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Wild Speculation.I like it.Except for the Lakers part.
38. The Closers- Michael Connelly Bosch rejoins the LAPD in the elite Open and Unsolved Cases bureau and is reunited with his old partner, Kiz Rider. They solve a 17 year old murder and in the process force a corrupt assistant chief to resign from the force. Excellent Read.
Jordan and Kobe were guards, Jet. You haven't addressed my arguments regarding achievements. But that would require an intellect. Jordan is the greatest shooting guard ever and Duncan the best power forward. And as such the choice over Kobe is obvious. Kobe scored more points but it's the only measure by which he beats Duncan.
I think it feels great.And I agree that Duncan is the better player.More regular season and finals mvps. Point already taken on 50 win seasons and regular season win pctg. Same number of chips.Sure Kobe has better individual stats but it's a TEAM game.
Matte finish in black, yes. 3D not so much
For once I agree with Jet.
They'd look a lot better in black and orange...
It was on Sports Center
Did you have to Google it?thisRFX jumped wagons, too. Gotta give Jet credit for being a Laker fan even though they SUCK.
All trolling aside, the debate on ESPN was as even as ours was.
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