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38. How the West Was Won Louis L'Amour 1963 Adapted from the screenplay of the movie. Traces the lives of 3 families for 3 generations. The usual: good families win. A couple of bad guys get shot. The (somewhat) interesting fact about L'Amour is he almost always has at least one strong female character. Way ahead of his time, and something I like about his books.
This afternoon. I really enjoyed it, but am more of a Thor guy. The Cap is too uptight..
About 10.Then I'd like to start on Tarzan.
37. The Man From the Broken Hills Louis L'Amour 1975 Cattle rustler who steals the youngest cattle bit by bit from 3 different ranchers. Milo Talon reappearing in a starring role (Sackett family tree) once again figures out the scam and is wounded by the perpetrator. Pretty pedestrian stuff. Alas no girl getting. For those interested: grub: food light a shuck: leave box lunch: a social event at which various women make portable food auctioned to men one lunch at a...
I was laughing with you.
36. Son of a Wanted Man Louis L'Amour May 1984 Mike Bastian is the foster son of Don Vito (Ben Carey), head of an outfit that makes the James gang look like pikers. Cary is grooming him for the top job. Bastian pulls Carey's real family out of a mess and winds up with Carey's younger daughter, and decides against his "father"'s ways with his blessing.
My allegiance travels with Shaq.
VERY Funny. Thank you.I think Pop lost that game last night to mess with BOTH teams' heads.We now have a big 4 BTW down here. Kawhi's been invited into all the HEB commercials.
If JVG or SVG were any good they'd still be in the league. I'd put it: Jackson Auerbach Popovich Riley
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