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Watch Kershaw and Bumgarner hit every game.
42. Echo Park- Michael Connelly Bosch solves a 13 year old cold case, and in the bargain takes down a serial killer, his corrupt supervisor, a crooked defense lawyer, and an unscrupulous LA oil family. All in a day's work for our gritty, flawed, noir hero, Harry Bosch. Great Read
That's it. He has two other books on there- Intimacy and Gabriel's Gift, which I've read and thoroughly enjoyed.
Who wrote this? I think it's on The List
His clothing line?
I agree with you, but it would be nice to see him have a farewell tour a la Kobe.
Yep. And they have to go through OKC, GSW, and CLE to win their 6th.
First a wacky GM, now a tin foil hat believer in conspiracies. What will you think of next? Big game for the Spurs tonight. Need a win in OKC and for Kawhi to come alive on the offensive end. A few 3s from Danny Green in a hostile gym would do nicely as well.
This looks fascinating. I may have to order it.EDIT: Lots of color pictures?
I don't see a scenario where SA could pay Durant, although of course we'd love to have him. And how to split the ball between him, Kawhi, and LaMarcus?
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