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Let's see what he does over the entire season. Historically Japanese pitchers start quickly, then fade a bit as the season weighs on because Japan's season is shorter, and the rest of the league begins to figure them out.The Giants front 3 have been doing well, but Peavy and Cain are horrible.So we're in a virtual tie in what has suddenly become a very competitive division.Glad I bought high on Arenado for Fantasy. Missed on Storey though.
The Spurs are in for a tough series, and if they win, will be more worn down than Golden State, which will have a fairly easy time with Portland. Leonard is the solution for Westbrook, but it seemed to wear him down offensively last night. The Spurs don't have anyone who can guard Durant (does anyone?), and the Thunder is obviously having problems with Aldridge. Everything has to fall right for the Spurs to advance to Golden State, and righter still to advance to the...
So far Golden State and SAS have each lost 1 game.
I only saw the second half, but to me the difference was Kawhi klanging shots. Rare- everybody's human.
What an outing by Kershaw today! No doubt the best pitcher in MLB. And a Dodger
The Spurs- WOW. And I had to miss the game.
I'm betting that guy gets hit with a lot of social media.
Only problem is, his contract was up LAST YEAR.The organization believed in him and rewarded him for his hard work. Then he went out and performed above expectations. That's the way it should work in every employment situation.
41. Buckskin Run- Louis L'Amour A collection of Western short stories interspersed with historical accounts of fatal gunfights. Enjoyed this one.
This from the guy who wouldn't give Kawhi the max.I think OKC will be a lot tougher for the Spurs than people think. Lots of problems with defensive matchups, and who do you put on a hot Kanter? Duncan (too slow), Diaw (smallish). (Boban?!)It's somewhat comforting how many leads the Thunder have blown in the 4th quarter.SAS has home court and has been excellent at closing 4th quarters out.But there's also that chip on the Thunder's shoulder.I think the Spurs will win, but...
New Posts  All Forums: