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No- but I'll get to him sooner rather than later. Last time I went to the library the Rushdies there weren't on the list.89. The Winner 1997 David BaldacciA real stinker. I don't understand how Baldacci can write 3 good books, a stinker, and then 3 good books again. You'd think his publisher would refuse to pay for the stinkers.With all the crappy list books, I could use a good read. I have some more Calvino ordered and some obscure List books that have been on order...
Wouldn't it be funny if he and Chris Davis got suspended at the same time? You don't really think that home run derby was done without PEDS do you?
Rumor is Robbie Cano is in the next bunch.
88. The Path to the Spiders' Nests 1947 Italo Calvino LIST An adolescent in Italy is caught up in WWII and falls in with the partisans. He prefers the company of adults; his only talent seems to be ridiculing them and denying the pain he feels over losing his parents. His sister is a whore being kept by the German Army and that embarrasses him as well. The spiders' nests are his private place, and seemingly the only place he feels at home. I didn't see much point to...
Yankee fans always amaze me by how little they know about baseball.
87. David Baldacci The Simple Truth 1998 Centers around a military man jailed for 25 years for a crime he didn't commit. Lots of juicy permutations and unexpected plot twists. I liked it.
Primarily because of the sacrilege that is the Designated Hitter.
86. Cat and Mouse 1961 Gunter Grass LIST Chronicle of a schoolboy German oddster during WWII. He has a prodigious Adam's Apple. The other kids called it a mouse and set a cat upon his throat as a joke. Hence the title. Also a prodigiously proportioned penis. And an odd devotion to the Virgin Mary. I liked it. Hoping Tin Drum (supposedly Gass' best) is also on the list.
He's still mad about the World Series. Lincecum's one of my favorite players- but I think he blew his arm out a couple of years ago and now he's pitching on guile. Or trying to. Accdng to Yahoo, Tigers are interested in him as a reliever. Would probably make a hell of a closer IMO.
85. Crome Yellow Aldous Huxley 1921 LIST Huxley's first novel, about a group of Bohemians right after the great war summering at an English estate called Crome. The protagonist writes bad poetry and has painful encounters with the opposite sex. He foreshortens his holiday because of these. So-so. Certainly not the caliber of Brave New World.
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