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Some excellent young pitching...But the Giants are still better...
It was sorta that book.
45. The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg 2012 Examines the role certain parts of the brain have on human decisions. Promulgates the golden reward cycle: -cue, routine, reward. If you want to change your reward, of course the solution is to change your routine. There are a number of case studies, which tend to resonate with me. I thought it was pretty good for non-fiction. Which I normally avoid like the plague.
Re Kawhi: The big 3 is now a big 4. Most of the major advertising down here now includes Leonard.
Dallas exposed.
44. Lonely on the Mountain Louis L'Amour 1980 Rustling and gold equal yet another thrilling Sackett saga. Enjoyable; repetitive.
1st 2 have been snoozers. Hope Clipper/Warriors is closer.
I don't think he's ever gotten over his pummeling by the Giants in the WS.Seriously- he was THE best pitcher in baseball 2010-2012; only top 20 last year and worse than that this year.
43. The Warrior's Path Louis L' Amour 1980 Although the Sackett series is supposed to be read in a certain order, this one skips back to the first generation born on American soil. 1620 or so, brothers named Yancey and Kin. They spend most of the book breaking up a white female slavery ring, and Kin falls in love with one of the rescued slaves, reputed to be a witch. Now who among us gentlemen ever thought of a woman as a witch?
New Posts  All Forums: