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19. The Hills of Homicide Louis L'Amour A collection of detective stories. L'Amour's frontier stories are much better.
Going into the BASKETBALL playoffs. Do you have your seasons and sports confused? Easy for a guy from LA I guess...
Damn straight. But I'll take a number 2 seed any day.
How bout 'dem Trojans/Bruins/Rams?The Pack made it to the final 8 of the season with #4 and 5 receivers.
I just ordered the first 3 books of the series. Have you read any Dashiel Hammet (sp?) or Raymond Chandler?
18. Kid Rodelo- Louis L'Amour A much different plot than usual. Rodelo has just been freed from prison after doing a year for a crime he didn't commit. The real perpetrators break out of jail and Rodelo helps them find their stolen gold and guide them to the Gulf Coast to a boat arranged for their escape. There are the usual trials and tribulations- bounty hunting Indians, desert, dunes. All of the perps are killed by the Indians, and Rodelo is able to return the gold...
GSW>SAS=25 SAS>LAL 25 GSW>LAL50?Lakers Baby LakersIt's still basketball season.9-37 Lakers 9-37 Baby 9-37 Lakers
Um...I think we do.Ugh. just Ugh.
Same sit'n for me. My friends liked it and I didn't.
Noted with mirth.Kawhi Leonard will make Kobe look silly by the end of his career, and the Spurs will win at least a couple more chips while the Lakers "rebuild".
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