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103. The Heist Daniel Silva 2014 Gabriel Allon has finally accepted the appointment to chief of Israeli intelligence. His last mission as an agent involves raiding Syrian presidential bank accounts and recovering a priceless painting for the Italian art police that has been missing since 1969. Better than # 102.
What did you have in mind?
Only half were big and meaty...And currently I have nothing else to do.
Now Barkley can eat again.
102. The English Girl Daniel Silva 2013 Gabriel Allon is back in the saddle (Louis L'Amour reference), doing a favor for his old friend, Graham Seymour of MI-5. Not only is the British prime minister having an affair, but his mistress has been kidnapped. Allon finds her and solves the mystery of why she was taken, and by whom. Decent, but I've read better Silvas.
I have him blended with some really high percentage guys in the league I have him in, so he's really not hurting me. I didn't plan it that way, just sorta walked into it.
Well played.
101. Son Lois Lowry 2012 The final book of The Giver quartet. Ties all 3 of the previous books together in a way even a dense person like me can understand. The mother of the baby in the first book escapes from its stifling sterile environment to a seaside village. She lives there until her mid-20s, always wondering about her son. She ultimately leaves the village to find her son. I would give the series a resounding A, but the Newberry Award winning first book The...
Anyone else think he looks like a very tall Liam Neeson?
What isn't?
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