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Anyone else think he looks like a very tall Liam Neeson?
What isn't?
Oddly enough, that's the one thing I haven't seen in the 50 odd books I've read. L'Amour basically had 7 plots he used over and over, the most popular being a range war.
Packers- Pats- Good vs. Evil
And the Packers ROLL. Can they run the table?
Ohio State?Gordon-408 yards- Holy Shit!
100. Showdown on the Hogback Louis L'Amour Another jewel of the range war variety. A group of Bad Guys look to swindle a group of settlers out of their land. They pass the land off to the government as as uninhabited swamp and get it to deed the property over to them. Both sides hire gunslingers to fight for their cause. Our hero at first heads up the Bad Guys, then sees the error of his ways, switches sides, and saves the day for the ranchers and farmers. Along the way...
They get a lot of hate from league management. I remember Stern fining Spurs 250K a couple of years ago for not bringing star players to a game later in the season that they didn't need.
99. Messenger Lois Lowry 2004 The third book in The Giver quartet. Picks up with a character from the previous book who migrates from the feudal location to The Village- deep in the forest, a democracy where those with birth defects and other maladies are welcomed.. As he matures, the character realizes he has the gift to heal. He travels to the other location to bring the crippled girl from Book 2 and restore her to health. They encounter major, life-threatening...
New Posts  All Forums: