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98. Crying of Lot 49 1965 Thomas Pynchon LIST Title refers to auctioning of a lot of a stamp collection. But I could have cried about how frustrating this book was. 20% of it was drop-dead hilarious. The other 80% pure gobbledygook. That is all.
Anyone interested?
Pretty normal behavior for a high school girl. Which she emotionally is, due to the demands of a career at such a young age. Did you know she had "Tim McGraw" almost finished by 13?Yes- one in high school. The tabs were a twitter with kidnapping rumors when they disappeared in her jet.
96. Invisible Cities Italo Calvino 1972 LIST Marco Polo converses with Kublai Khan about all the cities Polo has visited. Some of them include airports- aha- a book with time travel!!! Just another awful book. Good to have Calvino out of the way. 97. Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card 1986 In contrast- an excellent book. The Second of the Ender quad. Andrew (Ender) Wiggin travels about the Hundred Worlds where requested to eulogize. Because of so much travel at...
95. The Castle of Crossed Destinies 1969 Italo Calvino LIST Absolutely horrible book.
94. The Camel Club David Baldacci 2005 Oliver Stone and friends solve the mystery of who kidnapped the president and why. Under threat of a nuclear strike against the company claiming responsibility, the Club locates and frees the president. Real page turner in the middle. A dud at the end.
93. Ender's Game Orson Scott Card 1977 Haven't read any scifi in a while and teh brother recommended this very highly. A 6 year old boy (Ender Wiggins) is selected for Battle School to learn to fight aliens that had invaded earth twice and almost won the second time. He's subjected to rigorous training and promoted to commander school at age 10 along with several of his pupils from Battle School. Don't want to give away the plot but Ender does indeed save the human race...
Love Taylor. But no bewbs,
91. Hell's Corner David Baldacci 2010 First book I've read featuring the Camel Club, a group of sleuths and crime warriors. The primary character is an ex-CIA hit man. A bomb detonates between the White House and Lafayette Square. No obe seems to be able to determine who was responsible. Ultimately it's discovered to be an extremely wily double agen who proves rather difficult to catch. But she is. 92. The Forgotten David Baldacci 2012 Features a new hero who is a...
It's one of my favorite movies, but a COMPLETE rip-off of Heart of Darkness.
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