recommended, L'Amour's books...
30. The Man Called Noon Louis L'Amour A man is struck by a bullet to the head in a failed assassination attempt, and acquires amnesia. He spends the rest of the book figuring out who he is and foiling various and sundry plots. He finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and gets the girl. I really enjoyed this one.
Did you see last night's game?
IIRC he's still averaging a double double. Everyone has an off game. Look at Cousins. TD had a lot to do with that. On another note, I hate it when LMA doesn't ORB his pick n pops. For 20 mil/yr he should get off his ass.
29. West of Dodge Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories. Published posthumously. Most of these were really short, and just as I started to get into a story, it ended. I wouldn't recommend it.
Try ABE books. 3.00 here shipped. I've fortunately been able to read them in succession.
New Posts  All Forums: