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You betcha.I change my avatars when the seasons change...I had Kawhi up there forever though this time.
Question for SA is who will play the 5? Or will they just run a double 4...
Funny- I thought you were a Clipper fan.
At this point SAS fans have to have their doubts about LMA.
Thinking wishfully, I think it's a cap room move for Aldridge. It was made after SAS mtng with him.Splitter is a marginal player at best, and had too many injuries to be effective last year.Rumor is that LMA will announce for SAS after meeting with Knicks.
41. Four 2014 Veronica Roth Prequel to the Divergent trilogy- covering the two years of Tobias Eaton ("FOUR")'s life in Dauntless before Divergent starts. Good read, better than Allegiant.
40. Allegiant Veronica Roth 2013 The final book of the Divergent trilogy. Full of plots and counter plots, genetic impurity schemes, and lots of violence. Don't think I can say more without giving things away. Not as good as the other two books.
39. Bowdrie's Law 1983 Louis L'Amour Another collection of short stories featuring Chick Bowdrie, Texas Ranger. Got a hold of a definitive L'Amour list, and have a lot more left to read than I thought.
38. Insurgent 2012 Veronica Roth The continued adventures of Tris Prior and her maladjusted teens. One Faction is trying to mind control all the others, and the Faction system is crumbling, fast. There is a startling revelation at the end of the book, which I'm certain will be the lead-in to the new one. It's YA, but I'm hooked.
37. Bowdrie 1983 Louis L'Amour A compilation of short stories featuring Charles Bowdrie (Texas Ranger), originally published in pulp magazines in the late '40s. Fascinating stuff.
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